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Hazmat rated it
History’s Strongest Senior Brother
April 19, 2018
Status: c252
The first chapters are actually pretty good. The premise of having to watch out for the "protagonist" is pretty cool, and the MC is fairly entertaining in how he deals with not becoming a bad guy in his own story. However, as the story goes on, it begins to drag and become boring. It's initial premise is kind of just there, and it becomes a generic xianxia.
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Hazmat rated it
Asura God
April 5, 2018
Status: --
Super bad. Not just because the translation is awkward, but there is also nothing really likable or entertaining about the story. The protagonist not only starts as a jerk (as opposed to slowly becoming one over time as is the norm for this), but is also a wholly nonsensical jerk who can't even manage to be entertaining.
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