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Tower of Karma
June 18, 2016
Status: c18
I will write a temporary review about this story as to make a reader who want to read this story know a little bit about the story, I will edit this review when we past chapter 50...

I am deeply shocked when I start to read the first 2 chapter, it's really different from our usual japanese novel. There is no reincarnation or transported to another world, the MC and his sister is just a slave born from a prostitute...

MC is really twisted, so twisted that I can't even relate him... more>> to any other character I have read/known, check the synopsis if you want to know why he is twisted, or at chapter 17 later on...

He is really smart, I can even say he is genius. But, he is really ruthless! He dare to trash another person he deemed unworthy to serve as his stepping stone, even when they are good to MC! Even his plan is (almost) perfect!

The world portrayed by the author is awesome, we can see that many kingdom in area is having a constant skirmish, battle everywhere, state of the kingdom, and many more! The world building progress as the plot progress!

When we read a jp or xianxia novel, we usually seen a noble that has been portrayed as smart and strong, but usually they ended up served as a cannon fodder to MC, and usually they will make the most stupidest move ever. Not in this novel, in fact they are smart and scary... and this is just a mere noble, can you even imagine what will the bigger noble do?

The battle really make my imagination run wild, the author successfully portrayed the battle beautifully, it makes me imagine how the battle in manga kingdom be, a duel in the middle of war, how mindblowing...

The story in this novel flow smoothly, at first 18 chapter we can see how the MC change his personality, the plot is not fast, but it's not slow either, it's just perfect!

My score in this novel : 5/5 (for now), I really recommend this if you like a really twisted and ruthless MC (not a wannabe saint ruthless MC like in usual xianxia novel) !

Oh btw, please if you didn't even read the story, please don't put 1 star just because you see the synopsis and the tag really didn't suit your taste, I really don't want this novel be like "Sister violated many times in dream and reality" novel, just because someone doesn't like the NTR doesn't mean you deem the novel unworthy and put 1 star to it. Read the novel first then put the rating later on! <<less
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Hazery rated it
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
April 4, 2016
Status: --
Review up to chapt 39~

This story is really heartwarming, a cute girl got summoned to the game world with bear costume that make her bearly op~ she's bearly cute so bear with it! (At least I try to make the joke~)

Well, this story is good to read, no complicated plot, no political mind scheme, and no uninteresting plot... it's just the daily life of our bear yuna chan to bearly fit in the new world she got transported~ a nice slice of life story~

And... comedy, yeah this story have... more>> a comedy, and to tell you the truth, I laugh so hard that I try to trow my pillow hard to the wall, now the pillow's broke and I don't have a money to fix it... so please prepare yourself before you read this story...

Overall : 5/5...
Warning! Too much bear will make your brain hallucinate thinking that bear is cute and will try to create your own bear joke because this story contain sooooo much bear that make this story bearable... Read at your own risk! <<less
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Hazery rated it
I’m Really a Superstar
June 1, 2016
Status: c40
If you really care about your stomach, I suggest you to not read this novel, otherwise you'll end up like me, having a stomachache after laughing hard...

Oh, and a little warning from me, this novel is like a drug and smoke, once you taste it the 2nd time, you know you can't take it off anymore (in other word, addicted)...
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Review up to chapt 6~

I... i... I don’t know... this is... this story is...

Not original, the usual got summoned to some kingdom to be a hero, to be kicked out because our MC is sh*t... heck, is japanese author is only great at creating this usual tropes? Sigh...

If this is the first time I read this kind of story, the MC got summoned by kingdom to be a hero, then I think I will rate this good, but since I have read soooooo many of story that have this... more>> usual tropes (weak > summoned > ask to be a hero > kicked out > become op later) like arifureta, konjiki no moji tsukai, shield bro, etc... I find this is unoriginal and... word can’t express how am I really dissappointed...

Enough my rant, short summary :

“Got summoned, got kicked from the kingdom, but because he’s op, he will build his own harem later, but because he’s... ah do you know brick? Then add cement to it... that’s how our MC personality is... ”

I will not review this story yet, but will come back to review it when it reach chapt 20~

Personal rate : 2/5 (3/5, but minus 1 star because it's not original), I will not recommend this, but I won’t hold you back from reading it either, will change the rate when some chapter is out <<less
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Hazery rated it
Ore no Osananajimi wa Joshikousei de Yuusha
March 14, 2016
Status: --
A story about a high schooler boy yuuki following her childhood friend arina (hero) to go to another world to beat the crap of demon lord in summer break... poor demon lord...

The hero arina is total clumsy, stupid, idiot, baka, and masochistic in front of yuuki, but goes total berserk and sad*** if someone try to badmouth yuuki in his back... a yandere heroine... Yay!

This story is comedy... and the author is somehow genius in making a twist...

... more>> @hlubkoj2020

What the heck! You say this story is NTR so I read this novel! And here I can’t friggin find the NTR! Where is it?

Seriously... for a people who want to read this, but scared because there is NTR, there is no NTR here, there will be an explanation later why she... sigh, nevermind... go on and read this... sigh, why this series have no NTR here... <<less
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Hazery rated it
Martial God Asura
March 24, 2016
Status: --
This novel is bridge to xianxia for me, the first xianxia novel I've ever read...

I don’t get why many people complaining about this novel heavily because of some rape scene and massacre-ing scene, isn’t every xianxia like there is the same? Chu feng just a bit more forward and ruthless than some of xianxia MC... okay enough my rant, time to review this novel... it’s gonna be a long rant so bear with it gdmnt...

Story :

This novel is... well, the darker side of xianxia novel I guess. The... more>> world is a dog eat dog world, if you strong you trample them, if not then you get trampled, and this novel (after every xianxia I've read) prove that theory is true, the strength system is easy to remember (have you read atg? Then this one is a bit easier to remember), not really confusing...

Also, this novel have some bit of originality from other xianxia novel, like an usage of tomb word rather than dungeon, a really weird cultivation method (heavily rely on resources rather than enlightment), and some abnormal scene (yeah, abnormal)...

Character :

We will discuss about Chu Feng first...

Chu feng well... have you read ISSTH and Ze Tian Ji? Then this one is the opposite, a reaaaally ruthless MC, revengeful MC, and resentful MC, buuut the different of chu feng and other xianxia MC is chu feng is really direct in his action, if some character say “Someday, I will beat you to death”, chu feng prove it with action, not some random bullsh*tting word, and you can guess what will happen later... a massacre that involve innocent people (this is what xianxia look like people!), well the world is darker than usual xianxia anyway, so it’s acceptable for me...

And the romance... it’s harem, but not our usual harem... he will accept every girl he have to be his wife, and I really like this romance, not really forced, but acceptable... no ntr in this novel, so it’s okay guys (yeah, for you, not for me)

Also, the rape scene... haven’t you really read the story guys? Some people below me hello? There’s a reason of why our MC rape them... don't you consider that the world where our MC live is dark?

This is not our modern world where rape is unacceptable you know...

And he care for his family, remember what happen when the tragedy fallen to his family? This is what led to chu feng ruthlessness, and he also care to someone nice to him and will repay it, he also nice to a little kid (no lollicon here, go away you lolicon!)

And I think because of massacre-ing and rape scene, this novel got many resentment and hate from our rightful people that live in this modern world... seriously guys???

Enough about Chu Feng, we will disscuss about another character...

The character here at first seems flat, but later you will see some of antagonist have a cunning mind, not just “I will kill you” scene... and chu feng really like hao hao at first, ran away from enemy...

The support character have a deep backstory, but even so later they will be forgotten in the story (not really forgotten like Coiling Dragon side character)...

The character that close to MC have some personality, not just flat supporter...

Battle :

A bit repetitive, MC ruthlessness in the beginning will cause the MC got chased by other people later, just like when hao hao got chased at first chapter, and if in other xianxia where MC got provoked by other people, chu feng dare to provoke them first, and the battle scene is descriptive, and also have an explanation, so it will help our imagination to visualize it...

Style and grammar :

Good enough, no complain here...

Also prop to translator, 2-3 chapter per day without donation? If ren (translator of Coiling Dragon) can be consider to be crazy (in a good way), then FBT can be consider freak...

This rant and review is based to chapter 547 (forgot the exact number), and please don’t fully believe at what some people below say, try reading it for 150 chapt, if it’s not good for you, then I suggest you to drop it before you regret reading it...

I want to put 4 star, but because of slip in my hand I put 5... and I can’t change it... gdmnt... <<less
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Hazery rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
Review up to chap 27~

This... I really don’t know what to say... is this chinese or japanese? Probably chinese since it’s from qidian, but as you indulge in the story for a while, you’ll probably confused if this one chinese or jap novel...

The MC is likeable, he already lives when the Song dinasty founded, and it’s different from our usual xianxia, and this story doesn’t contain fantasy thing like godlike item, cultivation method, or magic thing like, just a normal person who transmigrated to another dead body (no reincarnation... more>> here, the reincarnation tag is a lie) He deal with his problem swiftly and fast without making the problem that revolve around the MC bigger, a smart and wise type...

Also, this is like a japanese novel, where he spend a time in the high school with a bit of slice of life, what a nice change...

Also, this story have a fast paced plot (in a nice way), the narrative is really different from usual chinese narrative where it is a bit descriptive when describing of something like object, skill, environment, beauty, etc or japanese narrative where the story sometime describe in 1st pov, this one look like a western narrative, it goes to the point without beating around the bush or needing to describe much about something, just let our imagination roam freely (and this one is plus to me)

The story only have 2-3k word per chapter, so you don’t have to spend some times to read this one to understand of what is happening and why it happen since the problem fits around the chapter, no useless word here

The character is interesting, they have their own problem, not just a flat side character where they want MC to help them or making a ruckus with him...

And lastly my rating : 5/5, so if you like something like martial art in modern day (like GSI), please give it a try <<less
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Hazery rated it
HP1 kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou
February 27, 2016
Status: --
At first, it's funny seeing the male lead who spent all his point to friggin harem power, got overpowered^overpowered, kick out by misunderstanding, etc...

But later you see that the MC is stupid... sigh...

And know what? The MC is dense... so frigging dense that even some brick can't be compare to him...

This is comedy, misunderstanding, and pretty much slice of life with almost no real plot...

So, if you like MC who is dense as brick, ignorant, harem seeker, slice of life... then read this, otherwise don't even bother
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Hazery rated it
Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
March 29, 2016
Status: --
Review up to chap 10~

Is this an otome game? Wtf? This is really different from the usual reincarnation fluffy otome game...

The MC start when she already reach the bad flag route~ where she got throwned and humiliated by her fiancee in public (i wont consider this spoiler since this is the first chapter), this is new...

... more>> And what I like is the story doesn’t focus on the romance, instead focus on the management business (like My Death Flag Show No Sign Of Ending, or Akuyaku Tensei)

Since this is just the first 10 chapter, I won’t say much, but I have a really high hope with this one

Overall : 5/5, will edit later if more chapter out~

Edit : didn't expect there is a manga for this novel, the title called "Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami", it's good~ <<less
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Hazery rated it
Thanks to a Different World Reincarnation
March 25, 2016
Status: --
Yeah, what below me say is true, I read chapt 0 since I just want to see what is this story anyway, and I am really dissappointed, full summary to chap 90, heck who the hell want to read it after you read the whole summary?

The story... to tell you the truth I don’t know what to say... is this vr or transported? Since the whole grammar is confusing as hell, don’t know if this was translator fault or author fault...

I have no hope in this story, 2/5 is... more>> the highest I can give... props to you who survive until the 11 chapt... <<less
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