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Haylias rated it
The Villainess Blooms
December 7, 2018
Status: c44
Hi, I'm the translator, I thought I'd leave a short and honest review now that the series is on hiatus.

The Villainess Blooms (my fairly liberal translation of the title, if anything it should be closer to Villainess Awakens to Yuri, but that sounded silly (and is also misleading)) starts off very well. It introduces both an interesting premise and fairly unique antagonist for an otome game series. The main couple are interesting and many of the characters introduced on the periphery early on are intriguing. The hints that the series... more>> would be about a couple on the run with various political machinations unfolding in the background set the stage for a fantastic story.

Unfortunately, the series becomes bogged down in various ways early on. First, it lapses into a generic adventurer plot that absolutely did not need to happen. Then it gets caught up in a needlessly long flashback, introduces a tonne of different unnecessary plot threads and goes absolutely nowhere interesting. Likewise, the relationship between the female leads barely progresses due to all these distractions over the course of 44 chapters.

I will continue to translate this out of obligation if it ever continues (doubtful), but it was a very disappointing thing to read and translate in the end. I don't want to detract from people's enjoyment too much though, so I will mention that I quite liked most of the characters, I just disliked how they were used and developed. <<less
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