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Translator here! There has been no review for this novel till now, so I have decided to give my first review (mostly spoiler free)

The story has quite a lot of Uchimusume vibes, but for all who are worried about where it might lead, ... more>>

there is no romance with the daughter as far as I know


Its a cute story filled with fluff and food and more fluff and Chloe doing her best. To all those who expect some action, there isn't much and it's mostly fluff.

Also, Fiona

Doesnt stay a child for quite long and is 17 by around 50 odd chapters, if I can trust google translate..


TL;DR Its a cute story while a daughtercon overpowered father who goes quite overboard sometimes <<less
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Hasr11 rated it
Kiss the Black Cat
December 25, 2018
Status: extra 2
Translator Here! I picked up this novel for translating, so it goes unsaid that I love it! I'll try to keep this review mostly spoiler-free...

TL;DR, If you want a novel with good chemistry between the Main characters, awesome smut (there's quite a bit), and a good plot, this is the novel for you.

Now onto the detailed review...

I know most of you guys out there avoid Japanese Yaoi novels in favour of danmei because of the lack of good stories in them. This isn't one of them. And that's what makes... more>> it so unique. The characters are well fleshed out, you feel for their struggles, and the romance isn't like '*bam* and they fall in love'. In fact more than the cats and the fluff, which is wonderful in its own right, it is the romance that makes this novel shine

Sure, the seme

isnt a virgin

The uke is assertive, and though he might look a little delicate, he isn't girly at all. Both the seme an the uke have an understanding and healthy relationship.

Coming onto the supporting characters, they're the best ever! Especially in the part where

Legato admits they're a couple

. The Prime Minister and the King are one of the best wingmen I've seen. Although the kingdom doesn't recognise gays, the fact that nobody judges them is wonderful.

The story isn't all fluff though, there's a little angst in the latter half of the novel, but it gets pretty much resolved by the end. We get the seme's point of view in the novel too, which we don't often get in Japanese ones. And then there's the fact that this novel is HE.

Lemon Suzuki, the author, has written straight novels too, and I think this shows in her writing. There's a few cliches here and there, but they aren't overused. The novel is concise, and

the first bodyguard arc

is actually the longest one. This is my favourite BL novel and I'd totally recommend it to everyone! <<less
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Searching For You
December 27, 2018
Status: extra
Don’t mind the negative reviews, they’re just giving those 1 stars based on the genre without even reading the story. I’m the TL haha...

Onto the actual story now, it is an isekai, but absolutely does not have there isekai tropes:

  • The “Oh Japanese food is so great so I should introduce it to these savages who don’t know of its amazingness”.

    In fact the MC doesn’t even know to cook.

  • OP protagonist with a billion cheats.
  • The so-called ‘normal’ protagonist remembering how to build the most obscure of stuff.

    At one point in the story the MC talks of how the village doesn’t even have a handpump, but he like an ordinary human can’t do anything about it, so he just uses manpower to help the villagers.

  • Pointless number of chapters. Duh, it’s only 5 chapters long.
  • A ML who’s a creep, a yandere or an outright stalker.
And what it does have that isekai don’t usually have:

  • A MC who doesn’t act like a hormonal teenager, and is rational for a change.
  • A half decent suspense.
  • Characters who aren’t dense or stupid.
  • Emotions.
  • A world without magic, nobles or superpowers.
  • A historical Japanese setting.
  • The MC

    Returns back to his original world for a while.

For those of you who are curious, it’s is a HE.

If you’re still reading this review at this point, you might as well read the story... It’s only five chapters lol.

TL;DR: If you got an hour to waste and want a good relaxing story to read, this is the novel for you.
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