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HarutoraRyu rated it
Nine Sun God King
February 12, 2019
Status: c500
I am the one doing crappy translation of it, I am using machine translation and other online chinese dictionary sites to do the translations. so the translation is not professional and have some discrepancies, I hope for readers understanding. please point out my mistakes so that I can get better.

tldr, this is an average story, straight forward in many cases, if you like some honest head bashing and MC being bad ass or dual cultivation that is not just outright "sextivation" or a crafter MC you will like it. if... more>> you want some deep nonsense about fake dao or some other nonsense where MC finds some million year old dao source but can't break through even one level, then this is not the one for you.

As for the novel itself, it is the typical wuxia novels you read, moronic young masters taunting MC and getting their ass kicked. high and mighty people plotting against MC and then getting killed. MC finding rarest opportunity that nobody gets but still can not breakthrough because of some stupid reasoning while his enemies keep getting stronger and stronger and somehow MC is saved because some weird thing happens. not killing an enemy when MC has the chance and let them go around messing up mc's life and almost putting MC to death.. etc.. etc... you read them all.

But what I like about this, is that I have read up to 500 chapters in mtl and still there is no situation where MC has s*x because of aphrodisiac.

Dual cultivation are not just about sex, in fact dual cultivation system that requires sexual intercourse is completely a different thing. it is currently the only novel that I am reading where dual cultivation is detailed as to how qi circulates through two bodies and other stuff. they can even learn a skill together through dual cultivation according to the current one MC is practicing.

Romance is a long winded road, even though MC has a "wife' but actual romance between them is not all flashed out yet and it is still a work in progress. even though many girls are flirting with MC and MC is flirting back because he is a great inscription master, romance is very strict and stagnant here. wait for more chapters before it actually pans out.

MC is an inscription master. inscription is related to crafting all kind of weapons, armors, medicines, talismans and MC slowly becomes master of it. I like the fact that he can craft what he wants for the situation instead of going around through those nonsensical auctions which starts some nonsensical robbery and such.

Overall, this is good for light reading, this doesn't provide some heavy meaningful fake dao enlightenment but it does it's job well in other aspect. give it a read and see for yourself. <<less
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HarutoraRyu rated it
Ze Tian Ji
February 13, 2018
Status: --
Despite the fact author is very good at creating a proper world, there are countless times where the author fills up chapters with nonsense. For example the author spent 2 whole chapters and nearly a thousand word to describe a rainbow and another chapter to describe it's effect, then another chapter to describe what MC felt about the rainbow and then another chapter to make the MC execute one single... yeah 4 chapters to make the MC move 1 step..... this author clearly thinks having more words makes a good... more>> novel.... <<less
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Ancient Strengthening Technique
September 13, 2019
Status: c2400
Garbage. Absolute garbage. MC is probably the worst kind of garbage I have ever seen. Obviously it has something to do with author. Writing is sh*t to say the least. It is like a porn with thousands of words of backstory. However, even in porn men are more respectful to women than this MC is. MC gets horny when he sees a hot woman but if some other guy does it, they are villains. MC flirts around with women, touches their private parts and what not but if a woman... more>> makes a move on MC that woman is a whore. Every kind of stupid sh*t goes on so that MC can get to the next f*ck. This is basically the extent of "romance" in this novel. As for cultivation and fighting, meeehhhh... seen ten thousand times better. <<less
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