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Haruko rated it
The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot)
November 29, 2017
Status: prologue 1
Yeah I know that it is too early for review, but i'll write one anyway.

So.. Why do I give this novel 5* is because I love the original version of the story and I have no reason to think that reboot version would be worse, because if anything reboots are usually more polished. Some may think that this is just another boring isekai story wich is seen many times already and are not interested to give this a try because of it. So, let me tell you some positive things... more>> (to me at least) about this novel.

  • Well made characters
  • Interesting plot
  • No harem and echi
If you also found those 3 things favourable to your tastes then give this novel a try. <<less
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Haruko rated it
Royal Roader on My Own
November 9, 2017
Status: c23
... meh :/

Just a dull wish fulfilment story...

This novel is poorly written, for example: I did this I do that I get that... :/

... more>> Honestly I found idea of this novel interesting, but its execution is too low grade to enjoy since it just makes me furrow my brows at the MC who basically gets everything imediately and is not even entartaining. Other characters too are plain and are just mentioned once or twice to buff up MC and then forgotten.

Anyway, this is not a novel worth of spending time on. And was probably written someone who is 15 at the best? It is just that clumsy as a novel. <<less
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Haruko rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: v7c5
I just dont understand why some ppl give this novel poor ratings.

Sure yeah, Ark is similar to LMS but so is majority of the other works similar to something else, so there is no need to diss it because of it. And more importantly Ark is not a copy of lms and has its own plot and peronally I find it a lot more entartaining.

Sure, there is sometimes when character / plot irritates me but it is just a tiny part of the whole thing and sometimes those anoying parts... more>> are relevant for the bigger picture, so they are not a minus, at least in my opinion.

So give this novel a try and dont prejudge it because of dissing lms fans. <<less
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Haruko rated it
I Quit Being a Noble and Became a Commoner
March 29, 2018
Status: c87
well what can I say about this novel...

I don't like it very much and only completed it because it was relatively fast story to read untill the end and I thought to give it a shot in it's entirety before judging.

First of all it has otomeish setting but no romance, most of characters are unlikable in mc's crappy reverse harem and pace is slow, it takes 20 chapters to reach prologue setting. The most likable characters are playing only minor roles in the story, wich is sad since pretty much... more>> only characters who are good for MC like the inkeeper for exaple, get so little exposure in the story.

overall this novel just left me unsatisfied, not my cup of tea. <<less
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Haruko rated it
The Spearmaster and the Black Cat
April 28, 2017
Status: c50
Well... to describe my impression of this series after reading 50 chapters, I would say that I am disapointed.

Allthough reading this novel in its early chapters felt a bit boring but it got better later on and plot seemed interesting, however it suddenly chanced after Shuya got into contact whith women. Story itself started to circle around of boobs and butts, missing the bigger plot.

So... yeah its not a novel to my taste anymore and I will drop it, because if I want to read about ero things I will... more>> read novel specified of them, not something that feels like some teenager horndog wrote it.

I am giving a thumbs up for the translator & editor though. Allthough the novel let me down plotwise, its guality is great and translator & editor comments are hilarious to read ^.^ <<less
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I do disagree with LazyDays, I wouldn't say that story that is full of S & M and alltogether a bit perverse characters is from typical side.

True, it does have villainess noble girl story elements which are seen many times already but they can be expected from the genre from the begining.

Translation is ok, some spelling mistakes but overall easy to read.
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Haruko rated it
By A Slight Mistake
March 2, 2018
Status: c10

I really tried to like this novel, but it is written so confusing way that it makes me lose interest. It doesn't help either that chapters are sort of short so even the plot has not progressed much. At the moment this novel just feels like jumbled mess and I have no interest to decipher it.
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Haruko rated it
Dragon-san Wants a Friend
December 6, 2018
Status: v1
I love it <3

I just had to have a sneak peek from raws and so far I like this novel very much.

Characters are well made and feel alive, even rarely mentioned ones. Flow of time is obviously fast since it is from dragons pow and I like it how author brings up what happen after mortal humans death? What to do how to bear with loneliness? Should the dragon-san just bear with it and watch over some descedants or just suppress it's feelings and become dull unfeeling dragon like rest... more>> of them.

Story is written well and is interesting, translation is exellent as well.

This novel is definetly one to give a chance to shine so go ahead and give it a try :) <<less
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Haruko rated it
Herscherik (Reincarnated Prince Series)
September 3, 2017
Status: v2
very good novel.

After reading these first few translations and seeing the illustrations, I got interested and skimmed trough raw chapters with google translate. Allthough google translated raws are not well translated and a lot is lost like that, but I got the main gist of the story and it is honestly interesting.

Protagonist and suporting characters are likeable and well thought, plot is deep and interesting and most of all I like how MC is not allpowerful superman and thus feels more realistic.
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Haruko rated it
Twelve Kingdoms
April 17, 2018
Status: v4
Great story!

I had kept an eye on Juuni kokuki anime for a long time and now that I binge watched it, I got hooked to know what happens next and since anime was obviously cut mid series (dunno why) I eyeballed first 4 volumes that anime story focused upon and now volume 5 onwards I can start enjoying rest of the juuni kokuki world.

Those like me who got here after watching anime version, I would recomend to start reading from vol 5 onwards because exept minor chances volumes 1-4 are... more>> very similar to the anime version. <<less
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... meh

I can't really say much more about this novel than meh.

It has promising settup but execution is overall poor. Characters are boring and don't have any depht in them nor are they growing during the story. Plot itself too is nonexistent and story doesn't move in any meaningfull direction staying as MC being lazy dunce and getting more and more female tag-alongs. Basicly this novel is just boring slice of life at its best, so I don't recomend this for anyone to read.
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Haruko rated it
The Tutorial Is Too Hard
October 13, 2017
Status: c77
It sort of pisses me off that people who gave this novel poor revievs dont show what chapter they were or were in earlier chapters when they decided to diss this novel.

Yeah, sure this novel might not be everyones cup of tea, but the reasons why they are dissing the novel are explained later on, and expecially people who complain that tutorial is not real plot and want MC to go real world, have some problems understanding what they read when they looked at the title of this novel... 😒
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Haruko rated it
The Cop with Supernatural Power
October 20, 2018
Status: c30
I think that this novel belongs to 2-3* range but I will rate it 3* since I find it's concept interesting atleast for now.

In all honesty I do understand why this is rated so low, because it's translation quality leaves much to hope for... it is just barely better than straight google translate :P and story itself is really not well written.

Story is jumpy from place to place and sort of confusing, however it will explain itself later on. Start of the plot is fast and interesting indeed, we get... more>> MC discovering his powers and some police "interogation" happen wich eventually morph into hostage situation, but story slows down after that and nothing really happens :/

Characters do not really have that much depht into them yet but lets see how this story develops. One thing that I myself do like is that the MC doesn't think with his crotch and aim to be some sort of supreme harem master (at least for now) however my ques is that this story is going to that way later on :/

Anyway in conclusion this story is not very good but it is not so bad either, thus the neutral 3* rating. Would I recomend this story? No. Read if you are bored to kill some time but don't expect anything impressive from this story. <<less
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Haruko rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
June 19, 2018
Status: c176
I absolutely love this novel ~ <3

First of all, I am not fan of yaoi genre. I used to have best friend who was total rotten woman and I naturally got exposed to BL, so I got somewhat immune to it and don't really hate it but yaoi / shonen ai didn't interest me and I newer became fujoshi myself.

Reason why I decided to give this novel a try is because I just caught up on another transmigration story's translated chapters and was in the mood to devour some more... more>> similar novels. This novel had the highest amount of recomendations and I thought to bury my slight amount of rejection towards the genre and jump straight on to it and now I'm glad I did


Story itself consist 16 different story arc's and although some of them I found slightly boring they were minority and it don't affect my rating because rest of the plot more than enough made up for it. At first story arc's seem to stand alone just fine and could be read in whatever order reader wants to, however subtle hints that everything is part of bigger plot start since the arc 2. So reading this novel in order is recomended.

Here are the short summaries of the arc's for people looking for info of them.
    • 1 (Business tycoon) Starting arc, introducing overall plotline and how tragic and op / mary sue the MC is. MC frees himself from system's slavery and starts counterattacking it while hiding himself outside of it control. Business world story, meets and seduces the 'heroine' and uses his unparalled technological knowledge to skrew over his foes.
    • 2 (Black hearted lotus) Family story, MC becomes adopted member of ml's family on the verge of being conspired against and kicked out of the house. Story elements are: peeping, autism, child abuse, painting, scheming, cheating. Hints that male lead is the same person as in the previous story.
    • 3 (Space reincarnation girl) Ancient times Imperial palace story, MC reincarnates as female protagonist's supposed to be cannon fodder, but become's court official instead. Female protagonist has a beef with mc's sister so she conspire's againts mc's whole family and tries to ruin them.
    • 4 (Poor rich second generation) School / entartaintment world story, MC reincarnates into poor and vain gold digger whose original destiny was to become rich kids plaything and eventually resort to prostitution just to survive. MC gets entangled into shady side of the entartaintment business to get money to live and get revenge againts his 'boyfriend' who tries to ruin him.
    • 5 (Fighting the cross-over wife) Ancient times story, MC becomes ger, a fictional male species who can somehow give birth and are basicly treated like women but are more sought after by being more fertile. Mc's father made the original body hide his gender as a ger in order to live better life and his love rival is a man from modern times reincarnated as a ger.
    • 6 (Face of the music king)
    • 7 (Double rebirth attack)
    • 8 (The next top supermodel)
    • 9 (End of the world duplication)
    • 10 (Copying a western fantasy)
    • 11 (Copying an ABO)
    • 12 (Copying immortal cultivation)
    • 13 (Back to the beginning)
    • 14 (Twins of different fates)
    • 15 (Cuckold emperror)
    • 16 (The real world)
Enjoy reading ~ <3 <<less
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hahahaa... some of the 1-2* reviews are hilarious to read... well people have diverse tastes and I on the otherhand like this novel quite much so I gave it 5* for counterbalance.

honestly this novel is not a masterpiece but it doesnt deserve most of the poor ratins either.

story is lovely slice of life off master and his cute pet dogs (slaves). you don't find eroge or anything overly serious from this novel, but it is instead quick and relaxing to read feel good slice of life with an actual plot... more>> that is going somewhere.


Aaaand 10+ chapters later story takes turn for s*xual magic :D hehe nothing wrong with that though ;) <<less
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Haruko rated it
Risou no Himo Seikatsu
October 7, 2017
Status: v4c5
This is a well made novel.

It might not be what one would expect from the title though. This is not careftree novel about male MC becoming king and having a harem, it is opposite of that. It is all about politics and in my observation instead of male MC Zenjirou, focus in this novel is the queen Aura most of the time.

I like this type of novel and was considering giving it 5* but it sometimes feels heavy to read so I gave 4* instead.
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Haruko rated it
Atelier Tanaka
September 20, 2017
Status: c18 part3
I have mixed feelings towards this novel.

There is a lot of funny and epic plot developments, but there is also plenty unneccesary perverted mumble wich gets old really fast lowering the overall feel of the story.

The more I read, I get even more confused about my feelings towards it, thus the statement of mixed feelings. I think at the moment that 3-4* is about right, 4* for now.
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Haruko rated it
Other World Assassin Life of a Man who was a Shut-in
August 12, 2017
Status: c48
... what can I say, this novel is dull.

Character development and deep plot are nowhere to be found. Story is just basically male lead being op as hell and everyone else are being weak and cliched 2 dimensional mobs, and also the plot armor is strong in this novel.

Personally I liked few of the first chapter and thought that it was fun and interesting, but it soon became so dull and that made me drop it.

This novel is perhaps good read for people who have not read much novels before... more>> it, but those who have probably agree with my opinion.

Overall: not the worst, but not good either. <<less
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Haruko rated it
God’s Song
May 19, 2017
Status: c276
What a great journey this has been :)

I decided to upgrade my review of this novel now since it is aproaching it's finale.

At first I rated this 3* but now i'll give it 4*, and the reason for that is simple, this novel has interesting plot and it doesn't stagnate much. Of course there are moments when plot is not moving that smoothly and all the tecnical tems are hard to understand for people like myself who don't understand anything about music theory. It is hard to novel to... more>> be perfect 5* and no doubtly for some others this just might be it and others might find this novel boring since after all everyones tastes are difrent and to me this novel is a solid 4*.

When I first rated this novel, I did rant about how corrupted image of korean showbiz this novel showed me and how anoyed it made me while reading it while keeping me hooked to read more of it. I also did compare how I still found it much better than majority of chinese novels wich rub me in wrong way after I tried to read many of them and finally decided to give up of them since they just dont suit my tastes. This novel is also the first korean novel I decided to read and it totally got me hooked on them and now korean novels are the ones I like to read the most ^.^

Of course there individual difrences between novels, im not saying that everything china makes is bad since there is even 1 chinese novel in my reading list, but overall I dont like them and one of the reasons is their stagnation when plot isnt really moving anywhere and only chapter count increases to ridiculous amounts. I like it when novel has an ending, clear ending is a nice wrap up for a good novel. Even though I havent yet read the ending of this novel, I am expecting it to be a good one, because we have already whitnessed around 15 years of the mc's life, it's ups and downs, meetings and partings.

So if you are reading this long review and are hesitating of reading this novel, I will encourage you to give it a chance. You might like it very much or not at all, but that is just up to you ^_^ <<less
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Haruko rated it
My Pet Is a Holy Maiden
August 4, 2018
Status: side story 69

This story is mediocre at best. It is too slice of lifey to keep me hooked on to it, it feels just bland because when something interesting actually happens it is resolved too fast and rest of the story is full of mundane things...

Not bad and not good either so it gets 3*s because even though I will now dropp it due to lack of interest, it is not bad story for fans of slice of life genre.
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