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HarukiMizuki rated it
My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife
November 26, 2017
Status: c34
I have to say this is a rubbish novel I ever read. The story line almost the same with "My Wife is a Beautiful CEO". It's really annoyed me when plagiarism is treat as nothing to Chinese author. Who copied who, I don't know. But one thing for sure, "My Wife is a Beautiful CEO" is better and fun to read compared to this trash. Sorry if my review is to harsh.
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HarukiMizuki rated it
The Return of the Noble Abandoned Consort
September 18, 2018
Status: c461
I must recommend you this amazing, best ever transmigration story I ever read. I read it by MTL. Made me addicted to read it because it's a heart warming story. Totally very different from a typical transmigration novels. Before transmigration, MC is a doctor. But after transmigrating, she only can use her skill only in basic treatment to help people. No magical space, no special ability like MC become godly doctor or any bul#sh#t like that. Our MC have to work really, really hard to make money to raise her... more>> two adorable twins. She learn how to hunt, then selling foods. Slowly she build her wealth in food business from poor to rich. She also learn TCM and self defense. Her son is a genius BUT not in a nonsense genius. He's learning hard to become smart. He also use his brain how to make money too but in a child thinking way. His twin sister is a lazy bum but have a great strength. She only love learning math and always sleeping in the class. Anyway, in this novel, even the children are genius, a child is still act as a child. Not like some other novels I ever read, the genius children act like an adult. The ML also have a very cool character. He is not an obsessive, clean freak, or cold type ML. He love his family very much but not spoil them rotten. When his son runaway from them because some misunderstanding, he scold him like a father should did. ML also not the jealousy type too. He is a rational one and trust his wife whole heartily. He really doted his long lost twin brother. Even when his silly twin brother fall asleep on MC lap or sometimes on MC shoulder, he just make sure his twin brother comfortable continue sleeping. When they arrived, he will piggyback his twin brother to the bedroom. Only MC never doted ML twins brother. As his sister-in-law, she always scolded him when he did something nonsense. For me, this novel have a great story building. Made you curious to know more and more what will gonna happen next in their life family adventures. A very fun novel to read. <<less
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