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I love this series. Now to the good and bad points of it

Good points:

Tiger translations are doing a fantastic job at releasing regular translations of a high quality.

... more>> The protagonist, the love interest and the side characters, who often appear for very short episodes, all feel if not real than at the very least not cut out of a piece of cardboard.

The characters, MC included, are far from perfect, they make mistakes and regret them and learn and they have troubles they can't overcome easily.

There're moral questions. The MC doesn't go killing off the monsters without feeling like a heartless maniac, most of the time, but he doesn't whine about it all the time to get annoying. He just adjusts his believes and morals to go on with his life.

MC doesn't change the society. Don't you sometimes hate how in some novels a JP MC goes around while making JP food and everybody just loves it with no raised eyebrows despite cause Bansai Japan? Or how a female MC is an office-worker but suddenly she's also a damn genius pharmacist? Or how they revolutionise magic and stuff despite being all new to it and there being tons of people who dedicated the efforts of their entire lives with no result who probably knew a fair bit more about magic? Well, guess what, the new world has their own food! They don't starve and have an actual food-culture! The MC know sh*t about magic, skills and the system and he certainly doesn't act like a smartass plagiarizing Earth's tech. He just goes about with his adventure with his elven wife. Simple and good.

Slow moments are sweet, the romance is good, the action is interesting.

No harem. Just my view on these things but harems are kinky and gross. I wouldn't bat an eyelid if a girl screws her own little sister as long as they don't screw anyone on the side. But polygamy is just eww. At least for me.

Bad point:

The so-called 'food chapters' I personally have no problems with them, hence my high review. But I'm sure there will be someone who hates them. So, there're chapters when the MC just goes on and on about the taste of a dish he for a good part of the chapter.

It's slooow, which I also don't hate, but, again, some people want to see some blood and intestines.

They travel a lot so there aren't any characters who have been fleshed out as much as the ML and the FL. Again, I have nothing on it, as I mentioned before in the very short time we see the MC interact with the sides the begin to feel realistic and well-made. No cannon-fodder.

Aaand that pretty much concludes my review here. I say it's a good novel, but to some it's gonna be boring as hell. All depends on you but if you wanna try to give it a read I'd say do it! At worst you will lose a few minutes reading a good book that doesn't suit your taste. <<less
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HamsterOverlord-sama rated it
Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne
December 21, 2018
Status: c174
Weeell, I just read the other reviews here and I kinda feel like writing this one just for the of defending the novel.

The biggest problem that many people seem to have with the story is ... more>>

the MC "s*xually harassing/raping the maids". I wouldn't call it s*xual harassment and absolutely wouldn't call it rape. From the very beginning, the MC was only interested in the fluffiness of the fur and wanted to pet them. Yeah, it sounds like a sorry-ass excuse but I mean the MC gave the same treatment to the wolf too, so you gonna say that the MC raped the pet? Besides, the whole story (idle talk aside) is written from the MC's POV and I his/her thoughts on the matter don't really come off s*xual in any way. In fact, the protagonist is at his core quite... pure? innocent? though he/she is without a doubt really eccentric

Probably the greatest part of the story is its characters. Each character is unique and memorable, which is really rare in web-novels, where you would usually expect tons os 2-D-copypaste-from-another-similar-story characters. Watching them interact really makes the story and easily compensates for the slow pace of the story development. The repetitive events don't seem repetitive (like bd's and stuff) and somehow reading about the everyday life of a magic prodigy (in secret) toddler girl (who's actually over 30 on the inside) without any life-threatening situations (

aside from the side stories of the OP granma

) doesn't bore the reader (well, not me anyway).

Also, it's yuri. aka girls love or shoujo ai. Gender Bender tag? Whazzat? Dat tasty? The protagonist might've been a man before, but slowly, but surely he gets used to his identity as Lilianne. She's a toddler though

and her love interest is a fairy, small enough to fit on her shoulder. They do love each other though, so it is romance. Still, if you're turned off by this kind of thing, I think you read your way into a wrong neighbourhood.


Also, the worldbuilding is done mostly through the eyes of the protagonist. So, we get to see the entire world being built and presented to us in small doses. Except for the magic system

the MC being gifted in magic, having magic eyes, having a fairy flying about all day long and all...

The magic system is developed pretty fast and unlike most isekai stories, the system is developed thoroughly.

They also have a status system, but only like three people are aware of it and we never get to see it in use. They did make a version of the Internet based on the status system (though it's more of a single spell than a system, apparently)


Also, concerning worldbuilding, unlike a great many isekai stories we won't get any Japan Bansai aka I introduced the Japanese culture in another world and it caught on with scary momentum, 'cause it's so awesome. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the JP culture (I mean I'm reading novels on NU, so I'm already half-otaku), but reading about people praising rice and ramen is a really old and worn out thing.

Now, the translations. Shinsori translations did a really good job translating the story. But keep in mind, they did translation, not localisation, so if wanna read it, expect many JP-ish phrases and words, like "Okaasama", "mofumofu", "Ojousama" etc. But I do think that it's for the best, I honestly can't imagine how different the story would feel if they did try to translate it "the professional way". At least the baby-talk would be ruined. The bigger problem would be the rate of translations that sometimes leaves you wondering if the team has dropped the project, though.

Overall I highly recommend the series for those craving for some slow, sugar-rich content. Also, even though there's the OP protagonist tag and it's not entirely wrong, don't expect anything good action-wise. I mean, c'mn, the MC is a blind girl not old enough to go to kindergarten, don't expect her to suddenly rise and go around kicking ass left and right. <<less
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HamsterOverlord-sama rated it
The 5000-year-old Herbivorous Dragon
September 30, 2018
Status: c32
A ridiculously fun story about a comically weak but scary looking dragon that has many weird rumours to his name and an obsessed OP nutjob of a little girl that believes herself to be his follower and terrifies the living spirit out of him and pretty much everybody else they come across, causing the rumours about our herbivorous friend to deepen. All in all the story is lovely, heartwarming and really really fun. Also, the translator does a splendid job and release are quite frequent too
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HamsterOverlord-sama rated it
Demon Girl ~Tale of a Lax Demon~
January 13, 2019
Status: v7c19
The story, in my opinion. has really strong good sides and I, without a doubt, would give it a 5 star, but...

Well, before I begin telling the con's, I would like to list some pro's:

The atmosphere of the story: It's cuter, diabetes-inducing, but has a nice twisted uncomfortableness feel to it, fitting the theme of the series

... more>>

MC's family and everybody else adores her, but sometimes the adoration borders on obsession, like how her father almost instantly falls in love (not in a romantic way) and decides never to marry her off, or how the MC thanks some random servant (I think it was a steward), whose name she doesn't remember and her begins crying in gratitude, or how during her ability test the girl that was testing summoning attribute at first chastises her parents for dressing her up so gaudily, but instantly makes a 180 turn in her opinion the moment she lays her eyes on the MC. Accidental Celes from Sevens


That kind of far too sweet to be comfortable atmosphere. Though it's been losing it's momentum lately.

The MC's personality.


The girl takes no bullsh*t. You pissed her off - prepare to die and suffer. Sometimes voluntarily. She has her demonic side, but she can not only bring down her Satanic wrath, she can sweetly poison your soul, leading you down the path to hell, like the Devil she is. But she can also be a sweet a kind girl to those she loves and a 'Saint' to everybody else.


The worldbuilding.


Or the multiverse-building, considering she travels worlds and explores their lores and powers in the process


Now to the con's, or more like the one problem with the novel: Repetitiveness


It goes same old cycle, with not many changes to neither herself, nor her demon-servants, nor the way she charms people or eats souls or... pretty much anything else. Kind of like DC&Marvel comics: Bad guys do bad things, the good guys arrive, they fight it out, maybe some even badder guy laughs behind the scenes, the good guy wins, repeat.


I mean it's not THAT bad, but it gets on the nerves a bit.

Overall, it's a good series, worth the time spent reading <<less
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