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GuiltyKrow rated it
Tempest of the Battlefield
May 29, 2018
Status: c411
This novel at it best is a 2 Star. The beginning of the novel is where the story is at its best and from the middle of academy arc quality drops. As for the main tournament arc the author doesn’t even know how to distribute powers to each character.

Romance ... more>>

Romance in this novel is fukimg aweful. It’s a mystery how one write romance this terrible without getting arrested. Romance is too forced and is too stupid, man jumps from Samantha to Mu girl like he jumping puddles of water not to get some J’S wet.


Fights in this novel is where is at its worst. In this novel plot arms doesn’t matter, MC basically always find the way to win because he’s not been giving his best and is always like little more powerful than his opponent. Author makes each new renown character seem so powerful and logically MC shouldn’t be able to beat them but f**k what do u know he’s actually slightly stronger than them it’s just that he didn’t show it.

Man read this novel if u just wanna know how low this novel will get <<less
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