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Martial God Asura
October 13, 2018
Status: c3200
The story had a decent start, but the chapters got shittier and shorter as time went on. Only like 5% of the chapters now have any meaningful content, the rest is word vomit added to pad the chapters, things being overly explained and dialogue being redundant, and they recently cut the chapter word count in half. Let me give you a made-up sample of what you can expect one of the latest chapters to look like:


Side Character: "Have you never heard of the amazing rock of infinite power?"

... more>> Main Character: "No I have never heard of the amazing rock of infinite power, what is the amazing rock of infinite power?"

Side Character: "Really you never heard of the amazing rock of infinite power?"

Main Character: "Truly I have never heard of the amazing rock of infinite power"

Side Character: "The amazing rock of infinite power is a... [blah blah blah long ass s*upid meaningless explanation]"

Main Character: "Wow we must get the amazing rock of infinite power"


If that is not bad enough there is a lot of ass kissing. Everything the MC does is magical and genius even when it is the dumbest most basic act. Here is a sample of that:

Chu Feng picks up a rock. All the elders gasp in amazement and begin to shake uncontrollably, their faces red and flustered. They cannot contain themselves and yell out "Little friend Chu Feng is so amazing" as they all ejaculate in unison from the excitement. They did this because they truly believed from the bottom of their hearts and from the tip of their penises that what Chu Feng had done was something no one else in all the worlds could do. The crowd cheered and called out Chu Feng's name as they reached to the cultivator on their left and began to jerk them off because they too had a tingly sensation on their pen*s caused by Chu Feng's amazing picking of the rock.

I have a problem, I feel like i've invested a lot of time and I keep digging my trench in deeper. I'm 3000 chapters in, I need to see it thru to the end, at the very least I have to skim thru the chapters until the end. Do yourself a favor and run, don't be fooled by the small hints to an interesting story, no matter how much you dig trying to find it, it will only get buried further and further in a pile of word vomit, and you will end up digging yourself into a trench just like mine.

EDIT: Finally managed to climb out of my trench and drop this constipated steaming piece of sh*t novel. I regret sticking with it this long. I had hoped the shitty main story would progress and eventually end, but all I got was just an endless stream of even shittier repeatable side quests. If I could give this novel negative stars I would. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
Trash of the Count’s Family
October 13, 2018
Status: c270
I'm loving the story so far, but it wasn't until about chapter 15 that I got really into it. I would suggest you stick with it at least that far before deciding to drop it.

The novel is still in the very early stages, so it could go bad, many novel have a good start and later turn to garbage, but I'm optimistic about this one. The novel is very well written and well translated.

The MC is very interesting, very manipulative, but not in an as*hole kind of way. He just... more>> wants to live a comfortable and peaceful life, so he tries to give side characters a helpful push into the glorious path of becoming heroes, while trying to remain unnoticed, but it looks like fate might have other plans for him.

I can't wait to see if the novel lives up to my expectations, I will be back to update this review in the future.


EDIT: So far this novel is a "feel good read" there arent many enemies for the MC to confront, so far it feel like a story about an MC traveling the world making friends with important or powerful people, collecting them like pokemon. This isn't a bad thing per say, but im hoping that the stakes are raised in the future. It is still relatively early and it feels like something is brewing in the background, but we only get glimpses of it, so I'm still optimistic.


EDIT 2: Lost interest. The novel has some cool moments, but the build up to said moments is bland, and the dialogue gets repetitive making it a tedious read. I may come back after more chapters are translated to speed read the boring parts. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
Peerless Martial God 2
December 24, 2018
Status: c510
EDIT (ch. 510) :

If PMG was Dragon Ball Z, then PMG2 is not even as good as GT, it is the Dragon Ball Evolution live action movie equivalent

At first I gave this 3 stars because very early on it felt like it was true to the original, but it has quickly deteriorated. The writing is very childish and cheesy, specially intimate moments between friends, family, and lovers, far too cringey. All of the characters feel very different, Yi Ren Lei especially has her story butchered, and Lin Feng's personality is... more>> all over the place, one minute he is ruthless the next minute he is letting his enemies off easy, or outright forgiving them. At one point he actually threatens to sue his enemy. Oh how the mighty have fallen. PMG was my first novel so it has a sweet spot in my heart, but reading this sequel has soured it. This new author should have just written his own independent story. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
Physician’s Odyssey
November 13, 2019
Status: c60
The entire concept of chinese alternative medicine feels out of place, maybe its just my personal preference. I normally dont mind it, or even enjoy it, in novels set in an ancient fantasy setting, but in a world where modern medicine is prevalent, curing diseases with tea and essential oils just feels too surreal to me, I could maybe even buy using ki or some magical herbs as a cure in a modern fantasy setting, but dont tell me that eating oregano while hopping on one leg and farting will... more>> cure my cancer. It also didnt help that there is no plot progress, because there is no plot as far as I can tell, just a random series of events. I dont know, I just couldn't get into this novel, <<less
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Heaven’s Devourer
November 12, 2019
Status: c471
MC is softer than a 90 year old man's pen*s on a cold winter night. In the first 200 chapters the MC is very disappointing, he is strong in a fight but is weak of character and also an idiot. He allows himself to be humiliated many times because he was an idiot and put himself in a position were he was not strong enough to retaliate or if he is strong enough he endures anyways because of some idiotic plan that requires his strength stays hidden.

He is also supposed... more>> to be a war veteran from his mortal days as crown prince, but somehow entering the cultivation world made him softer, he shows way too much mercy to his enemies. I don't need an MC to be ruthless, but one that is soft on his enemies is frustrating. He lets his enemies off one to0 many times.

The author outright retcons some characters with a single sentence. A female disciple that had humiliated the MC, tried to castrate him, and tried to outright kill him on numerous occasions goes from being an evil bit*h to someone who just used to be a bit arrogant because she grew up sheltered. An elder goes from being an evil corrupt elder trying to undermine the sect leader and who broke the rules on numerous occasions to try and get the MC killed, even tried to kill him herself, somehow becomes a respected elder who is a good match for the sect leader, who happens to be the master of our MC, who she tried to kill not more than 30 chapters ago. Maybe the MC can forget all that, but as the audience I find it hard to ignore.

The story seems to be getting better, but I'm barely hanging on and might drop it any minute. (Edit: dropped it around a 100 chapters later. I just couldn't get behind the MC's meek personality. Aside from a couple of moments when he manages to locate his balls, the rest of the time the MC is pathetic) <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
The Godsfall Chronicles
December 15, 2018
Status: v3c19
This is probably one of my favorites novels.

The Good:

    • Characters are not black and white, there is a lot of gray area.
    • Side characters are interesting and have real character development, specially in the later chapters. They have their own motivation and they dont always align with the MC's goals.
    • MC also has good character growth.
    • The story is very well written and translated.
    • Story progression is well paced and has a lot of fluidity from arc to arc.
    • The dialogue is often witty
The not so good:

    • The romance is lacking, there isn't much of it. Some female friendships and a couple of s*x scenes, but no real romantic development. I'm secretly hoping this earns a harem flag in the future, but so far no indication of it,
Contradicting other reviews:

    • Some reviews say the MC is too naive for growing up in the wastelands, but...

      He was raised and taught by a kind and well educated old man in his early years, an old man who is hinted to have some extraordinary background and was very knowledgeable. So it is understandable that the MC would be different, kinder than all the savage ppl in the wastelands.

      and he definitely matures throughout the novel.
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GrumpyNPC rated it
Peerless Martial God
October 12, 2018
Status: c2500
Disclaimer: This was my first novel and so it hold a special place in my heart. I may have subconsciously been lenient with my rating, but even with that in mind I still think this novel is above average.

EDIT: Finally finished the novel, overall I'm sticking to my statement above that the novel is above average, least it hooked me for 2500 chapters. The last hundred or so chapters felt rushed, I think more time passed in the last 100 chapters then the 2400 before it, but I liked the ending, and apparently there is a sequel, i'll be picking that one up too. (EDIT#2: Don't pick up the sequel, it ruins PMG)

The Bad:

    • Rocky start: The first 500 or so chapters are the weakest, they don't do much to set it apart from other cultivation novels, but it gets much better in the later chapters in my opinion, less predictable, I mean it is a cultivation novel so it is still predictable, but there are some interesting twists and turns that catch you off guard from time to time.
    • Side character presence: Some characters dont get enough screen time, including his harem, I wish they were a bit more present, but maybe their absence is the reason I appreciate them when they are around.
    • The MC disguises himself and goes under an alias more times than I would have liked. I'm personally not a fan of that tactic.
    • Skills: This one might just be a personal pet peeve, but I find it hard to visualize a lot of the sh*t that happens in fights, I'm not sure if is just a normal thing in this genre (only read a handful so far), or maybe my imagination sucks, but what the hell is a giant palace coming out of a forehead supposed to look like? and when cultivators turn into swords, is that like a metaphor? I chose to view it as such, but based on the descriptions its probably not a metaphor. idk the scales of these fights are just beyond my imagination, im curious to see how it gets illustrated in the manhua 10 years from now when it catches up.
The Good:

    • It gets better: Like I mentioned before if you stick with it then it gets better. The recurring characters become less predictable, not all characters, but enough to keep you interested. The story becomes more personal, more interesting as MC progresses and meets people who have an impact on him one way or the other.
    • Loose ends get tied up: At first I was mad cause some characters seem to get forgotten and not mentioned for a long time, but they eventually (in some cases a thousand plus chapters later) show up again, their absence addressed, and story concluded or integrated into the current arc.
    • Cool MC: He is badass but not entirely heartless. He is not always stronger than his enemies at first, but you best believe he is going to find a way and come back swinging later. MC always pays his debts.
    • Well written: It isn't game of thrones, but compared to the garbage you often see in these chinese novels, like martial god asura, the writing and quality of translation is good.
    • Release speed: as of the writing of this review we are getting 40 chapters per week, and only a couple hundred more chapters left so should be completed soon.
The Spoils:

    • The fate of my favorite side character.

      Wen Ao Xue disappears from the novel for over a thousand chapters, and when he comes back it turns out he is a she, which cool i'd be down for her in the harem, but instead due to irreconcilable differences she ends up on the enemy side and dies... :' (

    • The common trope mentioned by other reviewers.

      The aphrodisiac killer drug that requires s*x to cure. I'm not offended by the trope, I just dont find it creative and think it cheapens the story. That being said it is far from the worst use of the trope and if I recall correctly the gimmick is only used that one time.

    • Most characters that I thought forgotten came back, but there are a couple less important ones that I dont think have a clear stated fate.

      What happened to his grandfather, he hasnt been mentioned in a while, and more concerning what of his cousin who joined the sphere of influence "Shen Gong" in the small world? Shen Gong was apparently mostly destroyed by one of MC's teacher, but his fate is never directly addressed. I would think if he had died the grandfather would have mentioned it before he too went MIA given how attached he was to him.

    • An unmourned companion.

      Qiong Qi deserved better, he was a good boy. When Yan Di took over his body I kept expecting him to at some point move on to another body and release Qiong Qi. Don't get me wrong I heart Yan Di, he is my second favorite side character, but poor Qiong Qi, he was a good beast

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GrumpyNPC rated it
Sage Monarch
October 22, 2019
Status: c450
The pace is way too fast, MC doesn't stay in a cultivation realm more than a couple chapters, he just powers up left and right, sometimes jumping multiple realms in a single sentence. There is no downtime, no romance, no real character development for any character. He meets some randoms, they become sworn siblings, and before you get to learn their names he has already left them in the dust and met a new group of insta-friends who he immediately overshadows with his overwhelming strength. The reader never gets a... more>> sense that there is even a remote chance that the MC could lose, I dont even think he ever gets injured, he is just going around like the second coming of Jesus quoting some bible-ish crap about "ashes to ashes and dust to dust" like a brainwashed cult member. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
Lord of All Realms
November 2, 2018
Status: c1007
An above average but pretty standard cultivation novel. Nothing yet to significantly set it apart from other similar novels, but it has potential, specially in its world building. It's written better than most other xianxia novels, but there is room for improvement. The story gets better in later arcs.

Nuetral notes:

    • The Harem tag is probably not yet justified, based on translated chapters, it is still a Schrodinger's Harem, as in it both exists and doesn't exists until it is proven one way or the other. There are multiple romance flags, but MC is only officially dating one of them, and she is quite possessive at this time anyways.
What I disliked:

    • I dont find the solo training parts particularly interesting. I wish they were shorter or skipped altogether. This is probably just a personal preference and not necessarily something the novel is doing wrong.
    • Aliases and disguises. I hate this tactic in all novels, specially when they happen more than once, and even more so when the chosen alias is ridiculously s*upid, like changing one single character or syllable in your real name. Maybe these aliases make more sense in their original language, but not when translated. The one redeeming quality about this in this novel is that at one point someone actually calls it out and says the aliases are not very creative.
    • Too many names, everyone gets a name, even characters that die on the same chapter they are introduced often get named, making it hard to keep track of who is who at times given how similar the names are, throw in the occasional typo and it becomes a bit annoying to figure out if a new character is being introduced or an old one is coming back.
What I liked:

    • Alliances shift. This is something I'm liking right now, but has the potential to be ruined if overused. Today's enemy could be tomorrow's friend if the situation calls for it.
    • MC's master. I like the relationship between MC and his master.
    • The world building is some of the best, there are a lot of worlds to explore and there is a lot of history to interconnect the different worlds, races, and factions. The world building is very slow at the start but the MC's horizons are quickly expanded in later ones.
    • The Romance. Contrary to what other reviewers have mentioned, I like the romance flags. They are not all conventional which makes things interesting. Hoping this novel turns out to deserve the harem tag and is not just one of those. "She smiled at me, now she is in my harem"
The spoils

    • Some people have complained about the romance flags planted. It is true that a couple are a bit controversial, but the issue is way too exaggerated.

      Yu Tong: This girl was from one of the enemy sects. When MC and young members of the allied sects were on a training expeditions, the enemy sects sent their disciples, including Yu Tong, to go and killed them. MC and Yu Tong fought a couple of times and tried to kill each other multiple times. While it might appear as if Yu Tong is evil, it is clearly stated that the enemy sects are there for revenge because the allied sects had previously messed with one of their projects. I personally see this as two groups on different sides, and not necessarily good vs evil. After the expedition Yu Tong is obsessed with killing MC, cause he made her feel inferior and groped her during their previous encounters. Later on, both group of sects are forced to work together against outside forces, during which time their relationship starts to change slowly. In my opinion it doesn't look like MC intentionally let her escape in any of their battles, but rather they were closely matched, and is not like he only forgave her, all the sects united and forgave each other, considering that non of the people she personally killed were legit friends of the MC I don't see why she gets singled out in other reviews. I find their relationship interesting, though it has taken a back seat and hasn't been mentioned in a long time.



      Dong Li: This one is a bit more controversial and more questionable. She too was an enemy of the MC who tried to use and kill him, her personality is very selfish and she seems to only care about herself. When MC first joined her group he noticed right away that she was up to no good. After she killed all the other members of the group the MC tricked her, groped her (sounds familiar?), and set her up so a strong cultivator would kill her, unfortunately said cultivator was in her pocket. After that, MC ran around destroying her plans, killing her people, and leaving mocking messages. She felt humiliated and spent all efforts trying to kill him until eventually they were both forced to retreat. Later on, MC befriends her brother, who has great character. She laters tries to use MC again by forcing him to go on an expedition with her and help her get treasures by threatening his family, with no intention to actually harm them, but with every intention to manipulate the MC. The MC is not happy about this, but her brother tells him that his family is in no danger and that she is just bluffing, he also tells him that he can refuse to go on the expedition, but that he might benefit from it if he goes, and asks him as a favor to look out for his troublesome sister if he goes. With time their relationship changes, they save each other's lives, and come to understand each other better. The way they met is abnormal and I can understand why people find it hard to accept the romance flag, specially since this is the only one currently officially dating the MC. Some things to keep in mind are that Dong Li was doing her original killings as part of a mission from her clan, not sure why she was sent on that sort of mission, or if the killing was a core part of it, or just her way of accomplishing it. Worth noting too is that MC knew she was trouble from the start and chose to join and remain in her group, he also knew the others in the group were being set up to die by her and he chose to let them die, not quite the same as killing them, but MC is no saint. Regardless, she clearly only cares about herself and those close to her, and has no problem killing everyone else, MC wasn't close to her at the beginning, but he is now, and since he became close she has fiercely defended him. I like this relationship because it is different, I also like that the MC is aware of how abnormal it is, and is embarrassed when others point out she tried to kill him. In my opinion he has forgiven and in some case befriended people who have come much closer to actually killing him for the sake of a greater goal so I'm not bothered by it.

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Ancient Godly Monarch
December 15, 2018
Status: Completed
EDIT: The story had a good start and a good end, the middle was a series of up and downs. I've finally finished this novel and I'm bringing the score up to a 3 because overall it was a fun read.

ORIGINAL: This novel is very average in this genre, I would give it a 2.5 straight down the middle, maybe slightly less than 2.5 so I'm rounding it to 2 instead of 3.

Peerless Martial God was my very first novel, so I was not yet tired of the... more>> cultivation cliches, but even looking back and trying to be objective I still prefer PMG to this one.

What I like:

  • MC's relationship with his wives, there is some decent amount of development and MC is not just tossing around pokeballs trying to catch 'em all, there is a bit of a downside to this which I will talk about later.
  • MC's relationship with his friends is also very good, there is a real sense of brotherhood.
  • MC is ruthless, tho I wish he was less arrogant
  • The early story is interesting and has some complexity to it, but it deteriorates not far into the novel, a thousand+ chapters later the story seems to be improving again.
What I dislike:

  • If it has a pus*y it likely falls in love with the MC. I like that the MC is not trying to "catch 'em all" but I wish the author wouldn't make every single female fall for the MC. I just feel bad for them pining for the MC, at least make em fall for MC's friends, don't burden them with unrequited love.
  • The fights are boring, I often find myself skipping to the part where the enemy dies or flees. Sometimes these fights are long too, like if they were animated they would give Dragonball a run for its money.
  • "You're courting DEATH!". I've never met an MC who said that as often as this one does. MC's dialogue often reminds me of the young master's from other novels. I mean I get that most of the time they offend the MC first, but it is still weird to see the MC act so arrogantly.
  • Logic is often thrown out the window. This is a world where the strong rule, but sometimes...
    • Instead of war, lets do a contest with a ton of arbitrary rules to determine the winner and the fate of our empires, even tho we all know ultimately war will happen and this is just a waste of time, an excuse for MC to run across some magic beans.
    • You are more powerful than my people, but im here to demand your daughters marry me under some ancient weird law. Instead of killing me on the spot like any strong father should in this universe, lets have a convoluted contest to determine the future of your precious daughters, even tho we all know ultimately you will have to fight us and the hidden power behind us..
  • Bad guy bad acting happens too often:
    • My disciple will kill you and then we will r*pe your entire family. *MC kills deciple*. Why must you be so ruthless, this was only a spar. Men arrest him.
    • I'm going to break the rules and use this weapon to kill you. *Fails to kill MC despite breaking the rules*. Powerful daddy ancestor emperor, this vile MC broke the rules and tried to use a weapon to kill me in secret, uphold justice for me.
  • The same names get re-used which is annoying. There are like 3 Jiang clans with zero relationship to each other.
  • Other then some fights dragging on, some story arcs also drag on, they feel artificially extended.
    • I must do X to prove myself worthy of love interest, but now that I have accomplished X someone has taken her away and demanded I do Y, but now that I have accomplished Y something else happens and the princess is in another castle.
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GrumpyNPC rated it
Emperor’s Domination
December 30, 2019
Status: c1200
This novel is about a very ancient existence in a young man's body dominating everything in his path, but don't confuse him with you typical emotionally arrogant MC.

When arrogant young masters come and covet his things he doesn't get angry, he uses his left hand to swat them dead like mosquitoes while picking his nose with his right hand. When their masters and fathers come from the right seeking revenge, he swats them dead like mosquitoes while flirting with a beauty on his left. When their ancestors come, this is... more>> when sh*t gets serious and he is forced to.... swat them dead like mosquitoes. I think even if the author tried to kill the MC off he too would be swatted.

While other MC's will fight to marry the kingdom toppling beauties, this MC will turn down their proposals and offer them a position as his driver or his maid. The way the MC insults his enemies and teases his friends is just a delight to read, and the translation is great.

The novel is not perfect, it has some serious issues with repetitiveness and word padding, but if you read this with the right expectations, and have enough chapters piled up to binge, then you will enjoy it. Just don't expect a fillet mignon from McDonalds. <<less
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Against the Gods
December 15, 2018
Status: c1245
As far as cultivation novels go this is a pretty decent one. It has its flaws, but if you are looking for cultivation novels you've seen these flaws before, they are so common that you might as well consider them features since it almost appears intentional in the genre.

I was originally planning to give this 4 stars, but thats because I read ~1200 chapters back to back, so I could skim though the boring parts and focus on the fun bits, but once I caught up it dawned on me... more>> that some chapters feel padded and story progress is not as fast paced as it originally felt, but it's nowhere near as bad as some other novels (Martial God Asura, I'm looking at you).

Random Thoughts:

    • I personally like the harem of this novel, is not the best implementation of a harem and it has a lot of cliche aspects to it, but overall I find it enjoyable.
    • Some of the characters are annoying (Little Aunt, I'm looking at you).
    • Few characters have any real character development, there was an opportunity for a Goku x Vegeta type of relationship but sadly they f*cked that up and killed of Vegeta in the most pathetic way possible.
    • The fights are usually fun, more noticeable in the later chapters.
In summary, if you are looking for a cultivation novel this is a good one to kill time with, there are better one out there, but there are also definitely many worse ones out there. <<less
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Great Demon King
December 1, 2019
Status: c143
Getting through the first 50 chapters was rough, it was so boring I literally fell asleep after reading a couple chapters the first 3 nights I tried to binge read this. The novel was clearly trying to be funny but none of the butt jokes were a hit for me. I always try to give a novel at least a 100 chapters cause in some rare cases they turn things around. After the first 50 or so chapters the action kicks in and, while it doesn't drastically improve, it becomes... more>> tolerable. The story has all the typical tropes:

  • The op super special treasure that makes MC unique.
  • The arrogant young masters looking for trouble
  • The evil girl who tries to kill MC but turns out to actually be a good person cause author said so.
  • The girl who falls in love after being raped, cause what could be more romantic? This is the most clear cut case i've seen in any novel. Usually the author dresses it up with some s*x poison that needs to be raped off, or that the victim was secretly in love since before the rape, but here MC literally rapes an enemy he captures, a stranger, and literally right after he claims she is his woman and she goes googly eyes for him. I'm not even bothered by the rape, its fiction after all, but the lack of creativity and the lack of logic hurts to read.
I don't understand how this title is rated so highly, maybe it gets better, but I will never find out cause I can't stomach any more of it. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
Dragon-Marked War God
March 16, 2020
Status: c250
There is no particularly grave sin here, but it is just meh. All the characters act illogically most of the time and their personalities are not consistent. I dropped it shortly after:

... more>>

The sect leader sends him on a difficult mission, as a fake punishment for killing some fellow disciples that plotted against him, while really it is a way to let him get stronger, but does nothing about the elders and disciples still plotting against him. Before leaving on the mission he leaves his girl under the care of a friendly elder and tells him to watch out for the people plotting against him. Predictably while he is out on his mission the people plotting against him send assassins to make his mission even more deadly and go try to attack/r*pe MC's girl. Ultimately the girl is wounded because the elder that was supposed to protect her went to cultivate. MC comes back, kills a few more plotters and complains to the elder for failing to protect his girl and to the sect leader for sending him on a mission but not looking after his people. So clearly the MC is pissed, and even says he is going to leave the sect, but he doesn't, instead he warns the sect leader about the evil elder, and how he is likely working for a rival sect, and the sect leader says the elder is loyal to the sect and the evil things he has done are due to personal grudge, which is still f*cked up, but apparently is ok in the sect leaders eyes. Anyways MC doesn't leave the sect with his girl, instead he leaves her under the care of the same friendly elder and goes on an adventure.


After that I skimmed a few more chapter to see how the arc ended, it was disappointing and predictable, I then dropped it. <<less
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
November 24, 2019
Status: c1376
This novel is not terrible, but is way overrated.

The Good:

    • Side characters. They have their own personalities, and while I wouldn't go as far as saying they are 3 dimensional, 2.5D is better then most novels in this genre.
    • Side romance. The side characters have romantic interests, so not all females are in love with the MC, the sworn brothers get a piece of the action, and in my opinion the better pieces, cause the MC's romantic life is a terrible mess.
    • Enemies. The novel is not without arrogant young masters, but there are also some very interesting enemies who are motivated by things other than "I want your woman" or "I must be given face"
    • Underneath all the bad stuff there is a good story being told, you just need to get through all the padding to get to it, it is an endurance game, and I'm not sure yet if I will endure.
The Bad:

    • A lot of fluff. I have to skip 50% of the novel to remain sane. I swear some conversations last like 10 chapters and are terribly tedious, and the most mundane things sometimes take dozens of chapters. The MC was once chased though the woods for like 50 chapters. I wish I was exaggerating.
    • The MC's harem is the worst I've ever read. His first love, from his past life, is a loli. I get that they met as adults before he reincarnates/rewinds to a young man, but in this new life he meets her when she is ~9 years old and he is ~16, and while nothing super inappropriate happens, it is still very cringy to read for me. The other 2 love interests so far are super annoying, they hide their love for MC, they hide important facts from the MC, all because they think they know what is in his best interest, to the point where they are cruel to him "for his own good", yet somehow they act like they are the victim, super frustrating to read.
    • Bad Drama. The harem is only one example of bad drama, of things being done for the sake of building drama at the expense of throwing logic out the window, it conflicts with the smart/clever tone the novel tries to set in the rest of the novel, making the forced drama feel even more cringy.
    • When the novel is clever it is a delight to read, but those moments are truly rare, more often then not it fails and it comes across as trying too hard to be clever.
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A Will Eternal
March 12, 2019
Status: c450
I enjoyed it at first, but the comedy got repetitive and a funny situation can only be funny so many times. Maybe it gets better later on, seems like a lot of people like it, but it wasnt for me. I jumped off somewhere around chapter 450. Maybe i'll give it another shot in the future when I run out of things to read.
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GrumpyNPC rated it
Eternal Reverence
March 13, 2020
Status: c30
I've never dropped a novel so fast before

The story is super rushed, feels like this is a manhua adaptation of a novel instead of a novel, like the author was doing line of coke in-between paragraphs.

Either the dialogue is poor or the translation is terrible. All the conversations feel stiff.

I picked this up expecting a mediocre cultivation novel to kill time, and somehow I was still disappointed.
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Warlock of the Magus World
December 19, 2019
Status: c200
This novel is not bad, but it is not a good fit for me...

  • The story is pretty dark. Good and innocent people die or suffer all the time, its a bit too depressing for my taste.
  • The MC is no hero, he is not a villain per say either, cause he is not out to do evil, but he does do bad things in pursuit of his own interests, such as letting people die who he could saved with very little effort, or out right killing innocent people because their death is somehow convenient for him. He has very little empathy. If I had to label him I'd call him a functioning sociopath.
  • Romance is lacking, which is to be expected since the MC's emotions do not run deep. However the MC does get laid a lot, just don't expect these relationship have any significant long lasting effect.
  • The MC, like any MC in this genre, has some item that makes him OP, in this case it is an A.I. chip that came with him from his original advanced world and merged with his soul when he was reincarnated. This thing does most of the heavy lifting for the MC and It is the one thing I consider to be bad about the novel, there are more thing I don't like, but I can see the appeal it might have for others, but the A.I. chip I just outright think is bad writing.
Ultimately I think this is a good novel. I can see why it is rated so highly, but it is just not a good fit for me. I don't particularly like MCs that have a hero complex and are out to save everyone they meet, and their pets, but in my opinion this MC is a bit too far in the opposite end of the spectrum and that too is not... more>> particularly enjoyable for me. I've read some spoilers and found out his future actions become an even darker shade of gray, so I lost interest and dropped it around chapter 200.

This is where I realized this novel was too depressing for me:

While travelling our MC runs into a little girl and an old man who are sharing a carriage with him and a few others. He can tell that they are on the run from something. The entire ride MC is thinking about how to get the girl's blood for some experiment, cause she has insignificant traces of warlock blood. Eventually they are attacked by the people chasing the old man and the girl. These bandits come and kill a few people, the rest run, and then is just the bandits, the old man, the little girl, and the MC. Our MC waits for the old man to be critically wounded before killing the bandits, and pretends to be a good guy by giving the old man a pain killer, when he had a means to cure him, but he didn't want to spend resources on the old man, and he thought it would be easier to get the girls blood if the old man wasn't around. MC promises the old man to bring the girl to her destination and lets him die. MC then proceeds to take the girl to her destination and draws her blood from time to time along the way. When they reach the destination the girl begs him to take him as an apprentice, which he refuses cause her warlock blood is too thin and training her would be too much trouble, which is fair, cant help her lack of talent. Turns out the person he was dropping her off with was clearly not expecting the girl, and was clearly reluctant to take her in, only doing so out of fear of the MC. The girl is described as feeling and looking like an abandoned puppy, but the MC then leaves and never thinks about it again. I get that he can't save everyone, and that profits matter to the MC, but I wish he had at least made sure the girl would be taken care off before he left, I mean after all he intentionally let the only living person that cared about her die so he could draw her blood more easily, which he could have done even with the old man around given how strong MC was in comparison, or he could have sent the girl to some loyal followers (like his former s*ave/lover Anna), or used mortal resources to ensure her safety, resources that mean nothing to him as a magus. You can argue that if the MC had done nothing the girl would have been raped and killed, but the ending of this interaction did not sit well with me and not many chapters later I dropped it

and for what I'm told it only gets darker. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
October 21, 2019
Status: v5c172
A fun read, far from perfect, but better than a lot of similar novels. The description is a bit misleading, which was disappointing since I was kind of hoping to read about a daredevil-like cultivator.

The blindness is temporary, it last for like maybe 15 chapters, tho he hides his recovery from most people till about the end of the first book.



    • MC that is legitimately clever and doesn't solve all problem with a head on assault. More than once I was surprised with how a particular situation was resolved.
    • MC with a moral compass so gray that you sometimes find yourselve rooting for the "enemy" and questioning whether the MC is a good person or a psychopath.

    • Harem Personality Disorder. I like a harem as much as the next guy, but this novel suffers from the same problem many other novels in the genre suffer from, the females seem to loose their personality once they join the harem, they become idiots who's are only present to be amazed by the MC's actions or to serve as the MC's motivation to move the plot forward. Any trace they previously had of being an interesting character seems to be lost along with their virginity.

The MC has become too OP, he used to be an underdog who used his smarts to strategically beat his enemies or find the best possible outcome in a tight situation on the fly. Now the MC has a stick that tells him the future, which he abuses, so instead of thinking of a solution he asks the stick, and the few times when he still thinks of a solution himself it is expressed retroactively, like everything bad that happens turns out that it was part of his plan all along somehow, but there is no build up for it, it just one size fits all explanation. On top of that his power is super high right now too, so the MC has become infallible in every aspect and it makes him a less interesting character. I'm hoping it improves, or i'll have to come back to remove a star.

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Martial World
September 23, 2019
Status: all of it
Not done reading yet, but im kind of just reading for the sake of completing it and not cause I enjoy it.

It isn't terrible, but is not particularly good either. The story is super generic and has all the expected tropes.

One thing I find frustrating is that about 80% of the novel so far takes place in some sort of trial space, an array, a separate dimension, an inheritance world, or some other similar mechanism. It's like MC goes into trial, he chooses a fake name, x number of years... more>> pass, he comes out of trial, he spends a few days moving the main plot forward, then goes back into another trial for x^2 number of years. Sometimes you get a bit of trialception and the MC goes into a trial area inside of a trial area so that he can get strong enough to pass the first trial area. I find myself skipping more than I read.

Many people recommend this novel, but I find it overrated.

PS. Don't get attached to any character that does not end up being the MC's lover because they will be forgotten by the author at some point and you will never see them again. Even his lovers only barely get the occasional mention, his friends might as well never have existed.

Edit: Finished the novel, tho I did skim a lot of chapters. Some forgotten character do get revisited briefly, but still don't get attached, most characters are left behind by MC and author. I found the last few arks to be particularly uninteresting. I get that this next opinion is kind of contradictory to the premise of cultivation novel, but I don't enjoy huge time skips, as the MCs start becoming thousands of years old it becomes less and less interesting to me, so in most novels I enjoy the start, a talented youth going against the heavens, but in the later arcs when it becomes a talented old dude against even older dudes it loses some of the appeal. Some novels can keep my interest despite that if other aspects are good, but this novel did not. <<less
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