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Grosstoad rated it
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
May 4, 2016
Status: --
+looks over reviews below+

Well, to start with, I am not sure whether to say that the prose is not that good or the translation quality is sometimes bad, but you have to admit that some of the writings are a bit odd at times.

If it can be said, LMS is not really a ‘serious business’ story. Readers probably better off to consider it as an action-comedy than a shonen story. In fact, there are a couple of running gags (Weed weaseling off things from NPCs, giving ‘tough love’ to his... more>> minions as ‘training’, his ‘songs’, or him going all over a massive battlefield to collect ‘dropped’ loot) that are so oft repeated that is more nostalgic than funny (sometimes stale).

Weed, or Lee Hyun, has a rather sad backstory, and he becomes, well, rather jaded, pessimistic, and obsessed with different values (money) than the norm of society because of it. This is supposed to be the main source of humor, how others expect him to do or go this way, but he does it another way, because of his different values (money!).

A particular running gag about his miserly ways is that one of his major regret is buying up a packet of salt that costs 100 Won extra, or that he swore everlasting vengeance to Bardray (a big shot in game) because he picked up Weed’s rare armor (by then very unsuitable level-wise but never changed because Weed is cheap) after defeating him in combat and selling it for a lot of cash on online action as Weed’s old armor.

Or various other things.

Well, not to say that the story is not interesting, or the personal fight scenes and massive battlefield scenes not epic, but you can definitely say that it is not a very deep story.

It is a humorous story of a poor but determined young man, whose current goal in life is to get enough money to pay for his sister’s college tuition till she graduates and keep his sickly grandmother living in comfort, and he intends to do this by playing an online game (and selling loots and equipment in the internet auction, taking royalties from videos, getting tax from his empire, eating bribes from competing TV studios for access to aforementioned videos, etc., etc., and most important goal, getting more money from selling this particular account after he reached the pinnacle... Well, he had done it once, so he could do it again, right?).

Read it, have fun laughing at Weed and co. antics, whistle in awe at the fight scenes, d’aww or hnnng at the WAFF, but don’t go in expecting a serious kind of story.

PS: There is a big reason why some players are so gung-ho to reach the pinnacle of the game, and spend inordinately amount of effort (also real money, I suspect), the very same reason why the game itself is called Royal Road... But I believe Lee Hyun himself hasn't actually realized that reason, and just intended to sell his Weed account after reaching the top for major moolah, like he did with his maxed-out old game account. <<less
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Only Sense Online (LN)
May 20, 2016
Status: v9 prologue
Review as of Volume 9's Prologue.

As most below mentioned, it is a combination of moe (cute), slice of life, and VRMMORPG genres.

Main character gets transgendered by character calibration error, but when he wants to lodge a complaint, his elder sister blackmails him to keep the avatar, 'Because it's cute'. This particular twist is partly a running gag, and partly an odd artifact to the story.

As flitfish and Hayate mentioned, the MC is kind of a shoujo protagonist, in some ways. He's a very motherly character, cooks and does... more>> chores around the home (parents have never been shown, stated to be often working, elder sister lives attends college and live elsewhere, little sister is very tomboyish), likes cute things... And most importantly... Now barely react to other pretty girls.

Damn it.

Plot-wise, there isn't any. The game is basically sand-box and rather new so there is still a lot of explorations and new stuff to discover. Each volume often revolve around specific new events or uncovering a new system that has just been introduced.

One theme that is repeated is that OSO is to be played by your own personal taste, or Sense, thus Only Sense. Our main character does this to an absolute degree that most other characters often chides him/her for it, though now most have agreed that his/her choices do have worth.

Of course, in some ways, it can be considered that the main character has often needed to be dragged by the author's mouthpiece (the little sister, the elder sister, the best friend, or the crafter trio) into events and whatnot, so that he/she can showcase the specific combination of Senses that produce special effects. If left alone, Shun/Yun probably would either remain the workshop to experiment or to the field to gather materials, and ignore most events.

Nowadays, he/she can be rather easily manipulated into events by suggesting about crafting. Heh.

It's not a heart-pounding action or drama, and mostly involve about crafting and combining new things as well as cute girls (that the main character seem to have zero interest in, damn it) doing cute stuff... Also cute girls doing combat (that little sister is a gamer and combat maniac, most action scenes come from her PoVs).

There's a slight worry about the emotions and denials specific towards the male best friend though. <<less
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Um. Very short chapters?

MC gets cheat skills because the god of his world thinks that his accidental death is a misfortune.
- Strength to carry 5 tons
- Barrier magic
- Earth magic

He is now reborn as the eldest of four siblings, in a feudal fantasy setting. Despite living as a farmer, the last chapter notes that he is already better than the current feudal lord's army and the adventurers...

He tries to uplift his family for now, as well as his village, and his siblings seem to show great potentials... more>> themselves.

... That's it. <<less
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Grosstoad rated it
Help! Gooogle-sensei!!
September 22, 2016
Status: v2 extra
(Review at v2 - Extra) (16th February 2017)

When I saw the Epilogue and Extra, I jumped ahead of the chapters about the Highland, Arthur, and Charlemagne, to look at the truth of the mood whiplash thing above.

Alright, apparently it was all a ploy, but heck, placing the reveal after the end of the next story arc is a bit of a long cliffhanger. I actually abandoned this story for three- No, five months because of it.

... more>> ... Yeah, the author really needs to work at his pacing.

I will recant my 2 stars and put it back at 3, because it is still a niche kind of story.

EDIT: Wait, how do I change the stars again?

(Review at v2c7)
It's... Odd.

At first, it goes like a parody of a weak-sauce character (the youngest prince) in an OP world (every one has their OP Divine Blessing, but not the MC) finding his own OP cheat (Google-sensei, an ultra-modern satellite network, with clarketech up the wazoo, coded to the MC's personal use).

There is a lot of in-joke, slapstick, and rather off-color comedy, with light-hearted feeling. I get the idea that this is a not-so-serious story of the MC trying to live along the other OP characters as well as living up to his royal responsibilities.

Then, at exactly volume 2 chapter 4, we get a big turn-around: MC becomes a hard man making hard decisions. Several chapters worth of prior moe fluffy-ness and general shonen action rom-com are traded in for cold-blooded seinen political intrigue plot out of nowhere.

It is kind of spoiler-y, so perhaps you can judge for yourself, but suffice to say, I wasn't expecting the MC to take Lelouch Lamperouge as his role model for what I feel is barely sufficient reasoning.

Aaaaand then, in the next chapter, it is back to all slapstick, in-joke, and whatnot, interspersed with events caused by the fallout of the Lelouch plot.

It is a major whiplash, I tell you.

Judge for your own. <<less
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Single Player Only
August 17, 2016
Status: c4
Hmm, it is rather interesting so far, though the Main Character, Yue Qiang does often rant about his Single Player Game obsession. Still not too sure whether that's the Author's Mouthpiece or simply the character's quirk.

Synopsis that is longer than the author's:

Yue Qiang is a gamer. He hasn't devolved into a no-life gamer or full-time NEET, but he seems to be angling there. One day, a game suddenly pops into his PC and basically install itself, and practically takes over the computer. Interestingly, the main character is him, and the... more>> stat points he allocated apparently crosses over to real life.

Now, he is fully invested in trying his best on finding all the hidden gems (and the stat point rewards) in the game! <<less
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History’s Strongest Senior Brother
March 2, 2017
Status: c107
Hmm, I would say that at the point of chapter 107, the title is no longer apt. I am not sure if there would be other Junior Brothers to be sacrificed to keep the title appropriate on the future though.

... more>>

Still, for a xianxia (double) reincarnation plot, it is still well-written, though if I might say, the Senior Brother thing actually makes it kind of odd. Odd that was interesting at first, but as the story progresses that plot hook just becomes an oddity.

I like the fact that the MC involves the cast in his problem-solving.



Mooks bothering juniors? No problem, my henchmen will handle it. Slightly above cultivation antagonist? No problem, my higher level right hand will handle it. One step higher cultivation antagonist? No problem, I will break through the level gap in a second! High above cultivation antagonists and multiple factions ganging on me? No problem, I can humbly lower my head and request help from my own faction!


It's the last part of the spoiler that makes it great for me. <<less
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Um. Last chapter translated is chapter 2, and it was at the end of year 2015. It is kind of interesting so far, though the MC, if we disregard the reincarnation thing, breaks from his bindings as a mid-boss because of a strange confluence of events. Or as we call it, luck/destiny/plot. Currently, I am wondering if the story will keep all the game elements (the dungeon he was sealed in was so old-style RPG, with actual safe rooms to heal and save, and bosses waiting in their rooms) or... more>> if there will be unexpected twists. <<less
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Hmm, Chapter 4 Review, it is 1 year past the last update from translators.

It is a VRMMO genre, with the cliche of the real life player skill can be used in game because of the VR aspect, in this case, the MC's kungfu-based accuracy and flexibility. While they are not up to his actual real life level, it is still pretty good compared to newbie players and the monster AIs, even with his Mage base stats.

He then plans on dumping all his acquired stat points on Strength and Dexterity...... more>> I wonder what he plans to do against skills that have auto-aim?

The character sounds pretty funny, and his backstory is 'interesting' as well.

"Father, what use is kungfu?"
The father, who is his teacher, proceeds to beat him down with kungfu.

The punchline of this skit is probably still untranslated on later chapters... <<less
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Grosstoad rated it
The Lazy King
April 16, 2016
Status: --
... It's complicated, okay?

At it's base, it might be started as a demonic reincarnation story, who got a legitimate shortcut to max OP status. Well, a shortcut that might have required megaannums (10, 000 years) to reach... But that's why only the MC had reached it.

But the story is not about that journey, which probably is filled with so much decadence (sleep) and depravity (more sleep), that it would have been boring to read.

No, the story is more of the movement of demon factions and characters around the OP... more>> main character, a Demon Lord who is probably up to the Demon Lord King status, if only he cared enough. But if he cared, then he would never have reached his OP status.

Unfortunate, but the main character himself is not that interesting, being an indolent lord that everyone tries to circumspect or attack on, but the supporting cast's stories are marvelous on their own and are very well-written.

The world and the setting themselves are very interesting, and the interactions between factions and characters are great...

If the story was about the war between Hell's factions, as well as war between Hell, Heaven, and the world of Human (and other races) in between, it might have been much more riveting, I suppose. <<less
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Review at Chapter 9.

So far interesting. MC is an OP VRMMO player, having an 'impossible' combo attack that is practically impossible to beat, even at level 1. But his heart is like that of a maiden pure, ufu~

Really, kind of interesting, rather than a super cool MC on the inside and outside, the MC only pulls off cool when facing with things he understood, like raid system, monster hate management, PvP tactics, etc. On the outside, he's mentally half-declaring that he is going to abandon real and just be a... more>> loner only to scream on the inside 'invite me, invite me' when hearing about his classmate wanting to join a Raid event. And the writing does acknowledge that particular inconsistency from the MC, thus that maiden heart thing. :D

Currently I am suspicious that there would be a cliche that Suzu is later revealed to be the 2nd highest ranked player, but we'll see how the story goes. <<less
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Hunter Club – Antihero
May 1, 2016
Status: --
Review at Chapter 6.

Despite the Harem tag, currently there is no indication of the MC (Nogoduk, this is a Korean name?) being leaned into that direction.

The story itself so far is a ‘You have been scouted for monster-hunting by another world’, with one of the characters likening the process to a soccer’s club, sponsor, and the players relationship. The characters could get alot of rewards from these sponsors, and live like rich people after, though it is still not clear about the specific terms.

There is very little information about... more>> the scouting themselves, or about these sponsors, since the MC is not actually part of that particular process and was along the rest of the massive cast by what he thinks as a fatal accident (Car-sama strikes again!).

While the others get ‘Empowered’ through the process (extra strength, better senses, fast reflexes, magic, etc., each got different things), Nogoduk didn’t receive anything, and fearing about their sponsorship in the Draft (the scouting process), most of the other Draftees didn’t care much for him and relegate him to the lowest status.

The story so far is kind of serious? We’ll see how it goes later.


Thoughts at Chapter 7: Please don't turn this into an Arifureta look-alike, please don't turn this into an Arifureta look-alike, please don't... <<less
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Live Dungeon!
July 3, 2016
Status: c3
Review as of chapter 3.

Quick recap, MC is an MMORPG player, whose game of choice is a dungeon-delving type. The game is going to close, so he decided to solo (with 4 secondary accounts) the dungeon till its last boss, perhaps part for pride and part because there had been noone who had done so.

Once he done so though, he got an invite... And simply sent to face the final boss again, in the flesh, alone, in his main account as a white mage/healer/priest/cleric. Suffice to say, he died.

The... more>> story proper then starts. There's barely any further information from the gods, who in the old Lore of the game was the maker of the Dungeon, and it was basically for fun.

So far, he has gotten two party members, but they were mostly forced on him, because of a kind of PR disaster, involving the fact that the Dungeon spits out dead adventurers with the most expensive item in their hands, and an auctioneer that forgot to keep his private information, well, private.

It is rather interesting, too bad the author has declined to allow further translation.

Well, if you can read moonrunes, go find the WN and read for yourself. Have fun. <<less
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Warning: It's purely ero stuff, all guilty pleasure Porn Without Plot.

Plot? What plot?

Okay, seriously, there is a generic summoned to be a hero in a different world setting, just that the target for the summoning was the female elites' class, because on the other world, dimensional traveler females are great in hero-ing stuff.

... more>> Too bad they weren't summoned into the standard reception room, and instead arrived in an open plain. They were almost decimated by stray monsters when the knights of the realm arrived.

MC is basically an innocent bystander, caught into the summon by circumstances. He is majorly weak in stats and is ridiculed, as well as blamed for the deaths.

Only, it turns out his presence was engineered by the summoner, the princess of the realm.

Why? Because his power potential can possibly safe the world, just that no one would expect it...

Yep, any female he had s*x with, gets a major power-up, and he also gets a minor power-up, as well as total control of the sexed female.

At first, MC keeps quiet about this, because, really, s*x as power-up? Before the summons, he had just been in a rather public scandal with the female elite students, so no one would believe him.

Well, except for the kind female teacher~

Thus, ero-ero begins, as teacher grows more powerful, and then the students finally capitulated to be in his harem for the hax power-ups.

Haven't seen the enemies, actually. The story so far was sex, sex, and sex. <<less
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Review at Chapter 4.

Um, short, very short. Also past life is a mess of tells.

Okay, he’s handsome (or pretty), is a super genius, and now has been granted a miracle by a Goddess, transferring him moments away from his past life’s possible death.

He is now in a fantasy world with game elements, with a basic knowledge book in hand (kind of your basic Help Manual + Codex thing?) given to him by the Goddess. He then sees a goblin coming out of the forest, and decides to ambush and... more>> kill it...

Umm... Yeah, not sure how his reasoning got there. Might be influenced by his Goddess-given goal, ‘My world is infested by demons (monsters?), get levels and kill them!’, perhaps.

Will be seeing more. <<less
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This is pretty nice. A light-hearted otome-game villainess reincarnation story.

If I need to compare it, Bakarina is actually pretty shonen, and ranks up there in Charisma, Hot-bloodedness (for all the wrong things), and Denseness with other major shonen MCs, like Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto, and others.

The MC does not get any OP cheats for reincarnating aside from knowing (some) of the game content, her warm heart and denseness are already well-developed before her death. Of course, most major resolutions happen through the application of said warm heart or misunderstandings from... more>> her denseness, so there might be a bit of a letdown there.

All in all, a cute, short, and most importantly, satisfying, romp. <<less
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Din no Monshou (WN)
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Review as of chapter 13.

While rdawv has made comparison to Mushoku Tensei, the MC is not as perverted or degenerated as the other story.

So far, it is pretty standard fare trash NEET getting reincarnated in a fantasy world. The MC was on the way of attempting to change himself and tried to find work, even so far as begging his distanced father for a career opportunity (the father gave him a very shady job prospect... it sounds like medical drug volunteer), as his beloved sister (not siscon, just familial... more>> love) is going to get married, and he was thinking that he ought to change himself so as to not make her worry.

Too bad fate intervened, and a freak industrial accident happened as steel beam from a construction site fall upon the MC.

After transferred, MC vows to continue with his vow from the world before, and tries his best to be a good son and good person. His new family is of nobility, but a poor and ruined one.

Uplifting? MC was a NEET before, what can he offer? Therefore he now plans to learn magic as best as he could, since he apparently had one good trait that is transferred over that would help immensely in learning and using magic, that is his high pain resistance.

Let's see how he goes with this second chance, ey?

PS: Also, dad is a bit of a pervert (collects and hides perverted books) but loves mom dearly, mom is another fallen nobility despite her supposed talent and ability as a caster who is now sick, and there is the aforementioned very powerful and very secretive maid, Walkins... <<less
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The King’s Avatar
October 28, 2017
Status: c780

Long Game Mechanics and Pro Players Discussion

... more>>

To start with, Glory is basically... World of Warcraft, game-type wise, played in first person perspective and with a skill system that is very dependent on mouse-movement.

Yeah, you read that first part right. First-person.

There are numerous mentions of possibility of getting dizzy or nauseous when your character is being juggled in the air, as well as about dead-angles and how stereo-headspeakers are actually important to guess directions.

The second part makes the game abit more harsh, for instance, since a sword attack skill actually can change direction depending on how the player moves his/her mouse, and spellcasters actually have to click on their target to cast, which is somehow independent from their character point of view...

So, it is kind of a VR-Skyrim, without the option to go third person.

And then, we go to the e-sports section, which typically about fights between pro-players. Almost like DotA or LoL championships, but with less minions and defense towers, and more about players bashing each others, whether in 1vs1, tag-team, or team deathmatch, practically more like Counter-Strike competition instead.

The pro-realm is where the APM or hand reflexes come into play, to make use of the right skills, at the right moment, at the right spot.


Talent, intuition, nerves, adrenaline, training, all of them affects their hand techniques, but familiarity with skills, of their own class or of their opponent, familiarity with terrain, strategic AND tactical thinking, these also help in using the right skills in the right way, or even when NOT to use some skills. This differentiates newcomers like the talented Tang Rou with later introduced pro-players like Yu Wenzhou, who is stated to have a crippled APM, but is called one of the Four Master Tactician.

This then becomes the major attraction of the story. You have a whole set of characters, making the list very bloated, from casual to expert players, from rookie pros to retired pros, from ambitious captains to lowly subtitute players... And most feels distinct from each other.



Ah, I better start talking about the story itself.

You have Ye Qiu, the very senior (but still comparatively young), very talented, very creative, and very successful (totally Gary Stu, but that's fine for this story, no werewolves or aliens out of the game) major star-player, forced to retire from this professional team, for several reasons (yes, there are actually several reasons), as well as handing in the Godly-class player character account that he had used for a decade, the Battle Mage One Autumn Leaf, for his replacement to use...

But Ye Qiu (or Ye Xiu) still loves Glory, both the MMORPG and the pro-competition.

So he decides to fulfill the terms of his retirement (1 year before re-entering) to create a brand new character and level it up to max... Albeit, he plans to use an old character concept that he had to abandon in the past, because of how certain updates to the game makes it obsolete, but newer updates make it viable again...

This is his, and his brand new character Lord Grim, an unspecialized class (think Super Novice from Ragnarok Online), story to go back up the ranks of e-sport... And the story of the people they met along the long climb up. <<less
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Conquering Hero’s Heroines
October 8, 2016
Status: c36
Someone tell me if the writing gets better after chapter 36.

While the plot seems interesting at first glance (the Goddess wants you to defeat the Hero), the execution feels wanting.

Some of the plot points of the original game feels forced, but that's alright because it is a game -and it is later implied that there is an opposing force to the Goddess that wants the Hero to become a tyrant that controls said plot points- but how the MC attempts to rectify those plot points are also absurd.

The... more>> power to summon garbage... Recycling is actually a pretty intensive project, so let's clarify: the MC's power is actually to summon AND SORT garbage. Bam, here's your warehouse full of alumunium cans! Don't worry about other metal scraps! Poof, there goes half-eaten food, raw food, and food products that were thrown out, but still perfectly edible without side-effects! You're welcome!

If it is just that and his banking system, it would be an interesting story on its own, but latest chapters seem to want him to actually do adventuring, to the point of giving him power-ups.

Characterizations also feel shallow. Most characters are their gaming cliches, barely more, and don't feel like they would expand past acknowledging the MC is actually a good guy and switching away from the Hero party -which hasn't been established yet, mind you.

Eh. I probably should read up to the latest chapters and see if it improves... <<less
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Review at Chapter 20.

It's... Slow?

Like the blurb said, MC is martial master who died young (virgin!), so when he reincarnated in the grasslands with its Mongol style laws and rules, he decides to splurge on his base desires on a wives and slaves harem... Not.

Despite being pretty randy, he seems rather picky and considerate to his wives. Two of them are basically chosen for him, two he picked out of war compensation (tribe who loses war gives their treasure, herd, and females of marriageable age), and one as... more>> a reward from a rescue.

World-wise, it feels rather unfinished, since MC didn't seem to want to look farther than the grasslands and its warring tribes.

He is content to herd sheep and horses, hunt wolves and birds, make war, and sleep with his wives.

Oh, well. <<less
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Gate of God
May 28, 2018
Status: c126
Hmm, synopsis and cover are a bit misleading. With such a cute cover and a confused tone of synopsis, I was expecting something akin to Cultivation Chat Group.

I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case.

GoG is a transmigration, but the ability is not book-eating, or at least not literally book-eating. The 'book-eating' has already happened before the transmigration, with the MC studying and almost perfecting his knowledge of the classics (almost, because his memory isn't perfect... yet).

Now, the world he transmigrated into apparently uses the old world classics... more>> as a gateway to cultivation. Scholars and warriors both learn the classics, now called the Law of Dao, as something akin to the Law of Physics, and then integrate said aspects into their cultivations.

The MC, with his past classical scholarly background, is absurdly able, albeit with minor bottlenecks where he has to apply the new world's understanding to the memorized classics of the old world.

Plot-wise, looks like a standard rise to prominence and also seems like there is a demon-human war in the future, as well as there are still some hidden plots regarding 'Double Roll Champion' thing.

Regarding criticism about plot armor or things falling just the right way for the MC... Well, Watsonian-wise, it is Fate, Doylist-wise, most MCs do have such things, especially in these kind of fast growth stories.

On the other hand though, the characterization is somewhat finer than the more common curbstomp xianxia light novels... Well, I probably won't be comparing it to older more established stories from the past, but it is far more pleasant than recent types. Both Chi Guyan and Yan Xiu's characters are surprisingly unfamiliar types of characters: the female antagonistic mentor/rival, and a possibly equal male best friend/rival.

Maybe I just haven't read much of these types of stories, but I feel like these two are very new and fresh to me.

Even some of the face-slapped young masters know when to back down without having to be stomped down flat first.

Or maybe it is the easy to digest translation? Eh. It is still a good thing to have good Chinese to English language and cultural translator.

Anyway, Four-and-a-Half Stars from me at this point of reading.
Who knows, it might lower or rise in the future? <<less
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