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Grim_Dawn rated it
Doom Lord
May 21, 2017
Status: c300
It was interesting a bit in the beginning but then it becomes way too boring and idiotic. MC is just stupid and the author is an idiot praising MC for being ahead of everyone and let everyone catch upto him in 1 month, contradicting himself. The author contradicts himself a lot. The author also throws around numbers and stats really doesn't matter very much.

Another example is the author says
  • MC will be cold blooded
  • He says he will not care about anyone much and then ends up saving people who he doesn't
    even know, in thousands.
  • Says it's a dog eat dog world and you can trust no one here. Then he makes a guy head of his station (his second village) who he has known only for few hours. Makes another woman village head of a different station just after knowing her for 10 minutes (I think it was even less then that).
  • Refuses to save people who live in different cities who are just 10-15km away coz they might not be alive just after couple of days after apocalypse, then to save the female lead parents, just 2 people, he travels about 200 km 2 months after apocalypse.
  • MC is a stupid sh*t lord, simple as that.
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Grim_Dawn rated it
I am the Monarch
June 20, 2017
Status: c144
Really stupid the way it is written. Half of the chapter is basically "aah" and "ooh" and "hiss". It should be titled "I am Moaning". Stupid as how MC is worshipped and how dense people are around him. Just the style of writing ruined this story for me.
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