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When I first started reading this I had read through a couple of reviews and all of them said the same thing. "The prince and his retainer are horrible people and the MC is the only good one." Well, I believe I have read far enough into this novel to give my own opinion on this matter.

The prince is not nearly as bad as everyone makes him out to be and I would go as far as to say he's the ultimate victim of the story while yes he does... more>> have what can be described as bad manner sometimes that argument immediately goes away when you think along the lines of him being the crown prince, in fact, he's one of the nicest characters in this story so far. Described pre-curse to be the perfect prince the only reason readers have a problem with him is how it's described he first interacts with the MC, but guess what he tries to apologize to her MANY TIMES and she rejects every single one of them. My theory is that the prince was just being shy and acting like boys typically do, nothing more to it.

Finally the MC, In my opinion, this MC does not deserve any praise or sympathy and her personality is semi-rotten from bitterness that's unjustified. Yes, she was called ugly by her fiance when they first met but people do not break down like that it's like she's choosing not to move past it and instead is looking for an excuse to wallow in her own self-pity, as I said earlier the prince tried to apologize but she was too stuck in her own self-hatred to acknowledge it. She chose to shut herself in that armor, not for any good reason but because she got her feeling hurt. Yet, She still blames the prince for this entire situation. The only reason why I don't hate her entire character is the fact that she still elects to help the prince after her "so-called tragedy".

This MC is her own enemy, not the prince and not anyone else's. <<less
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This story is a cookie cutter of almost every other story in this genre except it takes place on earth which you would think would enhance it but no I get the feeling the previous world that hated summoned beings would be much more interesting and it's entirely skipped over. Plus the MC can't seem to make up his goddammed mind half the time in the first chapter he decides that becoming super famous is a good idea but immediately chickens out 8 chapters later when the first girl in... more>> his harem recognizes him from the video he shot beating up some cannon fodder mafia. The chapters are made up entirely up of him fighting bad guys and getting stronger (Not that he even needs to get stronger he's already one shotting bears by chapter 5.) The worst sin of all, in my opinion, is that no one in this entire story seems to have a personality, all the characters even the MC himself just seem to be reacting to situations like robots.

So if you're looking for an engaging story with a great plot congratulations you haven't found it here! <<less
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