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Granlie rated it
The Devil’s Evolution Catalog
August 30, 2017
Status: c26
I'd rate this 4.5, I gave it the better end of the stick.

Translation is Above amateur, some spelling mistakes but it is very skillfully done and easier to follow than a lot of other light novels.

Some tags are minimally present, if you're here for the genderbender for instance it is halfway into the chapters and slowly creeping. I have a feeling it will be fully present in maybe another 10 chapters.

Some of the beginning chapters are strung out a bit with repetition, for me this is fine because they... more>> are medium sized chapters and when I started reading it had about 9 more chapters before it took off. If it only had say 7 chapters I probably would not have continued this novel.

Now about the Novel, the MC is very smart compared to a lot of other novels but is not as quick witted as he could be, in the further chapters he's a bit dead to the outcomes in the later chapters. Ex.

People keeps treating him like a female so you'd think he'd check on it by looking at the waters reflection or something. He's learned about the stages of demon's land but it completely stupefied him when he ended up in this predicament.


On contrary to the story line,

I really want to know what's going to happen in the future as the Demon princess declared the MC as her fiance, and him now being a female demon. I'm predicting that he will meet her in the last stage before he tries to go to the human world again. Also predicting that in the later stages of demon evolution change he'll gain more of a human like appearance.


The two things I am most disappointed about in this novel is the lack of using the MC's name frequently and that it should be used with colons as someone is talking because I legit forgot the name as it rarely turns up, something like Mo ke, idk. Also that in later chapters 14+ a lot of influential side characters are given stupid names that you'd think would be a bit more thought out, even if it was like four or so. Anywho that's just a small issue, but the second issue was that they were being killed off too easily and some of them were said to have stuff done to them but somehow turned up again.

If you guys like stable progressing novels, a smarter MC, are able to follow along easily and a journey that's sure to pack a punch in the future I would recommend this novel.

Also this novel is updated quite frequently which I enjoy.

I expect good things... <<less
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Not a perfect translation but more than better compared to the larger brands hauling in dough with their 50 current novels being translated by google.

A few chuckles just out of 4 chapters. Usually maybe every 100 chapters I might smirk once.

The description seems like it will end at around chapter 5 and the story will soon begin. These chapters are already giving a lot of backstory to the reader and developing the MC'S nicely.

It's a fair cop to disagree with me reviewing this so early in it's translatiom stages so... more>> maybe I'll some (Probably all... if it's good) raw chapters and re-review it.

4.5 stars if I could, so someone rate it 5 since I rated it 4 <<less
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Granlie rated it
After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy
September 2, 2017
Status: c68
This is a overall mediocre story. The description and the thought of the storyline is a wonderful idea but it is not progressing correctly.

The story loses sight right away. This is supposed to be a story about a guy (Single Conscience), who inherently discovers that another body is strapped to his conscience. ~Skipping Spoilers~ After he wakes up on his female side she immediately develops a conscience of her own. Even though there is only the guy controlling both bodies the story is ruined because it acts upon separately. ~Now... more>> Queue the Spoilers~

If I was a guy, who had a female side who was abducted due to some crackheads wandering through the forest boppin' field mice on the head, I would want to ****ing kill the people doing so and make them completely embarrassed and resent themselves for assuming a situation. Later on we're only getting single views of each side of the story, almost like two completely different stories occurring in one light novel, creating hard to follow timelines. The writer loses sight of the fact that it is one conscience, so being able to telepathically think of ways to get out of a situation stops. Further in the novels the male got a slave to enter the magic tournament to rescue his other half but it seems like the other half doesn't want to be rescued, (Which ****ing outright confuses me because there's only one person, unless this character has multiple split personality disorder.) If you were hanging on the edge of the cliff and begging for dear life you wouldn't go, 'Oh, I don't want to go back to my old life.' and ****ing let go. If you buy a 2x chocolate bar you're not going to take the other half and chuck it out your apartment window, you're still going to eat that sh*t and feel guilty about it later.


I'm just venting all of my anger and hatred into this novel. It loses sight of itself, it lost it's mojo.

The description says 1 person is controlling both bodies, so it should remain like that. They should change the description to, (Read this with one of those old action movie trailer voices) "Two adventurers, two naturally born geniuses fight their way to make ends meet and discover each other upon this peculiar and bizarre journey. Coming This Fall!"

The story was good for like the first two chapters and I lost interest for 66 chapters. I continued reading because I thought it would get better but it didn't.

Anywho, if you're looking for a reincarnation op character light novel with either a female or male MC, this is the light novel for you. If you're looking for light novel were the MC has multiple bodies, this is not the light novel for you.

1 star for description: Check

0 stars for staying on topic to description: Check

2 stars for being a 'Meh' sotry: Check

If I'm being honest, this is a garbage as story that deserves 1 star, it doesn't even follow it's own plot anymore so how do you call it a story, it's like the chapter up until the abduction was the main story and the rest is just all OP's.

I rated 3 stars because I'll continue reading it. That's if they update it. <<less
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Granlie rated it
I Am Doppelganger
August 17, 2017
Status: c43
Overall this is a decent novel at best, the translations are very sloppy and it feels the same reading the raw with google translate on. Chapters are also getting shorter and shorter.

If you guys are looking for a constant OP MC this is not for you, even though the MC is OP he is slowly being developed with the story as it progresses allowing more depth to the character.

There are a lot of predictable scenes making some of this story cliche which I personally do not like. It also lacks... more>> in the character development for side characters which makes some of the story hard to process as you're only really seeing one side of it.


It is so stupid how he met his girlfriend in a dungeon and she tried to mug him at the start of the novel, not only was it predictable but it feels like she's worsening the story do to her boring character. Also her committing suicide over a one week relationship seems a bit melodramatic.


I find the purpose and general feel of the story very slow, almost like a slice of life to me. If you like to avoid amateur (At least) novels this would be one to avoid, there are many key points being avoided to further the plot of the story which I find upsetting and some that were a rule at the beginning but discarded.

If demi-humans and demons can view statistics, how is Ren's slave just finding out that he's a doppelganger.


This retrospect is being very biased towards disliking the novel, but when people read a review the want to usually know most of the bad things about it. I do enjoy this novel and am going to continue reading it but there's a lot of areas in this novel that seem unfinished and that's why it lacks a star.

The good things are that the story is progressing at a good pace, allowing the reader to easily follow the events instead of time jumping, the plot is also being followed respectively with some side/odd things throughout the story to add a bit calmness to the story. There is also not a lot of misdirection with this novel.

If you don't like, side characters having no personality and slow progressing novels this is definitely not for you. <<less
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Granlie rated it
Reincarnated as My Little Sister
January 29, 2019
Status: --
I got to chapter 3 and dropped it.

As I read the description, I was hoping he would be born anew as a little sister to his sister.

I felt the plot would've made the story more diverse and interesting that way. After he's reincarnated as sister the story could literally end because the whole first part would've not had any impact as he probably just ends up acting like a decent sister.

(I could be wrong and more be involved with the murder and the story but I doubt it considering... more>> there's no mystery or sci-fi tags.)

Also, if it takes longer to load the ****ing translation page than to read a chapter, what's the point. Like group the chapters, it takes 1min max to read them but I have to load 3 separate pages to read it and they take 5 minutes each to load because adds.

Haha, what a joke.

I rated this 3 stars because I'm being negative and biased, with little knowledge of the story... <<less
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Okay, I'm not great at writing reviews but hopefully I'm able to summarize some key points for possible readers.


1. I noticed crossdressing is a tag. Don't get your hopes up people there's like a paragraph for this.

2. Overpowered, ... more>>

At the start he was super op, he met a opponent who was more op. Basically he's in the norm later on in the story and the people he places himself around are just super underpowered


3. Misunderstandings, This is by far the worst f*cking thing ever invented. I'm going to be super biased but I literally cannot stand this sh*t. It's not that hard for someone to listen and comprehend a situation without making assumptions. This is like if someone says you're racist for hating black people, you don't just perk your chest up and say, 'I have a friend who's black!' The person just adds to that giving them evidence. Instead you'd say something more like, 'How am I racist?' Then they have no evidence. Like holy f*ck...

Like if I was the main character and everyone was bashing on me for being a lolicon pervet just ignore it, don't try to dispose of the evidence because people will just bring up more, and dear god... These are slaves, if they try to hit you and nag on you, you have the power to stop them. It pisses me off, like release them from the slave contract and just ditch them for being rude and inconsiderate.

This just pisses me off so much because in every novel, anime and manga from every country they have this sh*t. For instance people walking in on girls changing in the protagonist's room, like why's the person changing able to scold the person when it's their own room. It just goes against common sense and decency.

Anywho enough of that rant.

Reason for not being able to enjoy this novel.

The chapters a far too short. I expect a chapter to last me twenty minutes at least. These take like 3-5 minutes to read. It was maybe a good 7 minutes at the start of the novel but the writer started making it shorter and shorter.

To me this is the biggest turnoff because it always feels like the story isn't moving anywhere or progressing fast enough. And most chapter are almost these side chapters or spin-offs which is annoying. Just think of like naruto where out of every 10/20 minutes of the episode it was relapsing what happened in the previous episode. They do this so they have time to animate for a future episode where there's a huge workload or. etc

Anways, that just a small summary. Besides the 3 tags that I mentioned it's pretty on point. Translator is good story is slowly progressing and is above average but not great.

3.5 stars, I gave it the better end of the stick <<less
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Okay, so the way this going was pretty decent, I was hoping for a more cliche story ark, but after 200 it started getting repetitive.

MC is not as strong as opponent, ends up coming out on top, grinds through exp enemies like but. Fights bigger opponent and barely makes it out alive.

Literally the same thing over and over again.

I was hoping the story would dive more into the cliche isekai novel where he partners up with a kingdom, gets a princess as a fiance and defeats evil, just using him... more>> being a dragon as a difference to make the novel seem fresh, but no.

There isn't even a main antagonist in this novel.


All heroes reincarnated are bad by nature so he naturally fights them, he always wins and the heroes only last like 30 chapters each. If you understand though the main antagonist is supposed to be the god that sent him there but the god is helping him destroy all the heroes so it doesn't make much sense.


Further down the road, you'll notice that the story has no regards to the world around the MC. Not much detail has been fleshed out for any character whatsoever.

The main character, is a coward.

The world has many countries, that are being by each battle so like? Can't go back there!

It feels like the author created this vast world, didn't tell the reader much about it and is destroying it limb from limb each chapter. Like, what's going to be left when all enemies are dead?


I thought the whole point of giving the MC humanization was that he can join a guild or something a live a little more normal life. But the author doesn't let the MC do that because he's always moving around.


Idk, I just feel like there is no real basis behind the story after he becomes the dragon. The story feels like it's just imploading on itself.

I rated this 3 stars due to lack of detail in setting/character development, and also due to the author adding minute details that have self confliction and don't matter to the story. <<less
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I rated this 4 stars.


I would've given this 5 stars if they didn't beat around the bush with character development.

There is no development in regards to the MC for a good 30 chapters. His mountain training doing kungfu under a waterfall was basically grazed over even though that could've been 2-3 chapters.

The author has so many essential characters it's causing the main character to lack this development.

I don't know, it just gets on my nerves.... more>>

I'm really hoping for them to delve deeper and uncover the emotions and possibly the personalities that reside in him


If you've neglected to read deep into the story, the whole point of him being underestimated is himself doing so.

He has seen fragments of what it can do, so he acts and lies to himself so his powers don't get the btter of himself. It starts to though


Another thing, this is a very comedic nonchalant type of read, but be prepared. At around c80, sh*t gets nasty and the writing gets dark and keeps foreshadowing a deeper hole into the darkness, so be prepared for a rollercoaster.

Overall summarization. It's a good read, I want to say it is good for filler if you're waiting on different novel updates but it is not, each chapter will have you coming back for more, you can tell the novels story has far advanced its actual publishings (It's packed with a large amount of backstory and lore to come). <<less
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