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Gralorn rated it
Lord Xue Ying
July 13, 2016
Status: v3c11
So far this is one of the best novels I found. The story started a little boring, but later it became interesting. It may be a little fast paced, but it is still within acceptable range and I am quite interested how the story and the main character's cultivation goes. I read the previous reviews, but I don't agree with them. At least I think this novel worth a try and everyone should decide if he/she likes it or not. I may update my "review later", since out of the... more>> 16 volumes, the translation is only at volume 3. <<less
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Gralorn rated it
Ancient Strengthening Technique
December 24, 2016
Status: c380
First of all. The translation of this novel is very good. But there are some problems with the novel.

1. The story would be good but the conflicts in it are just very very very forced.

2. The power ups are too convenient for the MC. In the beginning they were still enjoyable but later they became frustrating.

... more>> 3. The plot armor is very strong in this one.

4. The characters are stupid for me. Both protagonist + companions and villains + lackeys.

I will still finish this novel one time, but just to know how it ended. I am not recommending this one. <<less
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Gralorn rated it
Advent of the Archmage
March 23, 2019
Status: Completed
The novel starts out very good. It is interesting with a lot of interesting characters who have different personalities. But as it goes on, the quality of the novel continuously declines. Characters are forgotten or never mentioned later on. The last part of novel is very rushed and there are a lot of characters that don't have any ending. Their personal story is just up in the void. It just reeks of that the author was tired of this novel or was out of ideas. Avoid this novel if you... more>> can because sadly it will only be a great disappointment in the end. <<less
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Gralorn rated it
Immortal Mortal
September 23, 2017
Status: c281
The beginning of this novel is very hard to read. I stopped reading it 2 times, but because people still liked this novel I gave it another chance. After I got through the bad part it become quite enjoyable. For the beginning I would give it a 1 or 2 star, but for the later parts I give it a 4 star. The story is interesting, the characters are well thought out, but the cultivation levels are a little chaotic for me.
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Gralorn rated it
Masked Knight
April 6, 2018
Status: c338
This novel is a strange one. Overall, I enjoyed it. Especially the first half. It was interesting, it made me curious, what is going to happen later. But the latter half became dull. I felt that, writing for the author became a chore. (Like: "Ah... let's finish this, since I started it.") And the ending was rushed. But still, he gave an ending. Though I don't like it, it is still an acceptable one. At least for me. For the first half, especially for the beginning I give a 4... more>> star, but for the last part and the ending I give a 2 star. And so is my 3 star rating. I recommend to read this if you are out of better novels. Oh, and if you want some good character development, beautiful romance, etc. you better look elsewhere. <<less
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