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Advent of the Archmage
September 10, 2018
Status: c466
A pretty good story with a half-decent protagonist, at least better than most. Where this story really shines is in its world building and multidimensional characters. It certainly suffers from "plot creep" quite a bit, where new and more powerful enemies and problems get introduced just to keep the OP MC in check. If you're worried about the harem-y vibe that the story gives off, don't worry. Mr. MC is very loyal to his partner.

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except for that one time, but no NTR or anything of the sort


It's a good read that's probably worth your time.

Now to why I'm really writing this review.

Are you tired of paywalls?

Can't stand to lag behind nearly 200 chapters because people need to make money?

You should follow the rules, participate in all the activities that get you Spirit stones for free, and read a chapter or two a day.

But, through the magic of the internet, you can read it all for free.


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Actually there are a fair number of places even on just the first page of google that are offering all of the chapters as they update. Even this one I listed is now like, the fourth google search result for "advent of the archmage"

I'll keep it hex encoded, 'cause I don't know if there are rules for posting links. If this site ever goes down, I'll find and put up a new one


With great power comes irresponsibility ;) <<less
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