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First off I'll say the MC is bullied and never really gets justice from the ones who wrong him unless it's someone that immediately wrongs him. He's a little too nice but I still hate him for how forgiving he is and almost all the woman who are with him (or will be by chapter 500-600's he might grow up to be capable of having relations with him) have been raped or have tons of partners. The fake hero who stole everything from him lives a pretty good life... more>> or life's, and this is just speculation but I think he hooks up with the fake hero's daughter and the girl the fake hero keeps lying too even though he knows she is only with him because of the misunderstanding that he saved her but at this point she would stay with him regardless of the lies in the beginning because she is seriously just plain stupid and just follows his lead unless shes mentally controlled by the other Bravers. In which she stands against his opinions.

A lot of it doesn't make sense and you just feel more frustrated then fell good. Not only that, the gods there act just as human as our gods do which is also frustrating. I wouldn't recommend it but it's not a terrible read but just plan to be unsatisfied. Not only that but you can't feel justified in thinking this because he can just resurrect and create new body's for anyone close to him that dies. I mean his mother dies but she never leaves him so how can he really feel anger if they aren't dead? But I would regardless of this fact, because if he didn't have this power they would have died

What I would do differently would be to kill all cheat characters because they don't belong there in the first place with super powers and you know they will be reincarnated in the end so there is not harm in killing anyone even if they only slightly wronged you.... It's pointless to point out the flaws, I would have to write a few pages which I don't care to but if you want to feel unfulfilled this is perfect for you. It confuses your emotions unless you're are just for justice or just for revenge. This type of story I went with some revenge at least the fake hero should have some hardship but it's perfect for him which is frustrating with how much hardship the MC had to go through. A little poetic justice is nice. <<less
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