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GoMaste rated it
Demon Hunter
October 3, 2018
Status: v3c14 part4
I definitely recommend this story, well thought out and incredibly immersive.

Nevertheless, I find a few bad points to this one which makes it hard for me personally to continue reading.

  1. The MC is always weak. He never had a fight in which he won (at least for the last volumes) without getting incredibly injured. More reasons:

    In this story there is a type of thing called evolution points, which can be used to gain new abilities like combat abilities, perception, mind and more. MC keeps putting everything to perception because he used to need it in the wilderness (to see danger first). That is incredibly stupid, because somehow every one can still find him when he hides, and it is much worse than actually being stronger and having more ability to defend himself. But the author keeps making the MC more perceptive.. But why? Maybe for future plot. But currently its a stupid choice

  2. The MC keeps making bad decisions despite being called "smarter then regular human".

    He goes to the middle of a battlefield because "instincs said so" and almost loses all his troops. He keeps fighting enemies he is not equipped to deal with (just find another war front.. Get stronger, and than go fight stronger enemies.. &Gt;<")

  3. Spoiler

    Why does MC never collect battle spoils? Weaponry, tanks, even slaves (for manpower) ?
    he just keeps buying and in the author words "after selling everything from battle MC gets 600000yuan and afterwards buys wepons and utils 20 people and he is out of money."

Anyway is it getting really frustrating at this point. If there is no change I will also drop this.

Hope it helped you decide whether to read it or not.
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