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GingerMessiah rated it
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
March 25, 2018
Status: c845
First of all I have to say, Ra3ie1 and the 44 other people must have read a really badly translated version or their minds have been warped.

Initially when I read his review I was absolutely put off from reading this novel, but after reading it. I realised how wrong some of these people are.

Instead of putting spoiler tags, this needs to be clearly stated. This is not a novel based on a blind protagonist. It's part of the story but it is not what... more>> Su Chen is about. In addition he did not miraculously cure his ailment. It was never an ailment from the start. Read the tag with about eye ability/power and you get the drift the reason for his impairment.

The part about one of the female leads being a stupid princess. That is another misleading point by the reviewers. This is a young girl who met a young boy who is blind. You don't go around killing people for no reason right? If you have that kind of mind you have read things like Martial God Asura too much and need to see a doctor. They slowly became friends and if you actually read the story. Bloodline techniques are practically impossible to be learnt to a standard by outsiders. So she sees no harm teaching a friend a few tricks.

Most of the antagonists are not stupid or dumb as stated by Ra3ie1. They underestimated Su Chen who seems to be blind. Even in the real world, if you get out there. You can see how haughty and foolish people are when they look down on blind and deaf people.

This novel is for people who likes to read about a character who is not bloodthirsty but still willing to be ruthless when necessary. A character who wants to get stronger not just for himself but for the greater good of his race. Like the title of the novel - he's going to become the human ancestor who create a path for Human cultivation. A lot better than reading other novels where you inherit hundreds of different powers by dead and powerful experts.

A downside to the story, too much information about the history, various race and characters that might be hard to digest. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Fishing the Myriad Heavens
March 29, 2018
Status: c240
Oh the self-righteous reviews on here is laughable. You are here reading a Martial Arts novel close to a Xianxia novel and suddenly you become all politically correct because race are used as reference in a fictional context? If you are so moral you should not even consider reading a fiction about killing people in the first place.

Without the so called "racist" aspect to the novel and judge it purely on it's value as a fiction. This deserves a 4 stars, if you are against these controversial aspects this should... more>> only downgrade it to 3 stars.

It's okay to kill alien race, elves, monsters and beings that are foreign to humans. But as soon as real life reference are inputted you have an outcry. This is the same as acceptable racism and unacceptable racism. This is plain hypocrisy. I suggest you look up at stories like Gantz - where a "Japanese" author/mangaka highlight us human beings like to be on a moral high ground. When we end up on the plate of something of a higher food chain we deem them as evil.

Don't like it? Don't read it. But shut up with the hypocrisy. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Daoist Master of Qing Xuan
November 9, 2018
Status: --
Terrible story right from the start. You have a middle aged man climbing the mountain and knocking on the gate to a temple. A young boy with yellow and pale features opening the door. The author then jumped to talk about how a doctor transmigrated from our world to this world. But you didn't have a clue whether he's talking about the middle aged man or the young boy.

No in depth details regard about cultivation. This is a doctor a normal person who believes in science who got supernaturally transported... more>> to another world. It's a contradiction to one's belief as a doctor. Yet he's happy and went along with everything and yeah a busy doctor still have time to read wuxia, xianxia novels and have an encyclopaedic knowledge relating to the Daoist teachings in the former world.

Our main character Shen Lian seem to suddenly have the ability to throw missile projectiles without practicing. Random weapon called fly cutter to defend himself.

Martial Arts technique names are thrown around and sometimes provide no details to explain what the move looks like. At other times the author spent long sentences describing and explaining the fight. But at the same time squeezing large volume of senseless information when the audience should be focused on the fight itself without being distracted by the author's desire to explain things.

It is all over the place. Gets worst when his soul leaves his body and he decides to save his female cousin by cutting ethereal green lines that were attached to her spirit/soul.

The author explain things that don't need explaining and don't explain things that need explaining. The pacing and logic is just ridiculous.

He doesn't know how to write a story. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation
September 14, 2017
Status: --
Not sure how a person who suddenly find himself in a new world quickly immerse himself into killing and fighting others. Other good novels will follow pattern of the protagonist getting a clear idea of his surrounding before going wild. Murdering someone shouldn't be so easy especially when it's the first time killing someone. Convoluted plot jumping from declaring a life and death duel with half brother to cultivation breakthrough, from running into a dangerous area with no experience to killing someone with no enmity. This is already disgusting enough... more>> to drop after just 9 chapters. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
The Dark King
February 27, 2019
Status: c1164
This story is very deceptive and the reason why many will find it disturbing and dislike very much is due to the environment we are currently living in.

The author is trying to tell a very deep story about human nature and how the environment can change someone. The main character is very ruthless and he stated very clearly at the end of the story even if readers don't like it. He wants to show the dark side of humanity.

The story is very tragic and the last 50 chapters is the... more>> epiphany. The finale is a real surprise. You might think it shouldn't end like that but human nature is fickle. The things we do sometimes don't make sense. That is why even when you do kind things for others you will still be faced with betrayal.

I give this 4 stars as there are still errors and mistakes by the author and the dark story leaves you a sense of sadness for mankind. Otherwise it is solid and makes you wonder about humans and the meaning of life. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Renegade Immortal
February 10, 2019
Status: Completed
I didn't leave a review before.

You guys got to remember this is the novel that made Er Gen popular.

At a certain arc, his novel became very popular because it was very human. Many readers felt it hit a chord. Why become an immortal? Most stories can't give you an answer except you need to be strong to protect.

... more>> But Xian Ni/Renegade Immorral goes more in depth about the cycle of life.

Wang Lin is much better than all the other main characters in Er Gen's stories.

With regards to romance... doesn't take much for people to fall in love. Look at the modern world you like that person you like that person. People are shallow and base on looks. The longer you spend with the opposite s*x, the greater the attraction. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World
July 29, 2018
Status: c1547
If you are looking for something different with a mix of everything. It's not that bad.

Only problem is the author forgets things. Old characters can disappear that's no problem but when the wives are forgotten that shows how amateurish he is. Ni'er for some reason was married to Zhao Hai because she can never be apart from Laura one of the main wives. But later on Ni'er disappeared whenever Zhao Hai introduces his wives to people. There was some reference of Zhao Hai making love with her and then later... more>> on go on about her being chaste and kept her with the animals in the space around 800 chapters.

I will pretend this never happen. Otherwise these discrepancies will just drive you mad. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Chaotic Sword God
September 8, 2017
Status: --

This is not a bad novel but the author will put off many of the hardcore Wuxia fans. Especially how he had one of the strongest character in the genre Dugu Qiubai killed off like a goon. If it's a homage to Jin Yong, it's a really bad one. The author seemed to have forgot Dugu Qiubai had reached the stage of killing with just his fingers and no longer using swords. It's a great idea using him as a foil to elevate your character but to turn him into a crude villain and not respect the original. Pure blasphemy.

Small details like a one year old child can talk and speak like an adult is not a "genius". It's a freak. These novels are surreal but it should be realistic in some sense. When the author lacks common sense. You know there is already a bad foundation to the story.

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GingerMessiah rated it
Trash of the Count’s Family
May 16, 2019
Status: --
I was initially looking forward to this story given how well received it is. Unfortunately it was bitterly disappointing.

The premise of the story was good but the author failed to give reasonable and logical explanation for the main character’s actions.

If we read some of the positive reviews on here stating how it was “half good” and “half weird” you would realise the problem. The author forcefully created plot and illogical reasoning in the main character to make everything click.

Ancient powers for example, why would the initial novel talk about the... more>> ancient powers of it does not serve a purpose in the initial novel. Considering the fact the main character only read 5 volumes of the novel and not all of it. How could there possibly be enough content to detail how to obtain the power?

When rescuing the Black Dragon, which was never rescued in the initial novel, how could the main character think of using that world’s numerous magical tools to jam magic, create invisibility etc. I would buy the idea if he was the one who wrote the novel and created the world but he did not.

The most annoying and contradicting fact was he wants to live a carefree life but his actions/logic did the opposite. There was no reason for him to visit the capital city and put his life at risk. The main character had set his own life as priority. The naivety of the author and main character was beyond bound - how could his stepmother and step siblings be on good terms with him when vying for the inheritance?

Main character’s objective would have been reached if he simply allowed the initial novel’s protagonist kick his ass once. He would have lived in peace but author says no... <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Transmigration with QQ Farm
March 20, 2019
Status: v70
It's a decent read. The heroine is not a ruthless killer and it is understandable why she quickly grew close to her "adopted" family. Feminine sentiment and something like family you have never had makes women soft.

But there are a lot of contradiction as in how she dislike her maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. When given the circumstances and situation you would expect her to be forgiving.

If we consider how tolerant she was towards her greedy cousins and outsiders. You would expect better from her.

The choice of male lead is... more>> ridiculous. I understand she doesn't like the "Boy Next Door" because he was cowardly but he was resolute in his love for her and was willing just to be by her side and protect her. He was just going to be a martial brother and not get in her way.

A "Second Generation" intelligent and handsome man who is good with doing business was also rejected. He didn't really do anything to make himself disgusted for her.

Oh then here comes along the male lead Mo Xuanzun. Very handsome, an idiot who talks to his soul beast crane about life. Acts like a buffoon when he rescued Cheng Hao. Oh she's injured we have to save a person and give her a medicine. She doesn't wake up. Maybe I will kiss her like in the story and she will wake up. Oh she hits me after I saved her. I Mo Xuanzun a diviner will find out who she is! Oh I can't divine her. I must be fated to be together with her!

Mo Xuanzun is annoying and chasing Cheng Hao. But apparently she likes him because of that. Utter rubbish. The guy was domineering and told the Home Boy and Second Generation to get lost. He even treats Cheng Hao's things like it is his.

With regards to the farm setting, not much explanation and the original idea of the farm started to lose its charm. The rescued Maternal Grandmother was suddenly someone who knows everything and somehow suppose to be all powerful but fell in love with Cheng Hao's grandfather who is much weaker than her. In the end still doesn't forgive him. When you had a child even though forced by another man and not tell me in the last 40 years. Even I would get mad. Very confusing timeline in that arc with regards to Cheng Family's history.

The number of chapters in the novel is incorrect due to later being put into volumes. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Martial God Asura
March 25, 2018
Status: c1000
It's been a long time since I read this novel. The novel was good from the start, but he practically became a murdering psychopath. I can't see how the world continues to exist after you slaughter enemies in the billions. Just mind boggling.
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GingerMessiah rated it
The Gate Of Good Fortune
May 21, 2019
Status: c153
I would like to say Trejon is an idiot.

造化之门 aka Gate of Fortune does not necessarily mean “good fortune”. When a doctor sees a seriously ill patient and if things depend on fate “造化” whether he lives or dies. When you read a foreign novel you need to take into consideration of different culture and language barrier before you insult it. Have some respect.

When you go “fortune telling” it’s not necessarily mean you would have good or bad. This is once again people like Trejon with false assumptions and incorrect... more>> misinterpretation of other people’s culture and language pretending to know it all.


This is in response to Trejon critical review.

GIRL 1 (Tian Mu Wan)

She was manipulated by her best friend Ji Yun who wanted to win the affection of our main character. The prologue is a vital catalyst to the story to show what happens when human suspicions and trust can lead to regret. If she trust him fully without looking at “evidences” place before her and value human trust more things would not of happen. But it was too late as fortune/fate only gives you one chance.

GIRL 2 (Ji Luo Fei)

What did Trejon even read? She was treated like a slave by the previous Ning Cheng but she was never sold a slave. Ji Luo Fei found her aunt who she thought was family who tried to setup a marriage between her and the powerful Shui (water) Clan. Nevertheless it did not happen and she is very faithful to the main character and refuse to listen to her mother, aunt and strangers’ lies about him.

GIRL 3 (An Yi)

She was taken away to an Academy that was much more powerful than our main character. Ning Xiao Cheng treated her like a sister and believed it would be the best for her considering how naive she was and how dangerous the world they were living in.

GIRL 4 (Huh?)

I got to say what on Earth was Trejon reading? This character does not exist maybe he got confused with two female characters not part of his companions.

Xiong Qi Hua (mother of Ji Luo Fei) turned out to have murdered Ji Luo Fei’s father and eloped with another man. They were seen together in Daan Forest.

Meng Yu Jing was seen by Ning Cheng having s*x with another man. Ning Cheng wanted to be sure Meng Yu Jing was worthy of accepting the treasured inheritance of her fiancé Kou Hong who died in Daan Forest. After finding it she was a slut he decided against giving her the things Kou Hong left behind.

GIRL 5 (Liu Hanyu)

She was a courtesan who developed a short friendship with Ning Cheng. He saved her but did not have any affection towards her. When she was hopeless and considered death he saved her giving her a new lease of life.

He respected her and treated her a human hence why he did not pay her for the tea she shared with him. Respecting her in a sense insteading of treating her like a prostitute and their interaction being more sincere than a transaction.

He treated another girl similarly by defending her (Su Zhu) who was considered a slut. Su Zhu was actually tricked into joining an Academy and only to be used by the man for s*xual pleasure. When she thought all men are the same playing with her and using her to satisfy their lust Ning Cheng turned out to be different and once again treated her with respect and giving her another lease of life.

Those who want a novel about harem and banging everyone of them. Please don’t read this. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Reverend Insanity
March 25, 2018
Status: c1911
An intelligent evil character.

A unique cultivation world.

A remarkable usage of rebirth/time reversal.

Dreamworld makes the story side track a lot.

Fate/Heaven is a very annoying antagonist.

Rebirth/time reversal might put off readers (repeating things that has happend), but author limits this as much as possible.
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GingerMessiah rated it
King of Gods
February 27, 2018
Status: c960
First of all. He was not a trash. He did not have broken meridians or some crippling ailment. The matter of fact is he started from a lower background. But our author would just love to give him an overpowered ability that just happens to fall from heaven or lightning either way.

Given the character's initial personality he would have made a name gradually for himself without the helping hand of our God author.

At first the story was reasonable but as you can imagine the usual tournaments, grave/ruin/dungeon inheritance robbing and... more>> antagonists wanting to steal his bloodline, eye or love interest. It becomes a typical mess.

You expect by the time you become an expert you don't have to enter tournaments again. But no it repeats itself even till the end of the novel.

Author even have problems remembering whether the protagonist is initial, early, (intermediate gets chucked in sometime), late, peak or half step in a particular cultivation realm. Now that makes things even more confusing.

Author doesn't give enough back story or good enough explanation to help with the world building. Characters and sects are thrown around easily forgotten.

For action, fun, killing, romance, intelligent main characters etc. Look elsewhere. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Tales of Herding Gods
April 25, 2019
Status: --
Everyone's been very hyped about this novel claiming it's something new. If you have read "The Peerless Proud Twins" by Gu Long and "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" by Jin Yong, you will realise where they got the concept of the Disabled Elderly Villagers from. The "Ten Great Villains" and the "Seven Freaks of Jiangnan". So it's not anything unique except making the Disabled Elderly Villagers more funny and powerful.

The problem with this novel is the author tried to cram Wuxia, Xianxia, Xuanhuan etc. All into one.

The abilities of... more>> lower level characters are already at a level of grandmasters in other novels. The main character fought someone who could manipulate dozen of swords with his vital Qi. You will find it surprising that normal people can survive in this world.

Most people read web novels to take delight in the main character's struggle. Qin Mu doesn't even need to struggle at all with his grandpas and grandma taking all the limelight.

The fight scenes are so long and confusing that you get lost in the waves of sentences. Decent novel but nothing new. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Imperial God Emperor
March 22, 2019
Status: --
I really don’t know how this novel became successful and even had a TV series made on it.

The father told the son to lay low and to guard the tomb for four years. He agreed to it. Yet strangely enough when the four years were up. He stated he kept the oath of his father but as it turned out he had broken it in the last four years by trying to pass the academy trial and failing miserably.

The lack of consistency and the author unwillingness to go back and... more>> correct the issue is just a plain contempt to his readers’ face.

Perhaps this is why it only got to over a 1, 000 chapters before ending. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
The Avalon of Five Elements
November 29, 2018
Status: c720
Well the author is known for writing good stories at the beginning and in the middle parts of his novels.

Perhaps it’s the pressure from Qidian or his style to end stories before they reach the 1, 000 chapters. Once again this story starts falling short at 600-700.

It’s great as it doesn’t focus only on the main character but the way he brings other characters into the spotlight can annoy the readers when it interrupts the flow of the story.

Ai Hui the main character keeps getting buffed to OP level before... more>> crashing down to trash tier.

It makes no sense how his Sword Embryo was so powerful in the first arc. Especially when he unleashed the full power of it before disbursing should have been at least Grandmaster level but apparently it’s no where near. Otherwise it would not have been able to defeat the hordes of blood beasts. So power levels can be very erratic.

He ascended to the Master level by the Dao of Mastery of Thunder. The power is so strong that most masters are not his match and the antagonists Blood cultivators are weak against Thunder and Lightning. Next moment some small potato enemy faction that is practically irrelevant plants a very rare parasite that nearly killed him but in the end destroyed his cultivation only.

Finally retrieving his Sword Embryo and suddenly he’s attacked by God Blood. Once again wrecking his body again. He survived. Suddenly becoming even more powerful with both Sword Embryo and God Blood.

Now the Demonic God - Scarlet Pupil erupts from the Blood and try to takeover his body. In the later episodes in order to die together, it forced the Demonic God to turn Ai Hui into a True Blood Cultivator becoming a monster in the process.

Finally becoming even more powerful he faced the leader of Mu Shu Association who defeated him. Now it becomes a whole gibberish where readers are not sure what happens next. Ai Hui is inside a dream world/consciousness of the statue/idol. His mortal body is locked up or escaped after the fight? <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
Limitless Sword God
May 1, 2018
Status: --
He returned from the future with one goal. It is to save his family servant/maid from her terrible fate. ... more>>

He leaves her behind to go to a higher world when he is under powered just for the sake of finding the ingredients to save Sword Elder.


The ending to that arc is terribly disappointing and before his goal has been realised, the author decided to throw a spanner into the work and start a new goal...

his parents.


You would expect the main character to be more intelligent. Especially after showing some neat tricks at the start of the novel. But for the sake of the plot and movingly the story forward. You will find his actions are fully of stupidity.

The author fails to realise the potential of the premise of limitless swords. Too many deviations from it. <<less
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