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To Be a Power in the Shadows!
March 30, 2018
Status: c195
An awesome meta comedy

The MC just rolls with his delusions but the world seems to be very willing to roll with him, he has his whole "regular guy at day, power in the shadows at night" plus a humour that recognizes the tropes of all the situations he encounters so he can do jokes on it, he is mostly a deadpan snarker who acknowledges his chuunibyo as a choice but also self aware enough to understand the tropes on other characteres

Is a good story and there are misunderstandings... more>> but they are part of the plot instead of excuses for contrived developments as the MC puts a lot of planning and effort on his goals and the concidences land in the same direction

As an example here is a line of a regular LN said after the MC has filtered it by his personality


She has shoulder-length silvery white hair, and her red eyes are enchantingly..... arg anyways she has pretty eyes too, and..... her brows are, um..... screw this, I give up, she is pretty


Both being a mob character and being a power in the shadows are his personas so he can be very amusing under both scenarions


"Heeh~, do I look like a guy who would wag his tail for money?"

So I say while crawling on the ground and carefully picking up the gold coins piece by piece.

"Yes you do."

"You've got a good eye."


I really like honest stories and here the author is very honest about getting himself loose for fun and asking us to go along with his idea, just roll with it and it will be awesome <<less
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Warlock of the Magus World
January 28, 2017
Status: c396
The story is pretty good, the MC aims to discover the secrets of the universe and becoming strong is just a means towards that end, this is his objective and his personality doesnt change that much because he was already a grown up man with a solid psique and a logic mindset

His "cheat" is a computer inside his soul that has clear functions and limitations, it can record stuff, run simulations, and functions as a sensor, the limits are the need to gather new information to fuel the simulations, the... more>> inability to feel stuff above his rank and the time it requires to make complex simulations (which can extend up to years if there is not enough data), as you may guess to obtain info above one's rank is pretty difficult in the magus world and the MC is careful to hide his A.I. because the cultivators in this setting are the most cruel and calculating I have seen in a xianxia story so there are no moments for the MC to "humiliate geniuses and teach a lesson to those who despised him"

While the A.I. can look like a big cheat it becomes small if we compare it to the usual Spirit Teacher who:

1.- Gives hidden knowledge and high ranked techniques
2.- Can sense forces stronger than the MC (which helps him to run and hide)
3.- Can analyze forces stronger than the MC without them noticing as the Spirit Master has an even higher rank
4.- Gives last minute solutions for the problems at hand like information, a temporal power up or straight up fights for the MC

While the AI:

1.- Can't give new knowledge without being feed large amounts of information, it also requires plenty of time for any valuable calculation, also it requires experimentation to see if the knowledge can be used safely
2.- Can't sense forces stronger than the MC if they are using concealing techniques
3.- While the AI could analyze beings ranked higher than the MC (as long as they are not activating any kind of protection) he wont dare because it would attract the attention of such beings
4.- Can't give power ups nor can fight for the MC, any last minute solution given by the AI chip still needs large amounts of time (and usually resources) to be implemented

Interestingly the magus can also make Artificial Intelligences but they are called Spirit Genies and are mostly used for defensive-spells/energy-management and is implied that high ranked magi have minds that easily rival his A.I.

The cruelness of the societies is covered by the order and rules they conduct with, but the MC is very careful to hide his A.I. because his superiors would kill him and process his soul just for the possibility of obtaining new knowledge so he is careful not to become the center of attention nor to make strong enemies, his moral code is to help his friends as long as the price is not too high and to destroy his enemies as long as the risk is not to high and he also has no problem giving away the stuff others may value if it causes him no drawbacks

For example:

When his friend is condemned to death the MC offers compensation to spare her life (using something valuable that he just doesnt need anymore), then goes and kills the one who caused it all because he is already passing by the zone as he reaches his new destination

Then he completely ignores a little girl because she is not his friend nor can she give him any benefit

When in the middle of a war the MC finds an old friend in a position beneath him the MC gives him some resources and keeps him away from the battlefield

Later he trains a guy out of boredom and kills him once he realizes the guy can be useful dead

Then he becomes the savior of mankind because it benefits him... and everyone is praising him because of that


If we were to insert here the MC of another xianxia story as soon as they make a show of bravado destroying young masters and the like they would be secretly captured (without coughing blood or "losing face") to have their legacies extracted from them, their bodies would be used to make some nice chimeras and the magi would refine their souls to make a pendant for their kids and the MC knows it so he is really careful when going all out and usually only does it on secret

The MC can be ruthless and values the potential benefit from his actions and he doesnt hide it, unlike other MCs who destroy their enemies under the pretense of justice (even if they destroy entire clans as collateral damage) the MC recognizes the fact that killing others is a way to walk his path towards knowledge and power... just as everyone else does in the story

Particularly I liked how all the magi have a scientific mindset and are eager to accept a research as a payment or a piece of a legacy (even if broken) to include it in their own researches and are clear about how much are they willing to cooperate in the face of potential benefits

For example:


In the first part of the story we have the MC joining forces with a group of people to increase their chances to obtain their objective but all of them knew that if the loot was not enough only one could take it so they cooperate while getting ready to backstab each other, the reaction of the MC was pretty amusing because everyone believed him to be the weakest among the group and he only won because the other people spent their trump cards against each other but if they had to face one on one the MC would have been killed or at least severely wounded, he only won because he made his opponents underestimate him


In this story no one accuses the other party of being wicked or vicious because they know they would do the same given the chance so there is no obnoxious fake morality as it happens so frequently in xianxia, the MC does good if it benefits him and does evil if it benefits him... but doing evil brings way more benefits than being good; even then the MC manages to be evil in creative ways

For example:


After chapter 300 the MC creates his own "legacies" and hands them to youngsters in need of power who then become typical xianxia MCs who gain fame and are ambitious, the MC monitors them to gather information about the various techniques and treasures they encounter and also to monitor the political situation in the area


Overall the story has a little amount of cliches and the MC's attitude is fresh and amusing, the constant hunt for resources is well balanced with story development and is one of the most entertaining journeys in the xianxia genre, the arcs are all different so there is no repetition and it stays fresh all the time <<less
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Gin_Hindew rated it
Ore no Ongaeshi: High Spec Murazukuri (WN)
September 10, 2018
Status: --
More of the same

The story starts fairly ok with a MC that takes his time to analyze the situation and find a way to survive but after some chapters its clear that is just a way of using over exposition to increase the chapter length rather than having an intelligent character

He is strong without a reason which only serves to make people marvel at him and this takes the "stuff I copy from japan makes me a genius in this world" to unheard levels just because of how utterly stupid... more>> the people of this world are, to the point the MC has to teach them to chew their food... I'm not making this up


The thing that made me drop the story was the rice, the village was deprived of their adults, recruited by the local lord and now only children and the elderly remain, and they are starving

Then of course, here comes the rice to the rescue, the MC finds a patch of wild rice growing next to the village and teaches people to eat it, which they didn't because they believed it was poisonous

The fact that people had a cereal growing next to themselves and still starving is weird because even if they believed to be poisonous they just had to look at animals eating the rice to realize it was actually edible and they are supposed to have hunters so looking at the behavior of animals is a given, for example, when I was in my hometown and herded sheep I noticed that those whooly ****ers never eat the belladonna, a hallucinogen plant but they were adamant on going out of their way to chew on any edible plant, all of them which could also be eaten by humans, how can you not notice that rice is edible if you have animals?

But it gets worse when we are told about how they harvested it and there was enough rice to feed the whole village for a year...

They were starving next to a ****ing mountain of food, that's how stupid that people is, the only comparable case I ever saw like that was in Space Odyssey where the ancient cavemen were starving because they had not realized they could kill animals and eat them

So, the people of this isekai are as stupid as the cavemen from better stories


Read this only if is your first isekai <<less
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FFF-Class Trashero
March 9, 2019
Status: c40
Are you tired of READING about cliché stories with annoying secondary characters?

Now, imagine how annoyed you would be after ten years of LIVING surrounded by those clichés

This is our MC, a summoned hero formerly with a good social life, good grades and good looks, a middle-upper person from middle-upper class who has to cope with living the power fantasy of a social outcast until he snaps, kills everyone and faces the demon king alone

This is all on the first chapter so is not a spoiler, the MC must kill the... more>> demon king to go back to Earth but the gods in charge want his hero journey to be a method to teach him about friendship and love and morals and all that stuff that only works if you are a social outcast starved for personal interaction and willing to take everybody´s sh*t to be a part of the group, so, even if he kills the demon king he wont go back unless he sticks to the teaching program of the staff and gains their approval

Hilarity ensues as the MC is warped beyond belief and his methods, while effective tend to be on the more... brutal side of approaches, and the constant nagging of the teaching staff only pushes him to take more and more extreme measures

Examples and very light spoilers


There are plenty of clichés like rescuing and helping a second royal take the throne from their evil and more capable relative but the MC instead chooses to ignore the problem (or outright kill the second royal) because having a civil war for the succession is not worthy for the commoners, who will see little change in their lives being ruled by one or another anyway

The demi humans are causing problems on the frontier?

You could go and be a lovely hero and solve all the problems in a long journey to bring both species closer while the main conflict intensifies and both sides lose people, or you could seize the country, make the king a puppet ruler and bring an army to execute a decapitation strike against the other party, thus ending the conflict in a week, minimal loses and a demi human waifu who now hates you (but meh, never stick it in crazy anyways)

You found clues to a secret side quest that could stop a war?

**** it, is not my business and the war can be stopped faster by killing the rulers and having the more reasonable successor take over

Your reputation took a hit?

You can spend a year or two, or ten doing side quests to help children recover their pets or fix old ladies´roofs, or you could subdue some special forces, transform them into your own intelligence agency and have them spread good rumors about your graceful and handsome person


Also, there is a steady amount of world building that slowly unwraps the mystery behind this world, because there is SOMETHING in the background and it clearly has an enormous weight on why the world is the way it is, and that SOMETHING clearly can and will grow as the MC strays further away from the teaching staff

This way every time the MC fails to "graduate" new clichés are explored, deconstructed and gutted out to be left to rot on the side of the road

Finally, this series features one of the coolest fantasy teachers in existence, the one and only Master Mollang!

Words cannot express the awesomeness of this teacher... but movement can!


Wooble to the left!

Wooble to the Right!

Wooble your hands!

Wooble your legs!

Wooble those hips!

Wooble all the way!


*Woobles away* <<less
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Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
July 14, 2019
Status: --
A must read if only for variety's sake

I advocate to read all kinds of genres to broaden one's horizons, at least one work in every case and this is the one that works as an example of it's genre

The MC is supposed to be a villainess who has to put her life back together after her plot to harass an innocent girl of lower standing is revealed and she is publicly disgraced, but in reality the MC ends up being the innocent girl being harassed by an evil b***h... more>> of higher standing

You know a story is a power fantasy when the development is the exact opposite of what it claims it to be just to give the MC the higher moral ground and this story gives us plenty of examples of that, we have plenty of times where is explicitly said that everyone on the MC's side is smart and generous while everyone opposing her is stupid and selfish and it only escalates until it puts the whole country at risk

The weirdest part is how she is supposed to have a retinue of extremely capable, extremely loyal and extremely skilled followers but called no one of them for aid when she was harassing the "innocent" girl who was threatening her engagement, now, after she had her engagement broken and moved on with her life

she finally starts investigating her and finding her very dirty, very spooky skeletons, you know, the stuff that would have been priceless info when the MC was harassing her


For the trained reader its obvious that the MC only had her engagement broken so


she could trade up from the second prince to the first prince, I mean, we cant have our female MC settle for anything less than the future king, amirite?

its also very amusing how the story pretends its a mystery when introducing the prince as a regular underling... an extremely intelligent, extremely handsome and extremely strong underling with a mysterious past, yeah, thats why I called him totally-not-first-prince the second he showed up


And I must add my favorite cringy part of the story:


The MC is legally cornered and gives a speech of how she has to be strong because even if she is weak that doesn't mean a prince on a white horse will come to her rescue... AND SHE IS TELLING THIS TO THE PRINCE THAT CAME TO DELIVER THE LAST PIECE NEEDED FOR HER RESCUE... did he arrive on a black horse? or maybe by carriage?


To me this is one of those "so bad its good" stories and an excellent female power fantasy, kinda like the equivalent of Against The Gods <<less
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Gin_Hindew rated it
The Marquis’ Eldest Son’s Lascivious Story
June 15, 2019
Status: c47
A novel for men of culture (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Very realistic and strangely not overly sexualized s*x novel, the descriptions are enough to be interesting but not too long nor too cumbersome, the story follows our MC as he reincarnates in another world as a noble and his journey to assume the responsibilities and (most importantly) the benefits of his position

As it is a feudal society people accepts the MC as a wielder of social power and this is amplified by the strong magic nobility tends to have, which... more>> gives him plenty of room to maniobrate and have his way with women, its very amusing to see how he leverages women using his money, his authority and his magic power which keeps the story fresh

Is also interesting how his relationship with those women evolve as their circumstances change, overall is an excellent story and definitely a nice change of pace after those generic isekais, frankly, this totally deserves to be adapted into hentai manga

And yes, there is also a typical fat noble bastard, a pretty nice dude (from the MC's point of view) <<less
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Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu
January 29, 2017
Status: --
A nice power fantasy

The plot is ok but the MC is so ridiculously OP that there are really no dangers, even his servants can be considered OP and they are way below him so the occasional focus on power is just redundant and the social element of building his city is pointless because we know the end objective is to implant modern japanese moral values into the fantasy culture

This story is not meant for deep analysis and it must be just enjoyed as it comes, if you do that then... more>> is really enertaining <<less
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The Dungeon Seeker
February 10, 2017
Status: v3
A great edgelord story

I like when a story is honest, sometimes we have authors trying to make something but they get too carried away by their personal tastes and forget what they are supposed to be making which causes the story to derail into bland generic plots, not in this case

The author is clearly trying to make an edgy story for fun and it works, the MC is betrayed and gets stuck into a dungeon where he survives by luck and wit until he becomes OP... compared to the outside... more>> world because the dungeon is set in ultra insane difficulty to the point it has never been cleared even by the front liners who are OP monsters among OP monsters

To make it clear, the story is ultra edgy and never tries to hide it, there are not speeches of morality or someone with a clear superior way of doing things, there is no special secret power or chosen one, just a bunch of people becoming OP edgelords because that's the only way to survive and they don't even flaunt it or pretend to be special, is just he way things are

This edge is an essential part of the world building


The dungeon can only be explored in one way using the regular doors, people can go further but they cannot go back but by still unknown means they have set a network to teleport stuff from upper floors to lower ones and the MC finds some facilities intended to produce stuff for the front liners... like homunculy s*x slaves, food and homunculy farmed specifically to be killed and provide experience points

Yep, because the front liners are so strong and have lived for so long they became mad with power (and some others are just regular mad) and have created a society focused on clearing the dungeon above everything else, people can only settle in a safe floor or keep going on eternally and this have made them go completely nuts

Even gods are unable to get people exit the dungeon so even with their insane powers they are stuck going down and down


The story is set in a world filled with despicable humans that summon otherworlders on a regular basis to be muscle if they have enough cheats but the dungeon where the MC is stuck exists connected to many unspecified worlds so there are people from many societies and levels of technology inside and outside the dungeon, there may even be people from different earths

The game elements are also ok on the world but there is a constant imbalance inside the dungeon, not only in the insane OP monsters where one random mob can easily curbstomp a demon king on the outside but mostly on the MC as he is a fragile speedster taken to the extremes, the monsters are so OP they could end him in a single strike even if he set all his points into defense so he set them all into speed which causes a constant feeling of danger as he is so frail but that is also his only chance of survival

Later on we are introduced to some really broken characters


The MC has he ability to collect up to ten skills from his defeated enemies, this is a very rare ability on the world but it seems like inside the dungeon all the strong people have the same ability or something similar, or it would be more precise to say that only people with the ability to collect skills can become OP among the OP so even if the MC seems special at the beginning he becomes a random mob once he enters the dungeon

There is someone with a skill to interfere with physic laws which can give teleport or limited time reversal as the revealed effects so far, compared to that stuff like defenseX2 is really lame and there are hints of even more broken people on the deepest floors


The edge is not a flaw, is just the way it is, just like how having history in a historical novel is just normal, now about the real flaws


The translation has some flaws but is easy to see that some of them were carried from the original writing, the episodic nature of the story is more "monster of the week" than a proper adventure but it helps to avoid some plot holes than may appear if things get too complex because the author really is weak at establishing the atmosphere of a setting and just throws the MC into new stuff and right to the action

Also when the MC realizes something he forcefully hides his deductions from the audience to reveal them in the climax and this also could be seen when the author forcefully hid the identity of someone while explicitly saying was someone the MC could recognize, both author and MC just point at stuff and say "Hey look! something interesting for later but I'm only telling you is interesting to keep you reading until the reveal!" which is kind of clumsy but when the episode ends it doesn't really matters anymore so its fine


The plot holes big and small are all over the way:


The childhood friend just decides to sacrifice the MC instead of sacrificing a bully to have the MC take his skills, I think that betraying a bad person should be way easier than betraying a close friend, right? they even had two years to think so its not like a sudden development

When the MC fights an army of cockroaches and lowers his guard getting close to kill one with his knife when he could use his gun as he is in danger of being swarmed all the time, this clearly was a way to get him in a pinch to have the mysterious character save him, the problem is that there were plenty of other moments that could have done the trick better than plain carelessness in the face of a bug army

There was this time when the story clearly says the MC looted all the tools from a small village but later he and other guy have to dig using a sword because they got no shovels

When the MC instantly agreed to help a guy in a dangerous near lethal mission he had no need to do as he could literally walk away into the next floor without having to face anyone, also he believed the guy just because he seemed nice without informing himself about the other side of the story, and we are talking about a betrayed MC who just before kept doubting a town when they explained their problems

The ability Appraisal Eyes cant appraise humans and later the MC is appraised with it; granted, it could also mean he is no longer human


So the author simply doesn't make things complicated which prevent the plot holes from becoming deeper, a wise choice that tells me the author knows his limits and thus just does the things he does right without dwelling into the things he is not good with

Also I am grateful that despite the dark setting the MC doesnt become as edgy as he could and keeps a cold head all the time, he recognizes the motivations of everyone and doesnt lecture on morality or any value he no longer has

As a literary work this novel is weak but to relax and kill time is so damn entertaining, highly recommended <<less
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Dungeon Defense
January 29, 2017
Status: --
The main point of this novel are the strategy games and deception, the MC is not an edgy "badass" wannabe but truly an evil guy who likes to ramble Lelouch (or Shakespeare) style, the MC's main objective is to climb to the top by stepping on others because it pleases him and because he may die if not

... more>>

And is later revealed that he is planning to save the world while doing so


Some people complained about the second volume because the MC was acting in a foolish way but it was so obvious that he had an underlying plan that is hard to take those reviews seriously, is as if the MC hanged a sign in his neck saying "im trying to manipulate the environment for my plot" but those readers failed to realize it simply because they assumed the MC to be a regular edgy MC and could not feel any edginess in the second volume

The characters in the story are selfish in many ways and the MC's brilliance comes from the way he handles everyone's selfishness to make them work together, as the main characters are inmortal demon lords they have plenty of twisted personalities despite their clear objectives but as the plot is not edgy it doesnt dwell into their perversions as other novels would do and simply accepts it as the defining traits of the characters and builds from there

The chapters are long so the four available volumes have plenty of weight <<less
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Chronicles of Primordial Wars
January 29, 2017
Status: c123
A surprising new take on the saturated xianxia

After a transmigration the MC becomes a caveman in a tribe of super powered cavemen and they behave as you would expect for a primitive warrior tribe, a little dumb, quite honorable, superstitious and straightforward, the MC has a little of a cultural shock from time to time because sometimes their traditions look a little silly for him; for example: a very amusing moment when he sees people (and kids) bragging about their oversized animal outfits at a very formal reunion, their fascination... more>> with large preys or their overly worshipment of the ancestors

The MC starts as an orphan and gains friends and an adoptive father and later has the potential to climb the social ladder and become a shaman but even if the shaman has the highest power in the tribe he also dedicates his life for the good of the tribe so our MC has no intention to carry that weight because is just too much for him so he decides to become a warrior for the adventure and survival (which every man should do to to survive anyway)

The slice of life is good, the hunts are interesting and the myths of the tribe have plenty of charm, also the world building is explaining along the changes in the seasons and hunting places instead of info dumps so it feels really natural along the progression of the story

The MC's OPness doesnt come from sheer power or technique but from an increased perception and the ability to use and create tools but he has plenty of potential and as the hunts must be done in teams there is not much space for him to capitalize the glory but he has his moments without hogging too much credit, the story at the moment covers a little over a year of development so the MC is not getting into outstanding situations all the time which keeps him balanced and interesting

I highly recommend this for those who like innovative stories <<less
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Against the Gods
January 29, 2017
Status: --
A great power fantasy

Despite the 3 stars this story is really enjoyable but two factors caused me to give it less stars, the first one is the immense amount of repetition, the enemies are generic and ridiculously one dimensional, their behavior can be condensed in: "How you dare to fight back when im trying to kill you because of my pettiness and pointless greed!!!" and this structure repeats itself again and again just with different people

The other reason is the immense amount of repetition, EVERYONE is shocked all the time... more>> because the MC is so OP and their reactions can take the whole chapter... only to be impressed again in the ten next chapters, the story makes a lot of efforts to let it clear how OP the MC is and there are tournaments all the time so he can trample on geniuses and brag in front of beauties, if we were to take out all the pointlessly repeated reactions the story would decrease by one third and it would become considerably better

Despite that the MC has his own charm even if wiht plenty of contradictions, he may have his own way to live focused on his pleasure and quest for power but he doesnt try to impose his values on others as it happens with ridiculously good MCs who try to preach morality at every second, also he recognizes the value of other people's way of living (as long as they dont mess with other people) and values them for following their own values and his power displays are pretty good (just skip the repeated reactions, so boring)

The downside of it is that evil people get over retaliation in the name of justice but they are so cartoonish and only dimensional that one can let it slide

BTW, the title originally should be "Defying the heavens" but the translator messed up and later decided to let it be because it sounds cool so dont expect the MC to go against any gods anytime soon <<less
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A fresh novel of social struggle, personal growth and superpowers, with an incidental amount of loli

The MC is a highschooler who has superpowers and kills criminals for a living, but that part has little relevance for the story, is more of a reason to have the MC avoid the contrived shenanigans of a regular highschool drama and reinforce some of his characteristics

The MC is a loner because of his below average appearance and his hitman job increased this factor without being a problem in his everyday life, he also... more>> lives alone because he can afford it and after so many jobs he has developed a very resilient mentality, because of this when the beautiful loli approaches him he knows its for business and that's why he has no interest in her (you know, the average boy-meets-pretty-and-mysterious-girl trope) so, the hitman job is not just to make him look cool but to explain why he will and will not do some stuff in his life

The breaking point comes when he realizes that he is living a path that will end up in himself becoming a lone and uncaring adult, not sad but also not happy and decides to act and become a person more suited to the life he wants to live, an MC who realizes he has flaws and works towards changing himself, thats what this seems to be about

The chapters are long and the narration focuses a lot on the inner minds of people, a simple conversation is increased by explaining what people wants and how they are pushing their desires on the social interaction to achieve it, a mind game kind of novel but focused on high school socialization, very recomendable <<less
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Soul Eater of the Rebellion
June 4, 2019
Status: c31
The right kind of edgy 👌

Its a trash food story, easy to consume, tasty because of its rough elements and objectively a middle-lower tier job but it has the perk I look for in trash food stories: HONESTY

The MC doesn't pretend he is a saint on a moral quest, his revenge is personal and that's the only justification he needs, so, he draws but one line and goes from there on his revenge

The first chapters it looks like the MC's life sucks because he is talentless and gives a vibe... more>> as if the author is just pushing him down, which he is, but when is problem is explained he comes as a cripple and the people around him look like a***oles pushing him down because of it, a thing that happens in real life and can reasonably be increased in a world where might makes right

Small spoiler


The MC is level 1 and has never been able to level up despite years of training and monster killing, which makes everyone think he is already at his limit cap
Yep, totally sucks


Then, we can see the MC trying to overcome his cripple status but failing because... well... HE IS A CRIPPLE in a world where power is everything and we can see and understand why people is willing to give preference to stronger people just because they are more necessary

So, when the MC is pushed down we can understand why it happens and the stance of the other characters, which from most of them is a **** move in a small amount but mostly is just the ugly reality of the world they live in, and so far the MC's responses are reasonable to the damage they have inflicted on him


His old family dumped him because he was too weak to survive on their OP island that fends off the monsters, his ex-fiance advised him to give up on fighting and live as a regular person as not to get himself killed, and he just wants to be recognized by those people

Then there is another group who tried to kill him, then denied responsibility, then got away with it because of their status, those he wants to kill or humiliate as much as possible

This is the line he draws, for those who humiliated him or were mean to him he just is a **** in return but for those who tried to kill him he wants to kill


The edgynes is reasonable and upfront which eliminates the cringe other edgy stories tend to have and the moral line is clearly drawn and reasonable so there is no hypocrisy so far

Entertaining, honest, simple fun, but I saw in the comments people complaining about how beaten down the MC was during the first 10 chapters so you are warned, personally I didn't mind it because the chapters are short so give it a try until chapter 11 if you are affected by an MC not being OP <<less
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Stellar Transformation
April 30, 2019
Status: --
Abandoned it at some point, not bad but not that good either

The plot is very generic for a xianxia so read it only if you have not read many xianxia, all the usual tropes are here: mysterious cheat artifact, OP inheritance, OP waifu, underdog protagonist, several realms of existence, might is right, oh-so-wronged-i-am, murder hobo-ing his way to the top, I got bored of it while reading more interesting stuff, is not a bad story but very bland compared to it's betters

But hey, is a reasonable thing to read at... more>> least one vanilla story of every genre so you can appreciate the changes, parodies and subversions to the genre, read it if you have not read xianxia before <<less
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January 19, 2018
Status: --
Starts really good but the author can't make it work after the initial premise wears down, once the MC gets a lot of powers the story becomes pointless because he is a one man kingdom, one man army and one man side characters, read it for the coolness and drop it once you read past the acolyte evolution
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