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Telling of a young (or not so young) man Willem's encounter with a group of peculiar girls preordained to a tragic fate, SukaSuka focuses on Willem's spiritual journey to rediscover his roles and responsibilities after being thrusted into a future world both foreign and hostile to him. As Willem attempts to forge his bonds anew and confronts his dark past, the story simultaneously delves deeply into what is considered "good" and "evil", what is justice, what it means to be a hero, and how to cope with the overwhelming sense... more>> of loss.

This light novel reveals that, underneath the thin veil of a facade that is so often used to simplify a character as a "trope", are complex emotions and thought patterns at work. A little girl carrying the burdens of the future of a people may be both a battle-worn veteran and a tender romantic at heart; a man-eating troll of outspoken-borderline-aggressive personality might as well have a maiden's heart; a bulky lizardman with an austere presence may likewise have a compassionate and fatherly side to him. Each person is a clumsy assemblage of contradicting traits, and that is exactly what makes them connectable from a reader's point of view.

I suppose quite a few of us had picked up a book of fables when we were small and immersed ourselves within stories of otherworldly charm and enchantment, which undoubtedly serve as the foundation of our imagination.

Correspondingly, SukaSuka is a light novel that is inspired by the classics, that imitates the classics, and appeals to the readers' penchant for the classics. Reminiscent of the Greek mythologies which I was so obsessed with during my days of adolescence - tales of Oedipus, of Hercules, of Odysseus, of Orpheus, or of Eros and Psyche - SukaSuka strikes me as a story that merely seeks to convey itself with the utmost grace and sentiment whereas the audience's enjoyment is secondary - it is an attribute that defines quality literature as opposed to quality entertainment. In witness of how the plot unfolds I cannot help but retain a sense of awe towards the penmanship of the author, for SukaSuka is a work that I have yet to see another of such caliber in the medium. It is, in my honest opinion, nothing short of a masterpiece. <<less
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