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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Reverend Insanity
February 8, 2018
Status: c2267

Let me remind you first. If you are a person that love saviors, family bond, romantic relationships and loyal friendship, then you can stop reading while you are ahead. Same with people who like short plots and simple villains. If you read novels where MC always has to defend his pride, then this novel is where the MC sh*t on pride.
Daoist Gu plot is real deep. Story is on a whole different level. Here you have real cruelty unlike other novels where everything goes smoothly for the MC and the hot chicks always survived. Also for once there is also a great meaning and explanation for him to be transported from another world. After you manage to read past 1000+chapters, you would throw 99% of the other Chinese novels you had read and admired in the garbage bin. It's like comparing a kid story book to a adult novel. Story is told from past, present and future. Here you don't get ret*rd geniuses, rich arrogant young masters or worthless enemies that appear out of nowhere to annoy MC. Every single enemy is a real master that has experience real life difficulties and are veteran in plots. They are harder to kill than cockroaches. MC has real shitty luck and is a loner. The whole world is his enemies and has no real allies. Any good luck he had was false, scheme by the heaven in the dark to control him. Anything he encounter has a meaning later on in the future (like 500+chapters).
MC has 2 personality: In the past his personality is more to the kinder side and is more reluctant to do evil. Spend 500years on pain, despair, difficulties and being suppress by heaven. He experience every kind of mood from love, friendship to hate. He is but a chess piece slowly being molded by heaven to become useful later on.
Present personality:because of his 500years of life, he already experience everything life can throw at him. He already love once, so he no longer need to love anyone else. He already shed tears before, so he has no tears more to give. Compassion, friendship, family, pain, torture, schemes can no longer faze him. Here is where his personality shines. His determination and endurance is on a whole different level. Nothing can stop his path. MC has 1 goal ever since he ended in the Gu world. Eternal life. In order to accomplice that he would keep walking the road ahead no matter how many enemies or difficulties ahead. Both in past, present and future his goal has never change. That make him so different from other people. He not afraid of anything and has never regretted anything he has done.
The amount of enemies he has is ridiculous. Basically the whole world want to hunt him down later on. MC has to survive by only using his brain, mouth and tricks. Here you have no hero story with rainbow and color, but cruelty and only the strong survive. Forget about novels with beauties. Here author treat female equally as hard as males. MC literally has no compassion toward them.
Best things I like about Daoist Gu: MC is always true to himself. Never a hypocrite. Also he is shameless, greedy and cruel on a whole different level. He would swallow you whole without even spitting out the bones if he get the chance. But what great about Fang Yuan is that evil and good has no meaning to him. For him there is no such different between black and white. Only eternal life matter to him. For MC things like pride, morals, justice, team work, loyalty etc are just bunch of nonsense. He always see what benefits him first and see if something/someone is useful for his purposes. Another thing I love about the story is that it has a lot of philosophies and life lessons. Author put real background into the story like the Gu insects, world settings and dao school (like human, blood, stealing, wisdom, information, time, space dao etc). I especially like the Human Ancestor Biography. You can see author really spent effort on it.
My personally opinion is that you really need to finish the first book to actually fell in love with the rest of the books (6 in total).

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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Nine Yang Sword Saint
April 18, 2018
Status: c432
I am not sure why so many are saying this novel is good. It's terrible and hard to continue reading it. I dropped it after awhile. Probably was most put me off about this novel is the MC personality. He understanding of woman is really lacking and he is really petty. What worse is he just doesn't learn from his mistakes.

The most what annoy me about the MC is his so called attraction for 1 of the girls he met in the beginning that was suppose to married him. After... more>> all the pain and suffering she put him through, he somehow still like her more than any other girl. It feel like he focus more on the beauty then what's in the inside. She did later fall for him and turn into a good gentle one, but I still get annoy how the MC was focus on her.

The villains is another thing that is hard to understand. At one moment they are friends, then enemy and then cooperate to deal another enemy. It keep switching back and forth. Is like the author keep using excusing to have his enemies tries to spare the MC or tries to keep those villains around longer. This is probably the thing that I hated the most about the novel. A lot of negotiating and cease fire for the most idiotic reasons.

The romance really sucks. Is more like it's full of sadness and drama. But there is a lot of sexual content, which might be the main reason the readers still read this trash.

MC has a lot of plotarmor and luck during the whole story. The beginning part (first 10chapters I think) was really already a example. A guy that he meet is well know the be one of the strongest and after only talking to him 1 time, the old man like his personality so much that he tried to protect him and sacrifice his own life for him and entrust everything to him (even his daughter). The old man died and his own daughter and his people are even in more danger. What even worse was, the only reason MC survive that day was because his enemies decide to spare him.

Not a great novel. Too many coincidence and plotarmor for my taste. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Emperor’s Domination
April 11, 2018
Status: c2400
I might as well complain a little. This use to be one of my favorites novel and once I even praise it to the heavens for the awesomeness, but that was like 3years ago. Now the novel just irritate me and I kinda want my reading time back. It was great the first 1500chapters, but after that it turn really into a situation where author just ran out of idea's and decided to just write chapters to waste the readers time. I don't even remember what's the real plot is... more>> about anymore and has forgotten all the names of the characters from the first 1000+chapters. The first thousand chapter was great. Characters where introduce and were properly develop, there were obstacles along the way which can still put the MC into danger because of his mortal body. He has to make use of his brain, tricks and schemes to pit his enemies while finding allies and students willingly to learn from him. Then the MC decided to ascend to the new world with his comrades and continue his journey. But he left some people behind in the mortal world and also some hidden danger that he hope they might survive the calamity because he gave them some trump cards.

In the immortal world he separate from the others and travel alone and meet new people again. The next few arcs is still tolerable, but then the story just goes downhill after he decide to head to another world and leave everything behind. Then the plot just turn repetitive and all the characters turn into 1 dimensional characters. Terrible things you can expect from the plot from then on:There are so MANY people introduce that you basically don't have to bother remembering them anymore. Because the author just don't care about them and would just forget about them later on. Also you can forget about any girls he meet, because they are just there to make the MC look great and later be forgotten. The villains have no brains and knows only how to do suicide attacks. The story plot isn't going anywhere and is just for amusement seeing how villains get killed. Basically the 3000+chapters can be summaries into a couple of sentences:

    • MC meet a girl and boast how great he is (he is very arrogant).
    • girl test him and think he is boasting. She then get attracted by his greatness and knowledge. He then goes around to find some great treasure.
    • along the way many arrogant villains either look down on him or want to kill him because of the girl or for the treasures he has
    • somehow the girl is involve into some trouble that might put her or her clan in danger
    • MC then start boasting in front of his enemies how insignificant they are and how he would crush them with barely any effort.
    • then he would let his enemies show off all their ultimate moves and act arrogant how he could easily counter them.
    • after dozen of chapters how the enemies can't injure him, he would finally kill his enemies.
    • then the big boss would arrive and expect revenge for MC killing his pupil/relative/underlings.
    • MC also let him attack first and easily counter and kill him.
    • then he bid farewell to the girl and goes to his next destination.
The things I most hate about in ED after 2000+chapters:

    • MC also say how he will skin them, drink their blood or use their head as chamber pot but never ever does it. He literally almost say that in every arc at enemy he meet. He boast a lot to his enemies how he would torture his enemies but at the end he only kill them.
    • he always let his enemies talk or strike first and them counter their moves. Which basically wasted so many chapters unnecessary
    • he always say he is not a savior, but always appear at the right time to save the girls. Basically his allies always has very thick plotarmor and never really in any harm way and is waiting for the MC to appear.
    • all the enemies he meet has no intelligence and he just kill them off without ever getting into a situation where he could die or get heavily injured. Their way of thinking is that of immature kids
    • there is a LOT of cliffhangers
    • MC tried to act very wise, but it just get annoying along the way. It irritate people to keep hearing him every time come up with mysterious words
    • he is a very big hypocrite
There is 1 thing I do admit that hasn't chance much from the beginning till now and is still the only thing left that is good about the novel. MC killing a large amount of his enemies and wiping out clans at the end of every arc in a great awesome way. The whole story can be sum up into 1 sentence actually: MC act arrogantly and boast how weak everyone is, then at end kill off all his enemies (in every arc). Ps:to tell the truth I really miss a few girls characters from the beginning of the story. The bow girl was the one I like the most. Should have dropped it long ago. I wouldn't recommend this novel to anyone. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
The Black Card
March 10, 2018
Status: c80
I though it was good in the beginning, but later on it just entered the level idiocy. Is was kinda interesting with all the rules making him use the black card, but his way of thinking how to use money is just ridiculous stupid. There is so many ways to go and the best thing he could think of was buying expensive clothes, laptop and eating lobster. This clearly is a immature author writing the novel. Also the way the author try to put the MC on the sage path... more>> is intolerable. MC is a 20+ years old virgin and the author actually make him into a sage. He has money and the best thing he could have though was to invite his friend to eat lobster and be role model tutor. No normal guy his age think or act like that. Unless he is gay or seriously decided to become a priest. Basically these kind of MC would have their love ones already cuckold if there wasn't any plotarmor protecting them.

At this level I could still read the novel, but when the MC started to pick a fight with a rival by wagering who own a more expensive car then that's where I drop the novel. I mean seriously? A 20+ old guy try to protect his gf by fighting over what kind of car they can afford? Basically you have 2 little kids boasting who has more money to waste and actually bet their honor on it to show off. It feel like when you were just a kid and brag who's father is more awesome. Author could have done way better than this. Such a disappointment. He could have told the story in a more mature way and have the MC solve situation cleverly instead of this crap. You must be 12-16 of age to like the story. Any older is just disgusting and pathetic. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Hakai no Miko
October 28, 2018
Status: c30
I will only give points for the author interesting idea, world structure and decent way of writing. But story is so boring. And this whole concept of MC saving the other race is so stupid. This so called race he rescue is beyond retarded, savage and have a IQ of a kid. Having them being exterminated would have been better. They are so stupid it's a miracle they survive that long. There is literally nothing likable or interesting about them. Is the way the author try to introduce the MC... more>> and other characters is so hard to like. Plus what's with all the spoilers in the beginning? But I do admit this novel at least is decent that all those isekai novels these days, but I really wish the author at least try to make everyone a little smarter. A war novel should be a proper war novel. Not a amateur one. If author can't write war novels, he should have chosen a different theme. It had potential but author is not up to the task for this kind of mature novel. The most stupid thing I though was when MC was rescue from prison by a beastman that single-handedly infiltrate a human fortress without being notice or injured, while at the same time be so incompetent when leading his people. What amaze me the most is how easily this modern society Japanese kid that has learn to be a good person all his life could easily adapted to that world. The biggest error author did was to announce in the prologue what kind of person the MC was and just how legendary his quests were in the future. Don't start promising a mansion to someone when you haven't even lay the foundation of the house yet. Because author promise too much and would not be able to deliver it. He gave too much expectation to the readers. This kind of writing only works if the story is short and author already mapped out the complete plot in his head and have a ending. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Nidome no Yuusha
July 24, 2018
Status: c20
While at first reading the summary it sounded interesting, but story is just badly written. It awfully edgy. The author is overdoing it with the revenge setting. MC is more like a little kid throwing a tantrum because they bully him. He is now more like a crazy psychopath mumbling constantly about revenge. Sure they hunted him down for a year and he died in the hands of the ones he trusted, but that ain't a excuse to act like a immature and crazy person after getting a second chance... more>> at life. Is not like he was torture or went through a life full of tragedy. For a hero who experience many things and killed so many enemies, I expected him to be more rational. Also he is kinda slow. It took him like 4 chapter to only find out he return to the past. Is not a very smart MC but more a edgy teen that is filled with hatred. Very boring plot. There is no caution or does MC plan his move several step ahead. He is more like strolling around and taking his time.

His whole revenge plan is really unnecessary. I never like a MC who decide to spare his enemies, because he want to meet them in the future and make them suffer more. What kind of nonsense is that? This setting only work if MC is 100% protected by the author plotarmor. A death enemies is the best enemy. Why create more trouble for himself and leave witnesses. Plus he talk way too much and reveal all kind of things to others. He should just shut up and kill those who he hated and stop doing such stupid things.

The most idiotic thing I have read is when someone tries to kill or rob him, he actually ask them if they are his enemies. Only then would he kill them. He really talk a lot and do stupid things. I mean can't he just silently kill them instead wasting time causing a scene and inflicting pain on them. What's the point if he will just kill these scrubs at the end.

Is hard reading the story because every line is so edgy coming from the MC mouth. For me this novel was a waste of time. I like anti-hero story, but this one is just terribly written <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Girl, I’ll Teach You Cultivation
April 14, 2018
Status: c28
I am not sure how to describe this novel. 1 thing is for sure, it's definitely not boring. There is a lot of comedy in it. Just that when you read the novel, don't expect logic or common sense to back it up. It's hilarious, but is better if you do not think too hard about the things he do. Is full of plotholes in the story, but who cares as long it's funny. It has that kind of feel to it.

MC is also a little idiotic, lack maturity and... more>> his brain is somewhat slow when it comes to adapting to situations. He keep thinking he is that all powerful being from before (return back to his own world from the cultivation world) and just always hang on to that. His arrogance is really beyond the level of crazy and he has a superior complex. Plus he is a narcissist that keep calling himself the great Deity and get into his bad moods more quickly than any teenagers in their puberty.

The story is fun and all, but MC personality ruin it somewhat. Definitely a novel for those who like everyday life comedy and not for those who is into serious story building.

But there is still some similar boring and dull stuff like all the other chinese novels :

  • another story how he would his parents proud because they are poor and living in hardship
  • everyone has to see how awesome and great the MC is. Always spectators around that comment how rash and foolish the MC is until he show his abilities and put them into shock
  • another of the so called marriage contract and looking down on his family
  • young masters and misses coming out of nowhere and brag how great their parents are and that anyone who dare goes against them is dead.
I take back what I said. Read all the way to chapter 200. Most of the comedy is gone. Instead we get really boring chapters about him getting revenge on those that harm his family and all that family drama. Is very unnecessary. MC always has to make a big show of it and make stuff so complicated. Is almost like a soap opera. His parents has a thick plotarmor and will never get injure no matter how much people he piss off. Also the MC personality is weird. He is always so tough in his action, but the moment his parents are involve he turn into a kitten. No matter how much he doesn't like it, he only nod and say yes toward them. For example there is this 1 girl he doesn't like and hated to the bone for destroying his life, but just because his mother like her he can't cancel the marriage contract. What the hell is that? Just tell his parents how he feel and be done with it. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Paladin of the End
April 1, 2018
Status: v2
Let me say this first, it's really a good novel. Read book 1 & 2. The writing is really mature and has great character development. The magic system is really special and great compare to others from other novels I have seen so far. Many people recommend it to me and praise it for the story telling. But I just can't read it further and drop it after vol2. Is not the book is not good or anything, but is just not my cup of tea. The MC personality is... more>> what put me off. If you like a true hero that slowly mature and try his very best to save the world, then you will love it. I am into selfish and anti-hero type of MC, so this kind of personality really is hard for me to stomach. It gave off the whole sage and heroic kind of vibe. MC is trying his best to save everyone and try to fight evil. So when he tried to capture bandits (without killing them) and try to solve the hatred between humans, it really gave off that perfect hero kind of feeling. He is not naive or anything, but his personality really belong to the bright side. All this gentleness, love, and peace is very intense. Let just say his adoptive mother is a very devoted priest and he learn a lot from her. So he basically detest doing anything bad (like the human 7 sins). For people that love hero novel and the good winning from dark side, then this one belong to one of the top best novel. But for anyone that like a MC with a little shameless, coldblooded or naughty personality, then this just isn't for you. It will only give you goosebumps when reading it. I will still give this book a 5 star for the awesome story telling. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya
The Gate Of Good Fortune
March 3, 2018
Status: Completed
I have read a lot of worse novel before and ones that even irritate me so much that I wanted to smash my laptop. Some were badly written by underage kids that don't know how to properly set a setting or some that clearly is suffering from chuunibyou. This one is not like them. But is way worse! Clearly the author just got tired of it and ended it in the worse crazy and idiotic way possible. It has such good potential in the beginning. Nice setting and good backstory.... more>> Even the drama is nice. Then the author just decided to smash everything apart and throw everything into the trash can. The ending was the worse open ending ever and the way how he just forget about characters after giving them a backstory just irritate you. A author that know how to set a setting but clearly doesn't know how to continue it and make it interesting. MC jump from one unsolved incident to the next. And let not start about the villains. Author spend massive chapters to gather hatred toward them and in the end somehow the MC always has to work together with them to solve something and somehow the grudge just disappear. After slaughtering massive amount of innocent and hunting down MC, in the end just because MC can't beat them and they also can't beat MC it turn into cease fire. There is a lot of peace talk among MC and enemies which make zero sense. His personality really irritating. Don't know how to describe it but he just annoy you after seeing some of his actions.

Edit: I have finish the novel so I will give some advice for those who said the novel was good and doesn't know why the bad rating. Because at the second half of the novel it goes downhill pretty fast and even you would want to strangle the author too with his stupid plots and dramatic drama. Is like he just decide to abandon the story and have no motivation to fill up the plotholes and just purely write for the cash. Literally any character the MC met was basically meaningless and the most hated characters actually stuck with him toward the end of the story. Author doesn't know what he the hell he is writing. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time
February 17, 2018
Status: c40
Story is good, but for a character that had 2 horrible life before he is still too soft and naive. He doesn't learn from any of his misfortune and has a lot of flaws. He is leaving behind trails and clues everywhere. Another thing is his weird opinion of how to survive. First he was full of hatred and want to kill those 100 heroes and that God, then he turn cowardly and decided to prevent them try to kill him by using logic to reason with them. I have... more>> no problem with him letting go of his hatred and live a good life, but his thinking is retarded. He actually plan to become a noble in society while make sure the human countries doesn't hate him by not breaking the law. Then calmly hunt monster, criminals and bandits. Naive! He live in a world where basically humans are racist against all demi-humans and monsters. Slavery is largely active. There exist a fanatics church and his own kind (vampire) want him dead. Why the hell would he want to try to mix into human society. He is now basically a king among the ghouls and possess a whole city. Instead of trying to hide from society, grow up and amass a large army, he instead want to be a freaking adventurer and have a status to make the heroes no longer be able to kill him. The adventurer guild is more likely to kill him first for being a mix vampire. He is a kid. Cut the root before it grow.

He should just get stronger, create a nation and become stronger than the heroes. That is the best way to survive. Strength is the law. Without it, any law and rules is crap. No nation or guild can offer 100% safety. Only power. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Knight of Demise
July 9, 2018
Status: c8
A decent story, but not very remarkable. MC is very contradicting. At least in the first 3 chapters he seems so capable, confident and has the aura of a ruler/leader with a iron fist. Then somehow he turn into a nice, kind, gentle person the next few chapters. He doesn't even act as a noble. He lack money, but somehow he bought a rare sword from a store, he is not willingly to pay low price for it. While a day ago he just took over a person body and... more>> crush it soul. And now he kindly ask for help from his own subjects and even help a girl in return for her service. Not even a contract, but he already expect her to help him and not even guarding against her. He basically knows nothing about her or the troubles she could bring because of her identity. So reckless and immature. A true veteran would have extracted all information from her and has full control of her life before letting her into his service. Almost seems like a fresh newbie instead a wise person that has lived a long time.

Another thing that is weird is the author that can't seem able to write a capable and mature MC that has already live 2 life's before. His actions and decision seems more toward a naive or should I say a person that has not yet experience much from the world. He get surprise way too much and doesn't possess a smart or flexible brain.

Story would have work better if the author didn't try to input the setting of the MC that already have lived 2 lifetimes and that he had achieve great power and success from the past. Basically the author just shot himself in the foot, because he lack the skills to write such a character. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
God and Devil World
July 4, 2018
Status: c800
This novel had a good start and interesting plot, but author just couldn't make it work. It started out nicely but then after a couple of hundred chapters everything start to fall apart. I don't mind the violence, brutality and beastly nature of humans but apparently author has a very low opinion of humans or little knowledge about other countries. And let's not talk about the racism in this. Author literally been brainwash by his own country to has such view about other races. Whole book is like dedicated to... more>> expanding chinese propaganda.

Story is full of plotholes and MC has too much luck and plotarmor. Worst about the plot is there is no structure. What author trying to do here is to put wuxia MC settings into a modern setting. MC jumping around in places after places because of dangerous circumstances and ended up conquering it and then move to the next place. No organization or country could function like that. Just because he killed the local bosses, show his power and put some followers he met for a few weeks in charge, he expect that place to function without him. Reality doesn't work like that. It take time, resources and talent to build, create and organize a place. You need to lead them (not like him just bringing his followers to kill any who resist him) and earn the place trust.

What even more annoying is that like any CN, 99% of the characters are forgotten or left out. Why bother handle a large cast and building them up only to forget them later on.

If you like the whole idea of Chinese being the top dog and consider all other races as animals and inferior being you might like the story I guess. A lot of pointless killing and wasting human resources. Just about a MC going around places to places to beat the villains and save humanity from monsters while sleeping with beauties that are desperate in need of protection. So he basically blackmailing them to sleep with him in return for safety, food and power. Most irritating about the MC is that whenever he does something despicable, author would spend some chapters justifying his actions and how rational his action was. Basically the MC is just a muscle brain.

I must admit at the beginning I did like the action and enjoy him killing many of the villains and conquering other countries. But seeing the intense racism in every arc, I couldn't read further. If you truly have understood the logic behind it and realize the content that you are reading, the author is kinda mess up. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Immortal Mortal
March 2, 2018
Status: c211
I tried to endure it and keep reading. I really did, but this is ridiculous. MC know his father tested him and he has mortal roots, so why does he still want to go to test it again? Instead he gets into more trouble

Secondly, out of nowhere some old master decide to entrust his store to him because he believe the MC can save his store just by looking into his eyes. MC background was a fallen prince that turn into a crazy person for awhile and is also a... more>> beggar. Giving him 50%shares and calling him a master without even testing the MC skills or knowledge. This all happen in just 1 day the MC ended up in this world. There is a limit to plotarmor! Hope the story actually get better and have some common sense in it, because the beginning did not impress me.

There is nothing special about the MC. His personality is very boring and common. There is absolutely nothing interesting about him at all. Just your everyday average guy. He keep hoping for something better and author would just throw him something nice whatever the plot needed it.

After 200chapter is get boring. Basically the MC is a passive type of person. When someone say yes, he would too. He rarely does anything special and just go with flow. Barely ever argue and let most of the females boss him around. And somehow it always turn out well for him. Massive plotarmor. His mister nice guy act really irritate me. He always has to repay favors (when clearly he give away too much) and be like a sage. Trying to save others he only knew just for less a day, because they say a few nice words to him. He always has to explain to others if he think they misunderstood him. MC has zero caution with anything he do and the moment someone try to probe him, he spit everything out. His planning really suck and sometimes I am amaze he actually survived that long. You could say he always appear at the right moment and has amazing bullsh*t luck. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Black Iron’s Glory
November 19, 2018
Status: c12
I am still piss at the author about the discontinue of the previous novel. It has pretty much everything like Tales of the reincarnated Lord, only this time there is more fire arms. If you like his previous novel, you might like this one. Is similar. Nobles, swords, war and all that medieval stuff. Only this time author tend to focus more on MC family which is more boring to me. I am kinda bored reading the author same take on things like his previous novel. Why does it always... more>> has to be person being teleported from a different world and the body he was possessing was a jerk and he suddenly decided to life a good life there? It has zero point in doing that. Because why just him and just like his previous novel him getting transported was just something that happen and will never be explain again. The setting just turn me off when I read it. Then the next couple of chapter was pretty much history lesson and focusing on his family.

Unlike TotRL, this MC in this novel is more unlikable because he still has that childish personality. In TotRL the MC started off as a adult and his ways of doing stuff is more mature.I guess most can give it a try, it's not that bad. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Lazy Dungeon Master
July 10, 2018
Status: c100
In my opinion this novel is not horrible, but not that great either. I have read the Lazy King novel before and it was a great story, so I though this one might be similar, but in the end it was a disappointment. The whole idea of dungeon having a core and a master is great, but somehow I just can't get into liking the MC or any of the characters. Everything is so bland. Is funny the MC is lazy and tried to find ways to earn money and... more>> outwit his enemies, but you need turn off your brain and IQ to actually like it.

The most I dislike about is the MC decisions in doing things. Not his personality. His laziness I can accept. But his actions are on the borderline of being a retard. For someone who is smart enough to manage a dungeon he sure make dumb and rash decisions. Then the next moment he got surprise when others react from it. The plotarmor and ridiculous amount of luck is the only thing preventing him and his dungeon being destroyed.

Second thing I dislike is somehow the author got the idea that while the MC is smart, everyone else are idiots with no brains. Is like everyone have the mentality of kids.

Last thing that bother me is the there is too much pov from characters that has zero purpose in having one. Instead of developing the characters that are with the MC, author instead use these stupid pov to show off how others react to MC action. Which is a waste of time. Also what annoying is sometimes the author try to give names to others and while sometimes he just don't and instead have the MC call them by their occupation.

It had a great start with him defending the dungeon and killing things to earn dp or money to upgrade his dungeon and protect the core. But somehow along the way he switch to turning the dungeon into a money making place to service the adventurers and give stuff away. And spend a ridiculous amount of chapters inventing things to please outsiders and make money out of them. This whole story then turn into a slice of life bullshit, instead about struggles and battles, which make it so boring to read most of the chapters.

Is a novel to pass the time and one where you should not use your brain too much. If you try reason and logic on it, it will just give you a headache. It had so much potential but author just decide to make it a happy slice of life kind of story with not much excitement. Just another common isekai story about a nice and pushy MC that bring joy and happiness to others. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor
March 26, 2018
Status: c100
A decent novel. Not too boring but also not too exciting. It kinda funny and author tried to go over the top with the jokes. If you want to read a novel to pass the time then this is it, but don't count on that it has much world building (they barely explain anything about the world), character building or a complicated plot. The story line is very easy to understand and while the author tried to go down the mysterious background route, it didn't quiet succeed and instead it... more>> felt rush and anti-climax. Is just about a OP MC playing games with his 2 pals while acting retarded. The drama is there but just doesn't manage to move your heart and also don't count on the romance theme. There are a lot of plotholes but you will manage to ignore it if you just focus on their gaming adventures. At least their adventure in the game still offer some mystery for our MC but all that team work and allies friends battles is really damping my mood. Can't see the struggles and hard working achievement of the MC in the game. The game system is really lacking. But is still a fun novel and better than most gaming novels out there. Decent enough to pass the time.

Ps:i will drop it. I like a novel with more complicated plot and mature writing. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya
Plundering the Heavens
February 9, 2018
Status: c715
Story said he was a anti-hero but there is barely any of that. He is selfish, greedy and a bandit, but author always try to paint him into a heroic and brave person that would charge into the most dangerous situations to help the ones he cared. I like how shameless he is, but his tricks and schemes are always found out at the end (not the really smart type, but still lucky enough to survived). MC luck is really off the chart when it comes to surviving. What I... more>> find stupid about the whole story is that everyone already started calling little devil early on. No matter how much stronger he get, that is basically the only name they ever called him. Is like no one ever called his name. Normally when you respect a strong person, meet a stranger or acknowledge a strong one, the first thing you do is at least try to politely call the person name, but here every single chapter all you hear is little devil. The guy barely did that much damage and cruelty. At most he is a bandit that barely slaughter anyone unless they are really asking for it. Some of the reaction of the so called great experts are really childish and retarded. In normal situations, MC would have died long ago duo to his rashness. If you ignore these, then story is still very funny and hilarious to read. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Ouroboros Record ~Circus of Oubeniel~
August 11, 2018
Status: c65
I give it 3 star for being a decent novel about a anti-hero. The story is very interesting and I can see author really put a lot effort into the world development. The MC personality in my opinion is not boring, but the rest of the setting really need a lot of work. I just don't get why author always need to drag the chapters with pov that keep repeating itself. Too much unnecessary info dump and very boring thoughts that have zero meaning. The so called nobles society is... more>> also a joke. The way they behave is almost retarded and their thinking is so narrow minded that I wonder how the country even function. Author try too hard with the nobles playing childish schemes that drag on forever. I mean who cares about every single detail about how a noble should act and behave in view of others. Those with power can act and live however they want instead acting like retards. Some problems could have just been resolved with a simple solution or if they just have a normal conversation instead the author try to prolong the story with dumb excuses.
What I don't get is why the MC brother hatred toward his brother. Sure the MC has killed hundreds of slaves and have them cremated, but which nobles hasn't killed some peasant or slaves before? At least he is not raping and slaughtering innocents (get caught in the act I mean). Nor did he ever hurt, spoken ill or plotted against his family. Why would his father and brother even get so scared that the former died from it while the other hated him so much that he wanted him dead? This is just stupid. He get a title like 'slave slaughterer', which is not even impressive in my opinion.A noble with perverted hobbies against his slaves could easily be more famous than him. A general in a army could easily kill thousand of men without blinking a eye or slavers and mercenary would be even more cruel in some cases. Author just try too hard creating the so called family feud for no reason. The MC wasn't even threatening to his brother because he was sent away in a remote country with nothing and MC gladly stay there and wanted to peacefully do his own thing.
Somehow the author manage to drag this so called brothers feud all the way from the beginning to chapter 62. MC could easily wipe out a whole village with powerful guardians, take over several noble houses, destroyed A rank adventurers, possess a group a servants that could wipe out nations, but he can't get rid of a single weak human that is his brother. Such bullshit. All he had to do was sent 1 assassin to the capital, kill his brother and everything would be resolved. If there are bad rumors then let it be. There is no proof, so who give a damn. What bother me the most is he always leave behind enemies that could greatly give him troubles. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
Castle of Black Iron
February 23, 2018
Status: c125
Is kinda funny and story is has a nice setting. Not very smart MC and his schemes are kinda childish, which I didn't mind because it is consistent with his age. But what I do find annoying is the people around him. Their IQ is lower than a animal to believe his schemes and lies. I think the author try too hard with the jokes and there has to be always bystanders near the MC to compliment and praise him for being so smart. I would have like for some... more>> drama or tragedy to spice things up. Like his brother dying or losing a few of his friends to make him grow more mature (didn't like the whole group of 7 anyway). They are there just for comedy relief.

Things that are not appreciated in the story: It has a lot of chinese propaganda. <<less
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General Tanya
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor was one of those novels who you love when just started, but grow to hate overtime. You could say this novel was one of the reason why there is such a large fan base to read Game novels. It has inspired many authors. The game settings were great, characters background interesting and the world building was pretty nice. But just like any great novels it couldn't live up to it's potential the longer the story drag on. Many other writers manage to use it as a... more>> base setting to write their own kind of Game novel and there were many hidden gems and even surpassing LMS when it comes to story telling. The biggest problem with the author is that because of it's popularity he doesn't want to end the novel and keep writing repetitive stuff and drag the story on. Like the story is freaking 50+ volumes already. First 10 volumes people can tolerate MC grinding levels, but if you try to use the same old jokes and ways, then it get pretty boring. Too much boasting how great the MC is and way too much side characters pov over how awesome MC is. The thing I most dislike about the novel is the MC personality when it comes to girls. He is pretty dense.

I started losing interest after vol30. Got boring pretty quickly and after v40+ I already lost most of motivation to continue. In fact I don't even remember much of the earlier volumes anymore concerning the game settings, characters and whatever.

Maybe my view has been broaden over the years, because of the ridiculous amount of novels I had read including many great ones, so my expectation of LMS has become a little too high. Truthfully this novels is most suited for teenagers and new readers who had just started reading novels. Is the best experience for readers who rarely read Game novels. But if you are a veteran reader that has read a large amount of novels from this site recommendation, then this novel is just rated decent in my opinion. Is a good memory from my youth but I stop after spending so many years on it while the novel still has no ending. Maybe one day when it end, I would bother to read the ending to at least satisfied my curiosity. <<less
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