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Garlicbread rated it
The Ultimate Evolution
December 5, 2016
Status: v4c57
Although the idea is similar to TI, the direction, concept and flow is completely different. The MC is a legit 'genius' not because he is great in cultivation, but because he is genuinely smart and outwits his opponents. It is definitely a great read for readers seeking intelligent suspense and wishes to get surprised by the unexpected and ingenious ideas/ actions of the MC. Of course there are certain excessive information, but those only serves to add depth to the novel. For those that doesn't like it, they can simply... more>> scroll through it fast. Still, the story flows in an unpredictable pattern, so prepare for surprises. People will either hate or love the MC. The novel starts slightly slower, especially the prologue, but as it progresses to vol 3, we can see the rough focus and direction the author has planned for this novel. Lastly, in a sense this novel is different from those epic explosions and colossal skills, the fighting is more real life at the start, but more epic fight scenes gets introduced later into the novel. I advise interested readers not to give up at the start. It's definitely worth the read. <<less
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Garlicbread rated it
The Grandmaster Strategist
April 25, 2017
Status: c128
This novel really deserves more readers, it is simply breathtaking! I couldn't stop reading this at all.

To be fair, I am very interested in history, military, politics and war stuff so this novel naturally fits perfectly. For people that do not like such a genre, then perhaps this is not for you or else you will get bored by information. Also, those people that prefers epic fight scenes with magic and all, then maybe this novel is not for you (although it does contain a tiny amount of that).

I love... more>> this kind of genuinely genius MC because they truly use their mind, to scheme and so on. Those who like intelligent, china history, military warfare, battle of wits kinda stuff should definitely read this.

Lastly, the translator is simply amazing, the quality is superb. Thank you translator! And thank you author for delivering such a masterpiece. <<less
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