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Fuu_kun rated it
The People Who’re Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead
February 11, 2019
Status: c62.2
If you absolutely love cats, mild drama, system novel, and LOTS I mean LOTS of fluff then this is perfect for you!

This novel has the power and the ability to make you melt into a puddle of goo because of how cute it is.

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Don't let the first arc ending stop you from reading this. Compared to other system novels with tragic arcs and ends this novel has milder one (only arc 1 has BE, Arc 2 is HE), but it's up to you to decide. Gu Yan the MC, literally has the world's consciousness (or the "Rules") in his hands. It would bend to his will even granting him more power in every worlds rather than other restricted hosts in other system novels. You could say that's his 1st Golden finger. His second on the other hand is his hubby with his yandere tendencies that will break the heavens, he will literally offer the world and even his life to GY. In the meantime, this novel also has bouts of angst (only on the 1st arc and a little bit on the 2nd arc) and sadness but it's nothing we can handle if the novel's this good!!!


So I do recommend you to read it, and you're in for a cute adorable heart melting journey with the usual yandere shenanigans of ML, MC who's constantly digging holes and pits for himself, and a system who's constantly subjected to dog food and papapa scenes that I would die for. You may have to also eat dog food too like all the readers are doing every chapter~

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If I could say two words to describe this novel:

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