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Lord of the Mysteries
February 23, 2019
Status: c135
Opinions might change as I progress further into the story.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I'm shocked to find a webnovel of this quality. Truly, a rare gem. The worldbuilding is detailed. The writer's (and the translator's) depiction of each situations left me with a very vivid image of each of the scenes and leave me wanting for more!—something I mostly only expected in paperback novels.

This novel is an isekai. An isekai with a very strong gothic and steampunk theme, with mists and guns and clockwork machines and curses and secret occult societies mingled... more>> together in all of its glory. Imagine the somber vibe of Europe in the heights of 18th to early 20th century.

Right off the bat, our suddenly-transmigated protagonist were immediately thrust into a mysterious condition

with blood oozing from an apparently self-inflicted headshot wound.

There's a reason of why our MC is transmigrated, one that's going to be answered as we dwelve further and further into the story.

Granted, from @Night Ghost's review, the first 60 chapters of the story is merely an "introduction" to help us to get attached to the characters and familiarized ourselves with the world; A groundwork for the upcoming actions. Some people feel that it's a filler.... But actually, it's a necessary building blocks to established the stories. It's acceptable, it's normal, it's common sense. Most detective novels have these agonizingly slow "fillers" to establish a sense of urgency and mysteries.

The translation quality is definitely an A++. The words flow smoothly, and coupled with the mysterious situation that surrounded the protganist, keeps me scrolling. Definitely a page-turner! <<less
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Breaking Off the Engagement… Bring it on!
August 7, 2018
Status: c40
This might worth 4 star if it ended with 20-ish chapter. The main idea is interesting, but after that, the story starts to drag a lot and lost it's charm. At chapter 40, the characters are still as boring and lifeless as ever; very 1 dimensional. I can't sympathize with them at all. The plot is paper thin, the scenes are boring, and in later chapters, I can't help but to skip paragraph to (try to find) the exciting stuff—not like there's any, mostly.

Dropping this from reading list.
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Fulminata rated it
Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
January 25, 2019
Status: c94
It has its moments.

I love the first arc. The second arch is boring. The third arch has its highs and lows, with a huge disappointment for its ending. And the fourth arc is... well, it's not finished yet, so I still can't give my opinion in that.

If you expect this to be a silly romcom with a bit of angst, I have to warn you. The angst is strong. But the confusion and wtf dis-iz-stupid moment is also quite strong, especially in late arcs.

The first arc is good. It's the... more>> arch (and the only arch) that befitting the LN's title. The hook that was represented in some earliest chapter is enticing. It centered around a reincarnated boy saved by a pair of "villainous" aristocratic sibling, and finally serving them as some sort of butler. Although the characters aren't really developed that well, the climax is quite moving. Yes, there are gaps in logics and some holes, but still can be overlooked. After this arc, the "villainous" sibling duo would be reduced to a mere side character.

The 2nd part is boring. The story turned into a fief-management thing, and not so realistic at that. Side characters were easily won by the MC. But please, by taking in account of their previous circumstances, they should've doubt our MC a lot. At the very least, a doubt a bit more. So disappointing -_-

In the 3rd arc, we see the MC started to move as it as centered around war and betrayal. The pace started to kicks up, and some chapters are truly good. I thought that my thirst for blood would finally be quenched, but... it fell short of my expectations.... A miss, really. And there's just A LOT OF GLARING HOLES that can't be ignored. I'd found myself to often be struck dumb while thinking the sheer stupidity of most of the side character aside of the MC, especially from a certain

an ENEMY princess who was supposedly a WAR GENIUS with many illustrious experiences in warfare, which were EASILY captured by our MC with a flimsy, foolish tactic, and "naive" enough to trust a bizzare information from an enemy, especially by taking into account that her kingdom supposedly had NEVER encountered any demon threat

. The worst of all, the arc ended with a wtf moment of DEUS EX MACHINA. oh gawd. Readers, do brace yourself

Overall, this is quite an enjoyable read if you're searcing for drama that's not too light nor heavy. Just... don't think about it too much about it.

But really... after that ridiculous deus ex machina moment, i've lost all of the willpower to continue this story. Yes, I am that disappointed.


Ps: I still totally recommend the first arc. 4 stars for that. It's the only thing that keep me from rating this series to a mere 1 star <<less
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Running Away From The Hero! (Remake)
February 28, 2019
Status: c71
i am conflicted.

The earliest chapters (before the school arc) got me hooked right away. The MC is quirky and silly, and the unfolding of that most sacred holy weapon left me totally speechless. A perfect mixture of humor and action, with just the right amount of mystery to keep us turning the pages.

But... the school arc happened. Well, does that can be called an "arc", though?

I had hoped that the plot would start to expand a little bit. Sure, I can handle fillers. After all, we're still at ch 70-ish,... more>> and "fillers" sometimes are necessary to solidify background story or worldbuilding. But... the school "arc" filler is needlessly long. It's kinda repetitious, especially after the 1st "arc", and can certainly be cut in some places. I mean, I wanted to know more about the world, it's condition, the politics, connection between nobles, or anything to expand my "worldview" after being stuck at a sandbox called "facility"! I want to know more about our MC! But instead, we got stuck to another sandbox called "school". The pov changes that once adds the charm to this series start to be an unnecessary hassle, since so little of it actually focuses on our MC, but instead focus on some unknown new characters that I couldn't care less. The world is vague at best, and the system of magic etc are also very, very vague.

And honestly, it's kinda dumb. The MC was supposed to be a man in his 40 or so, with rich experience in the way of the world. Considering his circumstances, why did he do something as flashy as that? Ridiculous.

I'm withholding my judgement about this one. I've heard stellar reviews that was given to the older version, so I thought that i'd stick around untill ch 150 or so. But...I wouldn't put up too much hope in this one.

Current rating : 2 <<less
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Fulminata rated it
Joy of Life
July 18, 2019
Status: Completed
edit : What a satisfying read.

this is, ands-down, one of the best.

600+ chapters without a drop in quality? Check.

Excellent translation? Check.

Convoluted court politics with no clear distinction between 'good' and 'evil', and a deliciously selfish yet likable, morally grey MC? Check.

Surprisingly varied and 3d-ish side characters with backstories and importance? Check.

heart-pounding, shriek-inducing political drama? Check.

Mao Ni destroyed me.
I love it.
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It's a "face-slapping" centered story. Seriously, DON'T THINK TOO HARD.

Looking for a light-hearted, stupid, op MC with no mushy-mushy "main ml" in a system kind of story? Look no more further!

This story takes on many usual trope of LN and proceed to mock them one by one. Personally think that this one is better than "side character transmigration", at least up to this point. The MC is op, but not world-shattering op kind that can level a whole castle with a flick of a finger. And so, there's still some... more>> tension-filed crisis moments!!

Or... sort of?

Anyway, it's an enjoyable read for me. Yes, most of the characters are flimsy 1-d. And yes, some of the character seems to have low IQ but that's to be expected in this genre. But if you're looking for face-slapping, silly, dont-think-to-much system kind of story with a hella independent MC that doesn't really need to depend on an "ml", this WN is definitely a must read. <<less
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I... used to really love this novel. I even gave it 4 star for the first 500-ish chapters.

Boy, I was dissapointed

... more>> Our dearest author seemed to be milking the popularity of this novel by adding more and more chapters, while the author themselves have already lost the vision and direction that they once have for this story.

I mean, with the setting that was laid out in the front, HOW THE HECK DID THE MC PAST HAVE THIS KIND OF DEVELOPMENT? SIMPLY RIDICULOUS. It's invalidates all of our understanding of the nature of our MC, the ML, the ML's family, strengths, every past events, and the story's premise itself.

The leaps of logic and plotholes know no bounds in these latests chapters. I'm so over with this one. Dropped. <<less
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Fulminata rated it
Refusing to Serve Me? Then Off With Your Head!
July 24, 2018
Status: Completed
4 star

First of all:


... more>> She's a flawed, complex character that still bears the brunt of her past mistakes. Brave, but not overly so. Insecure at times. Untrusting, but still long to trust and be loved by someone. Fun, and a bit loose in the head. It's refreshing to see an MC that is not your standard black-bellied lady or naive mary sue in this kind of setting. The author does a good job in breathing a life to her.

But truthfully, I think some of the side characters still haven't been developed to their full extent. They still got soooo many potential! &Gt;: (They lacked complexity, and usually more to the 1-dimensional side. But this can be accepted, seeing that it's a relatively short story.

And the ML. I don't dislike him, still better than some ML out there. Not overbearing, at least at the early to mid chapters. Fun at times. No overly emphasized otherworldliness depiction, which is plus point by itself. I would've come to like him, but i've lost interest in the third half of the story. But ok.

Second: the story

Some peole complained that the story is hard to comprehend, especially in the earlier chapter. I personally disagree. The way I see it, this story moves between two timeline : past and present. Both of them are interconnected.

At the very first chapter, the author thrust us right in the middle of action, in the "present" timeline. The cause of that, the condition of the world, and the connection between the people that seems confusing in those early chapters will slowly unfurled as we progress into the story. So, be patient and enjoy te ride woo!

Actually, the plot is quite light-hearted. There's some tear-jerking moments, but there's no overly dark and complex political plots and entanglement. Or well, , there's some, but it's not to be fully explored since after all, those schemers

have now long gone with the old era

Besides, I personally think that this story focused on how the MC can feel okay with herself again. The political machinations aren't the spotlight.

The world building is a bit vague, but still acceptable for a 48-chapters short story to sail smoothly. The romance is sweet, tough bitter at times


especially in flashback)


Verdict :

If you're looking for a light-read with just a tinge of drama mixed in, TRYYY THISS!

Points : MC is good! ML is pretty ok. Flashbacks. Good plot, light read

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Fulminata rated it
Akuyaku Reijou wa Danna-sama wo Yasesasetai
August 18, 2019
Status: Completed
It's surprisingly good.

First of all, I just want to refute Thousandswor's review and say this is not a reverse harem story.

There's no harem at all.

Secondly, Camilla, our MC, is one of the most lovable MC in this genre. She's not the cunning kind nor the dense kind. She simply do things passionately. And she's a real tough cookie. I was expecting a 1D-ish cookie cutter MC, and was pleasantly surprised that this aint the case at all. Camilla is a multifaceted, flawed heroine. Her personality feels real, and the... more>> her struggle is relatable to some extend. You'll be rooting for her.

Thirdly, One reviewer point out that the "there's no face slapping" and "the duke couldn't even protect her from his maids". That's because this novel really isn't about face-slapping or being an untouchable goddess of revenge by hugging a big thight. Gossips are nasty, and I love how the author potrays it's snowballed effect to our heroine. Because of that, the romance is a slow-burn. The ML is not all powerful--heck, the MC doesn't even really need saving. There would be some frustating moment, but that's exactly the point. Her situation is pretty much believable.

Fourth, I honestly thought that this novel would be full of body shaming. I gritted my teeth through several earlier chapter, and after finishing it, I'm more of the opinion that it's just a product of the MC's flawed belief and character. It's because, the one who really see the ML's constitution as a problem was just the MC, others doesn't really see much problem in that.

When reading a vilainess noble girls stories, I want to see a passionate, and/or borderline obsessive MC since it's basically a story about obsession to the point of ruination. It's nice to see that this novel, although mild and totally not to the point of "obsession", pretth much deliver. But I have to warn you--plot holes are still there, and some of the chapters are honestly not necessary.

Read this if you're looking for a light-hearted story. And yes, the frustations are still in the category of ''light-hearted", so you won't bawl your eyes out.. <<less
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My House of Horrors
February 24, 2019
Status: c168
Opinions might change as I progress further into the story

Horror? More like a psychological thriller. Definitely leans toward the thriller side.

I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of horror-slash-thriller stories. You see, i've never considered myself to be a brave person in this department. This kind of genre usually gives me a shortness of breath and an unbelievable headache, and I have to take some moments to calm my breathing.

But, I just can't stop scrolling! Yes, this story is just that good. The hide-and-seeks keeps me on... more>> my toes, the supernatural elements give me the goosebumps, and the overall mysteries just begging to be uncovered! I can't resist it!

Hope that it'll stay that way <<less
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Phoenix Destiny
February 2, 2019
Status: c202
Edit per ch 217:

Eh?? Seems like I have a change of heart. Or there's a change in our mc's—that is, being self-important, petty (the annoying kind of petty) and taking a not so "survival-minded" course of actions that is her trademark for no logical reason.

Dropping the rating to 3

... more>>

Review per ch.202

Oh my, oh my.

Ladies and gentlemen, humans and every orher creature in the universe. Say goodbye to the old and boring, mary-sue crowned, revenge-filled, cold-blooded Female MC and the usual dull and arrogant, cardboard love interests, and LET'S WELCOME THE PHOENIX DESTINY!!

I could rave and rave about this series, but up until this chapter, everything is excellent! Consistent personality, humane defects, imperfections, CHARACTER GROWTH—you might think that you'd know where the plot might go, but it will exceeds your expectations.

The MC is smart. But unlike those with memories of the future or from another world kind of smart, we get someone really use her brain kind of smart. She do have a cheat, yes, but it's in the form of an "online transworld network" kind of thing. And you, people, know how disastrous the outcome might be when you tried a recipe you've got in an online forum without any proper knowledge before. She made mistakes, and took some missteps. But it was acceptable, considering that she was just a teen without experiences and it was all totally aligned perfectly with her background setting.

She's a bit crazy and desperate. Her situation forced her to take desperate and crazy measures. Despite that, she still have a heart that can cry and laugh, and CAN FEEL. alright, let's leave it at that.

Now, about the plot. It's ok. You might've read something similiar in other xianxia novels, but the biggest difference is that you'd get is that we have a Female MC. There's indeed some holes and points that aren't quite consistent (maybe the author kinda forgot about it). At times, the pace of the story is just too fast and we get that minor "how the fuc-" moments wit some unexplained things that somehow our MC have, but it's still minor enough and can be overlooked. Might change opinion later if it gets more annoying.

Now, about love interest. So far, we've only encountered 1. I had thought that we'd get the normal "benggong", super op, cold, cunning, and perfect type. I am pleasantly surprised that I guess wrong. His character had more DEPTHS than what I was expecting, and he got a fair share of glaring imperfections that he tried to conceal and feel insecure about. So very human. Some latest chapter unveil a new and interesting sides of him that i've founded to be refreshing. Love it so far.

Aside from that, we got a nice little set of side characters that quite... mediocre (?) in quality. Some left a strong impression. Others was too 2d to make any splash. Their personality and developments are okay-ish so far. But at least, not everyone lost their brain so it's a bit better then the many.

Alrighty, that's the end of my ravings. Since there's still 600-ish chapters before the end, it should be of note that my opinion could change as the story progresses. Hopefully, it'll be in a more positive way. But from past experiences...i kinda doubt that. <<less
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Oho, I might spot a hidden gem (*~*) 💎

*opinions might change as the story progress


Although I might not necessarily like how this series might go in the future (strictly judging from the title ans the summary), I must say that until now, I've enjoyed it immensely. It's such a page turner! The interaction between MC and ML in their childhood is very heartwarming—and most importantly, it actually gave a very solid reason of why the ML would develop a strong feeling towards our... more>> MC. All in all, I think this story is quite an enjoyable read, and totally recommended you all to at least give this a try!


thoughts per ch 47 :

highly doubt that this kind of things will happen again as the story progress (and the ML an MC might or might not become an op couple), but for now I really love how the author potrays her limited choices. As a little girl of ancient times who "plays" in the snake pit (aka palace), she can't miraculously save everyone. Every choices are risky, with a heavy price rests on each one. Ultimately, her choice might set off unexpected chains of event with unwanted consequences.


And although it's not being depicted that much in this story, I really really love reading those kind of choices! Buut, againn, seeing the things that other reviewers who've read 700+chapters, I don't really have much hope.

Summary :

This is our MC, Yi Mo's 3rd chance in life. Died early in the first, and died a gruesome death by the hand of an insanely strong white lotus's dog in the second, Yi Mo contemplated on how to live her life from now on.

Revenge? Maybe. But, is it really the best course of action?

That notion was challenged after she met her to-be killer as a pitiful 6 y.o kid fighting for survival in the cold palace. Reincarnated back into her 7 y.o self, Yi Mo decided to choose the path of forgiveness and groom the little puppy so she could peacefully ensure her future survival. After all, a dog wouldn't bite the hands that feed it, right?

Well, maybe.

Ohohohoho <<less
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Fulminata rated it
There Is an Angel in That Church
July 25, 2018
Status: Completed

Omaygad. Seriously, I can't stop grinning. The story itself, while being a fluff and is really reallyyy cutteeeeee with some hilarious lines, it also possess a rather elegant undertones. I'm honestly surprised. There's a beauty in it's simplicity. The writing and the translation is simply top-notch.

And the ending, although I yearn for more, is actually perfect.

You won't regret it.
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My Fiance is in Love with My Little Sister
July 31, 2019
Status: --
Hey maso peeps who loves to torture themselves with tragedies (like me), if you're looking for some new materials to shred your heart with, look no further.

I... will give a proper review once I finished assembling my shattered heart
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Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
April 17, 2019
Status: c287

We've already come this far, yet all the turns and twists and kaboom still keeps me hanging on my seat, biting my fingernails, up to the latest chapter. The pace have been upped. I don't know what will happens next, and I'm not even sure if we'll get a happily ever after ending anymore.

So, our MC here is a "reader" of a novel, and somehow his whole world got sucked into it. But the question is... Is he really a "reader"? Is the novel really a novel?

Our MC, although he... more>> knows the"future", is not really that op. Cunning, calculating, and kinda like a shameless salesman, he would even bargain with the devil to see the ending that he desires. But, does that makes him a cold sociopath? I could proudly say 'NO!" to that. It's just an aspect of his personality. Why? Well, just read it and you'll understand haha!

As the story progressed, we found out that his "cheat" isn't really that perfect, and a possible explanation of how did he got it, from who, and why. He, himself, is not perfect, and you'll be seeing him losing his head from being thrusted head-blind into some situations aplenty.

Moving on, there's a solid and unique power system here. The author mostly managed to stick with his own rules, and thumbs up for that. Within the system, you'll find a bunch of historical/mythical references, all with a bit of twist. The explanations is quite neat too, and I still couldn't see a glaring plotholes.

And, Romance. More like bromance.

I ship the bl path, though seems like the author wouldn't go down with it XD

Although there's plenty of candidate out there, so far the author still haven't truly brought it up yet

Per this chapter (ch287), i'll rate this series with 5 star. Sure, there are some things that could be done better (like interactions with secondary characters), but it's still surpassed all of my expectations frok a webnovel. Tis is a gem. So everyonee, do give this story a chance!! <<less
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Fulminata rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
October 14, 2018
Status: c1200
If you'd like to read a truly amoral, cold and calculating MC, with no regards of anything other than his interest, bulldozed his way through the ranks of universe, then this one is for you.

Imagine an op mad scientist single-mindedly pursuing knowledge.

The worldbuilding is vivid and solid. I appreciated the consistency of mc's personality. Just don't expect an extraordinary good plot/drama with character growth. But overall, this one is an enjoyable read. Keeps me scrolling. Totally recommended
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The Legend of Sun Knight
September 16, 2018
Status: Completed
Hey you. Yes, you.

Looking for a unique, hilariously cunning MC with a pechant of silly/snarky inner thoughts?

Look no further.

... more>> This WN is one of the most amusing 1st person pov novel in the whole NU. The inner monologues of our MC is just gold. Even the interactions between the characters feels refreshingly fun.

As you can read from the synopsys, our lazy MC is stuck into playing the role of The Sun Knight, a pepertually beautiful and virtouous leader of the holy knight, 24/7. He have to do a bunch of hilarious things to play this role perfectly, and so do all members of his merry bunch of so-called holy knights. But since they're still a knight, troublesome things bounds to pop up one by one. Now... how will our MC manage to handle them all while keeping up with the image of beauty and virtuousness that the Sun Knight have to strictly adhere? Xd

If you expects to find romance here, then there's none. Well... technically, there's a poorly executed romance at that the last arc, but I refuse to acknowledge it. But, if we're talking of bromance, that's a totally different story.

I have to admit though. The story became lackuster toward the end. Seems like the author thought that it would be a good idea to throw a bunch of new characters that we didn't care to the last arc—and oh boy, did they wrong. It's a convoluted mess; I'm practically skipping paragraphs while desperately try to get back to the MC.

But still, I think this novel is worth it. Do gives this
a try! <<less
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Fulminata rated it
Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu
August 25, 2019
Status: c229
A leisurely slice of life with interesting and lovable characters. The MC's personality was really well done-- kind of dorky, riddled with faults, and definetely believable. Albeit light-hearted, the plots are surprisingly pretty good. I have to confess that this is my 6th times of re-reading it.

The story was narrated from the view point of our MC in a funny, quirky, and kind of dorky way. But beware, she was definetely an unreliable narrator--don't trust her every thoughts!

With the author dropping sublime hints here and there, you'll slowly get the... more>> necessary puzzle pieces to decode what was really happening in other characters' head without the MC's bias. I urged you to do a double take on conversations and remember their reactions. Especially on "romance" part.


I believe that Enjou likes her and have some sort of agreement with Yukino so that Reika agrees to go on 'dates' with him (+yukino though, but still...) ! And I'm half convinced that Enjou is actually Takateru's sort-of informant! (disclaimer : these are just my theory)


The hints are very, very subtle. Grab your magnifying glass and rainbow of imagination, guys. It's there, I swear!!

Just beware, I dont't think that he author would ever continue this. But it's alright. This is a slice of life, after all. There's nothing that "urgent" in the plot, so it wouldn't leave you hanging for too much. <<less
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No, this isn't the story of some righteous, misunderstood "vilainess".

The MC is a villain, period. She's twisted, obsessive, and a sad***. Her ML was insane and as obsessive as her. Their relationship is a wreck of shared posessiveness and madness, and might be a bit disturbing for some.

But I truly enjoy reading it!!
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Fulminata rated it
Maria from Hell!
August 24, 2019
Status: oneshot
Hilarious, witty, and seriously fun.

Come and spare your 5 minutes to watch this train-wreck that was the MC and her light-hearted journey to ended up not dying. It'll be worth it.
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