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Against the Gods
March 12, 2016
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I found late burning heaven clan arc which is like chapter 338-355 not that bad as people make it sounds to be yeah it is not as good compared to other parts of novel still okay if you binge read it. Though there is a lot of killing that happens during those chapters but that was the only time were actual mass killing happens in atg ofc not counting past lives. I am not a big fan of harem but I found no problem regarding it here. Not only that... more>> there is proper amount of chapters spends in romantic development in unique way between them some are smart, some are naive they have distinct likeable personalities. The way MC woo after girls is kind of like keima katsuragi from world only god knows I found it very amusing. It is one of the plus point for this novel from me.

Main reason I like atg is for it’s interactions and witty-ness it has. Some people might say that there is not enough planning/manipulation during BHC arc and more killing yeah I agree but there were many other factors which were present like not control of emotions because of his family in danger, not enough time there were some tricks here and there and some mistakes as well a character should not always be flawless type right? MC won’t be 24/7 sherlock holmes he even make some basic errors like during early chapter when he went to black moon merchant guild he sold those pills for less than half price or leave name behind on crime scene for trolling there were some cases like that which makes him better imo not the usual type where things always go perfect for them.

Just go read it and decide it for yourself. <<less
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