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Frk Brise
Frk Brise rated it
The Hero Suddenly Proposed to Me, but… (LN)
August 27, 2017
Status: v1c23 part2
I am giving this story three stars now only because I am going to keep reading this for at least a few more chapters. Otherwise I would have given it two stars purely because the hero makes me very angry and he plainly put upsets my stomach. He is cornering the protagonist into marrying him and and so far there has only been one person who has given the protagonist the opportunity to say no. Everyone else is urging the protagonist to marry the hero - either to save the... more>> world from ruin, for political purposes or because they think the hero is a catch (which he so far is not in my opinion). I even found myself *spoiler alert* rooting for the second prince who (very much like a certain creepy vampire) watched the protagonist while she slept. I rooted for the second prince who at this point is nothing but a minor character instead of the hero. That really says something.

As mentioned earlier I am going to give this LN a second chance to give the hero time to redeem himself (though I find this unlikely).

Conclusion: I am not sure if I can recommend this LN to anyone else at its current stage. <<less
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