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Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (WN)
September 20, 2016
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Don't be fooled by the 'summoned to another world' setting. The story may have started with the protagonist, Subaru, suddenly appearing in another world but unlike other stories of the same genre, he is completely weak and pathetic. Nothing in the story goes well at first and honestly that's a good thing.

Being thrown into an unknown world where nothing goes as planned and no one to rely on, he was saved by the main heroine, Emilia. The story revolves around her whether you like it or not. She is the... more>> driving force and the cause of despair for the protagonist. Although the 'Returns by Death' ability may seem to be overpowered, you can't turn a blind eye on the fact that Subaru has no idea how or why he has the ability and that he has to experience the pain of death, both himself and possibly others. Even if he has the knowledge to prevent a disaster, its not certain everything goes as planned and he only 'returns' just a few days before the incident giving barely any time to prepare.

Through repeated failures and mistakes, he has to again and again stare death in the face and watch helplessly as everyone dies around him. The story has a horrible habit of making the protagonist fall into madness every time he 'returns'.

Though the protagonist's miserable character and personality may disgust you, I assure you the story isn't all about despair. The comedy in the story really showcases the relationships between the characters. The love in the story is anything but superficial. The characters learn valuable lessons from each other and the change shows. Nothing beats the satisfaction at the end of the multiple 'returns' faced where finally Subaru obtains victory. <<less
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