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Friedsquido rated it
October 23, 2017
Status: c28
2 stars is my current score- MC would have to grow a brain for me to rate this any higher.

I find it funny how the sole reason people are leaving 4-5 star reviews is because someone said that it would get "better" in the later chapters. I'm going to rate the novel based on the chapters i've read so far and not based on someones opinion. Could the better turn from being a whiny 5 year old to a mature adult, possibility (?), but until then im giving this a... more>> two, and I'm being generous here as the current MC is UNBEARABLE, this kid is, by far the worst MC i've ever read from reading countless k-novels and c-novels, and I truly despise some of the MC from cn novels.

So far, what we have is a MC with downs syndrome, is a compulsive liar, cheater, idiot, thief, and a idiot. This guy has no friends and he's thinking in his head how he should befriend others and cheat them off their money, steal xp and so on. Who the hell wants a friend like that, seriously? Why should an idiot like him get hit with all the luck, but no brains to take advantage of it. I'm sure some of these things will change in the future, but not his character. I'll probably stay away from this novel and maybe binge read it way later in the future.

Rainbowturtles novels have really been a hit or miss for me. Seems like her main target audience nowadays is for teens or adolescent kids. I love the translation speed and hopes she can translate some of the dropped k-novels instead of tling new ones. <<less
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