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Four-kung rated it
God Of Slaughter
July 24, 2017
Status: 320
Story is not interesting at all. I skip many chapters because I know the plot after chapter 60.

Story line: MC->meets girls or finds treasures->greedy people (robbing treasures) / lustful persons (aiming for the girls) ->MC kills these people (if they are men), f**k/kills (if they are women) -->MC absorbs enemies' power or train to increase his power-->keep retreating non stop.

When our author has no idea to develop any more plots for MC's family, friends, enemies or girls, he just discards them all. He gives a lame excuse in the story... more>> to move MC somewhere else to find new enemies, new friends, new girls, etc.

MC character: MC only has 1 personality dimension without brain (mostly for s*x and kill) . Female characters: Almost all women whom MC meet are pretty or beautiful. These women (friends or foes) are born for two purposes: (i) creating problems to MC and (ii) allowing MC to have sexual intercourse to improve his power.

Enemy characters: No matter where and when people in this story are, they always have lustful eyes or greedy eyes. They are all the same regardless how intelligent they are in the story. Also, they always have greater power than MC but he can somehow kill them at the end. Similar to female characters, they are born for two purposes (i) to be killed and (ii) to be absorbed by MC to improve his power.

It is very similar to PMG.

In summary, I have two recommendations for this story so far: (i) do not read this novel and (ii) change the story name to "God of Slaughter and Intercourse". Cheers <<less
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Four-kung rated it
Dragon Maken War
March 7, 2018
Status: c148
Dropped! Do not recommend to read! Overall story: after defeat dragon demon king (DDK), MC Needs to sleep for 220 years. When he wakes up, he finds that DDK is coming back and all people he holds dear pass away (from old age or somehow killed by dragon demon king worshippers (DDKW)). He needs to stop DDK and revenge.

My opinion: the story is very boring and has so many flaws.

First, his good friend buries him in isolated area. No protectors for hero's body, no records for People in next generation,... more>> no procedures to help hero. For god sake, he is hero. His friends 100% know that he will wake up but no one in next generation knows anything.

Second, Author has no idea how to create enmity between MC and DDKW after 220 years. He just gives a lame excuse for DDKW to kill all people in MC's territory. Why DDK followers need to kill? What good will they gain from holding MC's territory? Where are Hero's followers to stop or soldiers from kingdom?

Third, all people in the story keep questioning "who is MC?" MC told his name " ". His appearance and his God-like abilities are perfectly fit to what hero is described in history. He is also discovered in the ruin of his friend's Mage. No one still believes that he is hero. Example, he told dragon demon duke that his friend uses magic to let him sleep in long hibernation. Do not believe MC. God sake?!! This is a world of magic. Anything can happens. MC calls his unique-hero weapon. Only hero uses this weapon. All his enimies still say "who are you?, how can you have that sword?" God sake?!! All people in the story know that DDK can come back. DDK preserve his soul and create his new body. Why can not hero do it? So annoy. Until chapter 110, still who are you? Author creates all characters to have intelligent levels around primary school students (around grade 4). Fourth, no development on any characters. Dragon demon Princess, prince and etc. Just shallow interaction with MC. No more development. I still do not know why Azell helps dragon demon princess in the earily chapter. He just wakes up and very weak. Know nothing about the world. Have no idea about the strength of enemies's organisation or conflict between dragon demon princess and DDKW. Somehow, he helps her but leave her to travel and no mention again (at least 50-60 chapters). All relationship between MC and others are illogically created. Fifth, in all fighting scenes, MC has too many talk-trash. No meaning to the story and sound stupid. Example, he thinks "oh Although I summon my god-like sword and have an upper hand now, I nearly reach my limitation. I need to finish this quickly". Then, instead of attacking his enemies, he keeps talking nonsense and wait for his enemies to reply. WTF? Fifth, No turning points. Only one dimension story. You know the summary of the story from me above. Wait until around 200th chapter and read the end. That is all.

In summary, author should set this novel name as "who are you?: You have Red hair, blue eyes, god-like strength and name the same as hero from 220 years ago". I do not recommend to read this novel. If you want to waste time and are craving for some punishment from poor and illogical nove. Good luck <<less
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Four-kung rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
March 3, 2018
Status: c143
Dropped! Can only read at the beginning. This novel is Boring as usual. Korean novels love to link with game system and Dungeon theme. Nothing new. No need to read this novel if you read others with similar themes previously. Many Korean adventure/fantasy novels usually have the same MC personality. That is selfish, self-centre and stingy. MC in this novel is similar too. Nothing new. Author wants to create MC to be special and unique. He seems weak at the beginning but somehow cheat at the end. Ex. Shop, drop... more>> loots ad etc. At the end, he is as strong as god. Nothing new. Example of similar novels:

Everyone Else is a Returnee (Very similar MC personality, unique MC with cheating with help of fairy)

Seoul Station's Necromancer (MC is lunatic, stingy and extremely self-centre, boring dungeon theme and cheat with double warrior and necromancer job)

Dimensional Sovereign/reincarnator (MC is lunatic and boring game system). The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Ark (mc- extremely stingy, self-centre, game system with cheat on MC job). These examples are shown to assist other leader. If you have already read one of these novels, then no need to read this one. Nothing special about this novel. Just change characters' name but the story is similar. You only need to pick up one of Korean novels and read it. Then, enough. The rest is the similar. Hopefully, someone will look for any Korean adventure/fantasy novel with any new aspect? However, I believe that these very boring Korean novels will keep coming out. This may be because these novels are similar so it may be easier to translate to get patrons/donations. <<less
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Four-kung rated it
Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain
February 22, 2018
Status: --
I like this novel. MC is not an extreme cheater. I hate Chinese novels such as WDQK, king of God, God of slaughter, warlock of the magus-world, God and Devil World, etc.

In this novel, Treasures does not drop from the sky in the hand of MC. Also, MC does not has a item or spirits with him that can explain anything and everything. He builds and receive items from his effort or via his connections. It is much better than WDK King of God, etc.

This novel makes more sense. MC... more>> grows up by himself. He may have some support but not too much. He puts effort to his cultivation. Some chicnese novel such as Battle through the heaven, world of cultivation, WDQK, wizard world, warlock of the magus-world, etc. They have a spirit or god like AI to help. These Chinese novels are BS and nonsense.

Friends have strong connection to MC and not easily discard. Some may not be mentioned but it is in natural way. MC grows and have some missions. So his friends are not mentioned at the time. I like this aspect. I hate novels such as warlock of the magus-world and God and Devil World. They discard all friends, family and even enemies because authors have no idea to create more plots. Spirit blade mountain is better in this aspect.

MC also does not too op. I hate non-sense killing like PMG. Someone hate you = kill, insult you= kill, Someone need your treasures = kill/steal, Someone kill your friends or relatives = kill a whole sect clan, or family for revenge. This no -sense killing story is BS.

Oh and MC does not have extreme selfish and stingy personalities in the same way as MC in Korean novel. This is good. In the end, I recommend you to read this novel. There may be good and bad plots in the story but overall is ok. <<less
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Four-kung rated it
Heavenly Jewel Change
January 20, 2018
Status: v24c222
Good at the beginning and it turns bad quickly. Too many wives with unreasonable links. All MC friends and enemies are only one dimension. Ex. A girl likes MC. She will like him all the way until the end. No matter how MC cheats her. He just fk her sisters.

MC is too good and number one unique guy in the whole world. Any sects and any girls want him. Ridiculous!

Only one good thing is that translators keep translating regularly. That is one of the reasons for pp to keep reading... more>> it.

Also, Rating Score around 4.2 or 4.3 is not true. It should be 3.5-3.9 at the beginning. Then, turn 2-3 around volume 10. Then, I give rating 1 at volume 15. All novels from wuxiaworld (whether good or bad) have invincible hands to keep their rating above 4.0. Then, I suggest if you want, try to read up to 5-10 volume That is when story turns bad. <<less
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Four-kung rated it
Warlock of the Magus World
September 2, 2017
Status: c200
Respect our translators to keep translate this trash novel (very very extremely junk) . This novel is beyond what I can describe (in a bad way). Overall story line is very bad. waste of time.

MC's life has three purposes: 1. increasing his power (like a mad man), 2. killing and destroying everyone or everything that he does not like, 3. intercourse with women who will be left over and never mention again. MC is scientist... He just asks AI to do everything. Fortunately, this AI can do anything and everything...... more>> one-stop shop. You can not even call it AI. It IS GOD. If AI is this good, why it does not have a brain to take over MC's mind?

Do not recommend to read this novel. <<less
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Four-kung rated it
Valhalla Saga
March 10, 2018
Status: --
Dropped! Do not recommend to read! As usual.. Boring story. Summary, MC is a good gamer. He is sent to another world to fight monsters. Somehow, he receives his game abilities that are the same as his game character. Then, having battle after battle. The story keeps repeating non-sense battles. That is all. There are small stupid plots in the story but I will skip here. Main Plot: sending to battlefield--> having a difficult fight but win with the help of cheat abilities, cheat teams or combining abilities with his... more>> team mate (girl only) --> gaining new cheat items and abilities --> receiving a ranking promotion--> sending to Battlefiend-> having a difficult fight but win with the help of cheat abilities, cheat teams or combining abilities with his team mate- (girl only) --> gaining new cheat iteam and abilities --> receiving a ranking promotion ~~~repeating.

1. Game system allows MC to cheat. He gets his game system because he is good at playing a game (when he is alive on earth). He does not use much afford to level up. In the story, MC seems to be in life and death situation. However, he always survives and wins all battles due to his cheating abilities. I wonder.. On earth, is there only MC who plays games? Why he is the only one who has this cheat game abilities. Among thousands of people, only MC has it. 2. God gives MC many cheat items as reward because many people who respect other gods shout MC's God name in the battlefield. His God also blesses him, it makes him hard to die. Cheat again.

3. From a huge group of people, He is the only one in his god's army. Unbelievable! Cheat again. Others feel envy because he always has his beautiful trainer by his side.

4. Girls who are in MC team always have abilities that can combine with MC abilities, this gives MC extra fighting power. After fight, almost all credits are given to MC.

5. MC always has extreme bad luck. Everywhere he goes, he always encounters very strong enemies (but MC beats them all times). After battles, he has extreme good luck to get cheat items or cheat abilities (dropped loots, rewards, or disclovered treasures, etc).

6. Relationship with other characters is so shallow. Ex. MC has an interest for a girl. He tries to protect her during a battle. At the end, she dies. Her death allows MC to obtain very small tiny bit of his memory. That is it. Nothing is developed from that. Very idiotic plot. MC friends are nothing. They are created to be tools for MC during his missions. They all have one dimension personality. This Korean novel has boring story. Nothing is new. Just think about it.. Moon light scriptures (only one who has such unique job), everyone is returnee (only one who live in the world and always has a fairly' support), Seoul station necromancer (a lunatic has a cheat ability with double warrior and necromancer jobs). These MC has unique cheat abilities. If you just start reading novels, then it is ok to read. If you are a experience reader, do not waste time to this junk. <<less
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