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January 4, 2018
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This book has become one of my favorites and as a long time reader, pushing through probably a half dozen of the most popular novels and currently following a dozen more I feel like I can add some credibility to my words. This is my first review and I'm only posting it because I wanted to thank the author for this story.

I'm not good at critiquing writing but I will say five things:

    1. The whole "main character" plot is really only maybe in the first 30-50 chapters, the book still references this scenario later on BUT IT IS NOT A MAIN PLOT DRIVER. So don't get upset if you start reading and after a few dozen chapters realize the book strays.
    1. One of my favorite things is the lack... more>> of plot holes. The author to my pleasant surprise keeps pretty good track of events and items gained throughout the book and closes them neatly or reminds the reader about them lest you don't forget. I can't say that it's perfect and there are zero plot holes but it's indeed better than the majority of novels in this category. This is one of the things that frustrates me a lot with these novels. Often it is even worse, with the author forgetting things happening earlier on and writing impossible scenarios conflicting with the earlier plot.
    1. The fights and story arcs aren't cookie cuter. It's very hard to write novels this size and not repeat, but the author clearly tries to make each situation unique. He kills off semi-main characters after having you grow attached to them, he has the maiden being rescued turn out to be a villain, he tries to add twists and turns to keep you guessing. The only thing you can always count on is the invincibility of the main character; you can be sure that he will always survive and walk away from any scenario gaining power or treasure, often both
    2. The author strives to many characters a unique personality. I really enjoy also how the female characters are written. They are unique personalities that evolve over time yet remain true to their character. They aren't simply written about for a few chapters until they become another faceless harem member.
    3. The author plans ahead and there is a lot of foreshadowing (relative to this category). Many novels feel like the author plans only a few chapters in advance.
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