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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~
November 27, 2016
Status: c18
This is just poorly conceived.

Characters: Male characters hate the protagonist, often without even meeting him. Female characters like him for no reason, except when they hate him for no reason. Main character is a high school japanese boy who's apparently perfect, but he gets reincarnated into a commoner child and he's still perfect.

Setting: The world is messed up. It's a bit hard to explain, but the situation really seems custom-made to be hard on the protagonist. I mean, it almost works, but the author forces the situation too far for... more>> me to take it seriously

like after the duke pins the blame on the commoner, it's revealed that he made a beastgirl daughter with a slave, and he enslaved the daughter, and all for the sole purpose of using her as an assassin. And then he uses this assassin to track down and kill a commoner whose death doesn't make a difference to the duke...


Story: For eighteen chapters, it's about a boy being bullied, framed, attacked, and hated wherever he goes, no matter what he does, no matter how he looks, no matter how he acts. At the same time, he looks down on everyone and is apparently stronger than elite soldiers with his background of... being a high-schooler who did martial arts. And the body of a child who never trained martial arts.

Conclusion: If the foundation is rotten, you can't expect what's built on it to stand very well. Even if someone says "but it gets better" or "chapter 100 is amazing!!!"... it would have to undo all the worldbuilding and character development so far, and at that point it should just be tossed into the garbage and rewritten. <<less
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I Came Back but the World is Still a Fantasy!?
January 15, 2018
Status: --
Are the people who gave this five stars reading the same novel as me?

They call the protagonist realistic, but I don't consider it realistic to think "I don't want to stand out" and then not pay attention to other people at all? The protagonist has a ridiculous amount of arrogance you wouldn't expect from someone who's been through several tragedies (as suggested by the prologue). It's also really weird to think "I'm here to investigate" and not show any interest in anything beyond randomly going "whoa" at technology or hairstyles.

It... more>> comes off as a chuunibyou trying to be Tatsuya from The Irregular At Magic High School without the smarts, the looks, the family connections, the business connections, the military connections, a reason for acting apathetic, or the little sister. Oh, and he's probably not as talented as Tatsuya either; I haven't read to any fights yet because after the prologue there's at least 10 chapters of "I'm trying to fit in by acting literally the opposite way everyone else reacts to everything and not noticing because I only ever look at people's hair, and I'm so bored even though everything here is new and amazing to me."

The only reason I gave 2 stars is that the opening was decent and there's an expectation they'll return to that, but... Well, the author kinda glazed over the adventure and tragedy and dived headfirst into "high school is so boring, sigh..." so it's hard to say if it's worthwhile trudging through that at all. Maybe there'll just be another school arc. <<less
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December 31, 2017
Status: c5
OP stats, useless personality. The usual. Main character has three beauties who say they've lived for the moment they could give him their virginity. He thinks "There's no way I can do anything to them!"

Okay, so you look at the start and think "This could be fun. He wants to be a hero, but instead became the last boss." But there's nothing boss-like about this character at all. If he had any self-assertion whatsoever he could just go off and be a superhero and protect people. If he had a... more>> sense of responsibility he could work towards reconciling humans and demons. If he had any desires whatsoever, he could have them fulfilled. But he has nothing but his sense of shame and lots of power.

This is a warning for people like me who can't stand hetare (useless personality) protagonists. No, it was fine up to the end of chapter 4, and if there aren't a lot of similar situations I guess it would be fine overall, but *glances at the cover art* yeah, there'll be a ton of similar situations. Dropped without regret. <<less
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VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~
February 22, 2019
Status: c57
4.5/5, rounded up because I like well-done VRMMOs.

What's this? A VRMMO novel where the game system makes sense and the protagonist actually plays with other players most of the time? Shocking.

Don't be scared off by the slice of life tag; the author glosses over the boring parts and focuses on character interaction and fight scenes. For example, gathering materials to make a special weapon takes a few paragraphs rather than a few chapters the way some VRMMO novels would. For example, it doesn't show a status screen every other chapter... more>> for padding, and the MC doesn't agonize over every single skill point he gets.

The MC is competent. He does his job as support and party leader well. He doesn't get "lucky chances", he doesn't stumble on some overpowered skill/stat combination no one knows about. At least not early on. He seems like a typical dense beta Japanese MC at first, and I would have lowered my rating by one star for that, but as of c57 I can say that he's not actually dense and his reason for not making a move makes sense.

The harem is... There's a surprising number of women around the MC for a MMO, I'd say. It shouldn't be surprising that he's popular (I can confirm from experience that being a half-decent healer gets you lots of friend requests) and the harem members don't automatically get along with each other, so it doesn't detract too much from the story. I'd still drop it by a star, but sometimes how the girls interact is amusing, so I only drop it half a star. And at least not ALL the characters he meets in-game are women.

Most of all, I like how it feels like a real game. I like how there's no "class that no one plays because it sucks". I like how there's no "amazing item that only one person can obtain". I like how there are no "coincidental" item drops that are exactly what the MC needs at the time (if he needs something, he has to investigate how to get it and go out of his way). I like that there's no unique questline with amazing rewards that only the MC stumbles upon. I like that the author doesn't feel the need to explain basic terminology or make up words to explain to pad out chapters. I like how there's an honest-to-goodness party that takes some time to become solid and doesn't just serve as a tool to show how amazing the MC is.

tl;dr Probably the most MMO-like experience of any VRMMO novel out there. <<less
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March 12, 2017
Status: c85
For the most part this novel is white bread. What keeps it from being a 3 or even 4 is it just doesn't have any jam or butter or anything at all to go with it, so it's hard to enjoy and kind of feels like a chore to read after a while.

Interactions? There are 5 characters. The Teacher (explains formally and in great detail), the Student (asks questions formally and interjects during explanations with further formal questions), the Delinquent (there just to be beaten up), the Cheerleader (there to... more>> squeal over how great someone is), and the Gryphon (guru~). Only one character is consistent throughout the series (guess which one). The speech is so stilted and formal that you don't get any real feeling of personality.

Combat? It's okay, nothing special. Reiji's too OP for the combat to have any suspense, but not OP enough to get any guilty pleasure out of him steamrolling everyone. He never lets loose the way the protagonists of Death March and Moon-led Journey do, so there's no real feeling of being OP, just bullying weaklings.

Setting? Generic. Plot? None. Harem?! Off to the side, ladies, Reiji's awkward enough as it is. I assume he would answer "Will you go out with me?" with a three-page MLA format essay on the nature of relationships. <<less
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The Summoner is Going
February 12, 2019
Status: c109
(at chapter 5) The protagonist is offensively stupid.

He picked the first class he saw. Then he decided to focus on melee when he was playing a spell caster and strength was his worst stat. He found a teacher for his class, but decides to pick his skills before getting any input whatsoever, even though up to that point he wanted to wait for suggestions before picking skills. It isn't on the level of being a bad player anymore... There's got to be some mental damage somewhere. And he's gotten... more>> worse every chapter.

The reason it's so annoying to me is, this is the kind of novel where you know the protagonist's dumb decisions will turn out to be amazing because the author gives him the right equipment at the right time and has sprinkled hidden skills and quests throughout the story that just happen to make the dumb decisions turn out all right. And then everyone will praise him because of how good he is.

Rant aside, the translation's good enough. It's slice of life, so there's no story to judge. The characters aside from the protagonist so far aren't bad, but aren't great either. The setting (game only) is okay, though there's nothing that sets it apart from other VRMMO games. If it weren't for the protagonist being hell-bent on making the worst choices possible, I'd probably rate it a 3 and call it a forgettable novel that's good for wasting time if you like slice of life VRMMOs. As it is, I'd only recommend it for people desperate for the genre somehow, or bored out of their minds.

Edit as of chapter 109: I got bored out of my mind and saw an update here, so I got to reading. And I must say, my mind hasn't changed. There's still no storyline, that's expected. The setting's still OK though the more I learn about the skill system the less I like it in general, not just how the protagonist uses it. The protagonist getting a high level NPC to baby sit him for a long time makes things more boring than usual slice of life VRMMO game novels, and he continues to be offensively stupid. My rating and recommendation to avoid it stands, and I won't be coming back even if I get bored. <<less
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Cultivation Chat Group
November 13, 2017
Status: c1540

My conclusion: If you like xianxia, read this novel. If you don't like xianxia, read this novel.

I want to start by appreciating the main character of this story. He's an honest-to-goodness good person and he treats other people like they're also good. That's such a rarity for xianxia that this novel is worth reading for that alone.

What else sets this novel apart? A cast of memorable characters, for one. Cultivators in this world have obsessions, confidence, and shamelessness (because you don't say "I'm gonna be immortal!" if you don't have those things). So everyone Song Shuhang meets is interesting. Song Shuhang himself, aside from being a Nice Guy, has the great habit of speaking/acting before thinking no matter who or what he's dealing with... With actual consequences.

Another thing the novel does well is humor. I highly recommend reading other xianxia before reading this because a lot of the jokes are based on the difference between what you'd expect from xianxia and what actually happens. It's not totally necessary because the author's pretty good at setting up jokes though.

The story itself is just the main character's path to immortality, like any xianxia. However, it's not driven by revenge and arrogant young masters and face slapping and saving beauties. If anything I'd say it's driven by adventure and exploring the mysteries of heaven. The pacing is excellent, too. It seems really fast, mainly because one thing happens right after another, but it's not skipping anything. The explanations don't feel overdone. The world is interesting enough that both Shuhang and I feel like exploring it more.

Finally, the harem. Just kidding, there's no harem. Shuhang's a bit too busy to think about that sort of thing and the women who are interested in him... are also busy because they're not the kind of characters who stop having their own lives after they fall in love. Cultivators live a long time so there's no need for them to rush into a relationship with someone they've only known for a few months, after all. It's not completely devoid of romance, and at least one fairy maiden will go on the attack (again, something extremely rare in xianxia).

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Goblin Kingdom
February 12, 2018
Status: v2
For better or worse, the protagonist retains his human personality while being in a goblin's body, his actions reflect that and have (usually bad) consequences. That's fine, but the protagonist doesn't seem to learn from it. Instead, he resolves to keep being human and treat his monster subjects as humans. But they're not human. They don't have the same mindset or strengths and weaknesses as humans. He doesn't have the same strengths and weaknesses as humans.

The way the story goes, and I won't go into spoilers, but the author basically... more>> turns the protagonist into his own worst enemy, his tribe's worst enemy, his race's worst enemy. There seems to be an obsession with keeping him always as the underdog, meaning he'll keep meeting worse enemies (the enemies always come because of his own actions) while being praised as a great leader. Great leaders don't keep making mortal enemies out of stronger nations. Great leaders don't protect foreigners in ways that will weaken their own nation.

I think if the narration changed a bit and actually acknowledge the protagonist's fundamental flaws as flaws, it would be much more interesting, but as it is it's like watching Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner with people unironically praising the Coyote's cleverness each time he sets up a scheme. The first couple of times you might be fooled, but it doesn't take long to realize that he's not actually doing any thinking, he's just relying on a random plot device he picked up, and then he'll end up suffering no matter what his opponent does. No, he (this novel's protagonist) won't do most of the suffering, but whoever relied on him will.

I guess that's the main reason I don't like it - the guy keeps doing things that are actively bad for the people around him, and they're still okay with it because ??? And he often only succeeds or survives failures due to plot armor. There's a lot of potential in the story, so it can be rewritten into something great with some help, but this version is mediocre at best. <<less
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Inma no Hado
September 4, 2016
Status: --
So I've read this on syosetsu (nocturne, of course) up to close to the latest chapter. How do I put it... there's a story there, but don't expect it to move fast. In fact, you might forget that a character is significant to the plot because she gets introduced, there are about a dozen new girls the protagonist preys upon, and then oh yeah, he also preys on the major girl in the same way. The story itself is actually decent for what it's worth - an excuse for him... more>> to go and enjoy all the R18 content with all kinds of women from mature (~30s-40s) down to lolis (iirc early middle school). In fact, the way the story unfolds is actually pretty interesting (for a porn novel!).

So I rate 2 stars not for the story, but for how messy the s*x is written. Seriously, each girl says exactly the same things in the same ways during their scenes, so despite the variety of settings and "heroines" it gets repetitive as soon as he brings out his disciplinary rod. The frequent shifts in POV without warning also give a lot of difficulty to the reader. There's only one thing that should be hard while reading a s*x scene, and it shouldn't be figuring out who's thinking what. <<less
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There's nothing exceptional about this story either way. It's kind of a mediocre story but inoffensive enough if you like isekai novels and game mechanics in your fantasy. It hits all the main tropes without having the main character be too pathetic or edgy, compared to other japanese novels.

Where it lost me was one point where the main character should have investigated something, and would have based on his personality and actions so far, but the author very obviously made him not investigate it while hitting the reader over the... more>> head with 'foreshadowing'. Don't make your character OP and intelligent and proactive, and then make him act out of character just for dramatic tension. There are better ways to achieve the same effects. <<less
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Conclusion: It's just poorly written.

I actually didn't expect much going into reading it, but I figured it could at least maybe be decent smut. However, it was worse in every way than I imagined, and unless it hits your fetishes squarely in the strike zone you probably won't get much mileage out of it.

So, there's no real plot, just a premise to have a woman become a s*x slave to two men. Except the premise is extremely weak and relies on the woman being functionally retarded. Well, it's smut, so... more>> that can be forgiven. Except the smut is poorly written. The dialogue, the actions, even the basic grammar are subpar at best. If this was a comic, animation, or Adult Video, it could be forgiven again. It's just a shame that this is a novel without any pictures at all, so the words need to help make an. So both plot and PLOT get a resounding 1/5 (PLOT exists).

And what about the characters? Like I mentioned before, the woman is functionally retarded. In order for the story to begin, she signed a contract she couldn't understand without asking for an explanation of any kind when all she was told is "she would become a s*x slave" (being groped before even looking at the contract, she should know what that means) and "it would save the company" (somehow). Honestly, she could be replaced by a love doll programmed to say "Iya" or "Dame" and nothing would be lost. Her husband is also pathetically helpless and you would wonder why she's married to him except her parents probably sold her to him in the first place. Of the two men involved in the smut so far, one is basically a monkey who only exists to molest, and the other is doing this just to be evil. And that's it. Characters: 1/5 (characters exist).

There's nothing special about the setting, so I can't give it bonus points for creativity. It's not my fetish, so I can't give it bonus points for that either. The Psychological genre tag looks misleading (because the main character doesn't seem to have any use for her mind to begin with) so I would give it negative points for that if I could rate lower than 1/5.

The review might sound negative, but someone who gets turned on by the title, summary, and tags will probably enjoy it to some extent. <<less
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If you want a MMO story, don't read this. If you want cute girls doing cute things... eh, you might be able to read it.

The heaviest focus is on the game mechanics, but as a reader you'll find one mechanic more ridiculous than the next. Just from the start, you have to wonder what kind of game not only allows a player to put ALL her points into one stat with 0 points in all the rest, but also she gets free stat points on top of that stat so... more>> she can use her starting equipment. What follows is one ridiculous mechanic explanation after another, with very little rhyme or reason.

If you're hoping for Kaede and her friend to play together, as of chapter 20 they've mostly just stood around talking to each other about the ridiculous mechanics, then split up to do stuff. They're both tolerably cute, but the game mechanics and weird, obviously OP items just get in the way. <<less
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This novel starts pretty slow, but it eventually will be split between three things:

  • Visiting brothels. It's entertaining to me because of all the special moves they have.
  • Mecha fights. Mecha are powered by magic in this setting, so the brothel visits directly affect how good he gets at mecha.
  • Plot. There's a story going on and the main character might not know everything, but he's influencing people throughout the world by going to brothels and playing with mecha.
The story starts with the brothels and it takes the main character a while to... more>> gain special moves, but there's a good reason this story has been on top of the ranking list in Nocturne for a long time. <<less
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Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi
January 30, 2018
Status: c62
Laid-back slice-of-life story about the travels of a Fenrir and his personal chef.

Seriously, though, the protagonist is a normal person in every way - the only talent he seems to have is above average but not professional cooking ability. His personality, strength, intelligence, and common sense are actually normal. And people react well to his cooking mainly because he uses great ingredients.

... more>>

Even the food from the "real world" that he brings over is mostly good because it gives stat boosts to people eating it. It gives the kind of rush people describe when they dope up on stimulants, so of course adventurers and battle maniacs like Fel would like it.


And while the protagonist doesn't have the motivation to carry an action/adventure storyline, he at least reacts like the adult he is and thinks things through. He also shows interest in the world around him, so he doesn't need other people to force him to act. I really get the "innocent bystander" feeling from this guy more than any other "accidental" summonings of people who just so happened to have really eccentric personalities and adapt extremely well to the new world. Yeah, this protagonist can't carry the novel by himself. But he doesn't have to - he'll gain fun and quirky pets and acquaintances.

And the characters become more interesting and likeable as the story goes on. The setting gets more interesting the more you learn, too, and there are action scenes here and there, but the heart of the story is still basically watching a dog owner spend time with his (very) large, (way too) energetic dog. As a slice of life, 5/5 would mofu mofu the Fenrir again recommend. <<less
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It's interesting so far, but the site is pretty bad - the "next" button opens a new tab and there are popups every so often even with adblock on. Personally I'll put it on hold until the site is changed and I don't recommend reading it for the time being because of that.
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Master’s Smile
January 1, 2018
Status: c15
Normally, I despise a MC this dense, but here I can't help but feel like his denseness is keeping the world from being destroyed. I also appreciate that half the story (?) thus far has been him going around and patting cute girls. Can't help but look forward to more!
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Praise the Orc!
June 30, 2017
Status: c30
I wanted to like this. The concept is nice - the main character taking the side of the NPCs vs other players - but there are too many suspicious things about the game itself that I wonder why the hell the publishers actually released it for sale when they can't even check game logs (for example). Main character prefers being a loner despite women throwing themselves at him (and guys also wanting to be friends!), which is annoying, and the recurring theme of "people are awful" is something I already... more>> know. I don't need to read a novel about it.

Obviously, my problems with it are subjective. The writing and translation are decent so give it a shot if you read my complaints and thought "that doesn't sound so bad". <<less
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For better or worse, a typical Japanese WN/LN with a typical Japanese MC.

There is some action and adventure, but not enough to warrant the genre tags. It's more item crafting, slice of life, and harem antics with some territory building later on. Note that the MC by c122 is still too young to really do anything fun with his harem, so it's mostly him getting dragged around by them. Problems are typically easily solved with some item he has prepared for just this situation.

If you tend to like Japanese fantasy... more>> WNs with typical MCs and typical harems, you'll probably be OK reading this. Otherwise you'll probably want to pass. <<less
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The title's a bit misleading. A lot misleading?

But basically, the story is about girls wanting to cheat on their boyfriends with the protagonist because he's great in bed, and it's their fault he's great in bed in the first place since they were with him before they got boyfriends. So it's less about NTR and more about ex-girlfriends wanting to hook up with the protagonist again. The protagonist doesn't even know the boyfriends of his ex-lovers so yeah, the NTR element is really thin.

It's been a while since I read... more>> it but the first scene (with Rena) is a bit slow and not heavy on ero since there's a lot of flashbacks and exposition during her scene, but it doesn't really have a really compelling story either. The ero that was there was good and I felt like the story could get a lot better once the author got past explaining the backstory, though.

My verdict: "It has potential but for now (at the beginning) it's just OK." <<less
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Ee, Teni Shippai? Seikou?
December 19, 2017
Status: --
This story has a lot of fun ideas with (IMO) somewhat subpar execution - I think it could be potentially amazing if polished (I think there's a LN out now?) but the WN is more of a rough gem. It's a practical but good-natured protagonist, and very easy women in the harem.

(spoilers don't appear to be working so I removed them)

The translator would benefit from spending time at the Translator's Corner and getting an editor.
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