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FlowingSong rated it
Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
September 15, 2017
Status: c234
FS read up to the most recent chapter and FS would just like to say that this novel and FS have a love and hate and relationship.

Long spoiler/rant ahead

... more>>

First, there are just too many instances of misunderstanding in this novel and the female lead is the main person affected by it but she never seems to want to clarify herself or why in the world are things happening around her when she herself doesn't remember doing anything wrong.

FS doesn't remember clearly but FS doesn't seem to remember MC ever asking ML what his problem with her was. She already has a hunch that ML is a reincarnator so why not go for it and ask the jerk-for-all-season husband why he's so cranky when it comes to her? How can they mend their relationship [that has never really started]? Though fs admits this is disputable since FS doesn't want to re-read the start of the novel because FS doesn't want to feel frustrated with both MC and ML all over again.

Second, MC's way of treating Xiao Bojian is really infuriating. FS doesn't understand why MC can't just throw him off. The way she's doing things is just making him more and more addicted to her. Accepting his gift because she is afraid he might kill her if she doesn't is really unreasonable? How can she even think that when, if someone finds out about it, then death is the easiest punishment she can have for having illicit relationship! THIS IS ANCIENT CHINA. WTH?! MC where is your brain ah? Even if she is confident that no one from the outside can hear them or see them SHE HAS A YATOU by her side! How can she be so confident that they will not betray her? And BECAUSE she doesn't clarify herself to anyone once she is questioned who will say that she isn't really having an illicit affair but instead being taken advantaged of?

FS gets that as a mistress she doesn't need to do that but then again a Yatou's statement can be crucial to these cases especially when the husband is already dead set on making the wife a cheater.

Like MC, why not just tell XBJ that accepting your gift is the same as accepting death punishment? Why not just be clear with XBJ that you would rather die now than die later because you faux cheated on your husband just by accepting his gift? And that, she clearly doesn't want to have anything to do with XBJ, EVEN in death. Either way she is going to die, so why not die with one's name clean?

Third, why not tell hubby about it ah? Assuming that she doesn't know that hubby is a reincarnator, she is already being taken advantaged of by another man, wouldn't it be logical to tell someone about it? Wouldn't it be LOGICAL to tell husband about it? FS sees her as a strong MC so why can't she just, for once, try and ask her man for assistance?

The first time she met XBJ as a transmigrator and they were almost caught by ML she just went ahead and dashed for ML without even giving him any reason as to what happened? Ano, MC, that was stupid yeah? It was clear as day XBJ and you shouldn't be in the same place at same time, even if it's coincidence, no? It totally looks suspicious, no? Why not tell hubby something like, "Ara, hubby, that guy appeared out of nowhere and is frightening the hell out of me. Please protect me ♥~" Or maybe something more MC-ish. IDK. Just tell him you have a stalker!

And then her hubby left. So no one can obviously protect her. It would be harder to complain to hubby now as he is far away and is fighting a war so any distractions cannot be tolerated. But he still sent some people to spy/guard her. Though obviously they are also inadequate as they keep fainting whenever XBJ takes action.

She clearly doesn't have anyway of solving her problem with XBJ, and all she can do is accept whatever he does and move on. But that doesn't solve the problem. IF one is the victim, and one already knows how these type of situation develops, and IF, the assailant is the type that promises love but when worst comes to worst would leave her, then the poor party would be her. Most likely XBJ would go so far as to accuse her of seducing him just to get out of it and then later on, once she is condemned by the world, he would promise her that he would take her out of said situation because he "loves" her. She clearly knows what type of person XBJ is, and that's what's making FS so damn frustrated.
She needs to take the initiative and talk to the Matriarch about it already. If she does it right now, before anyone finds out anything, she can still say that he has been bothering her for quite sometime because of their previous love for each other but now that she is married she really wants to have a faithful relationship with her husband but previous lover is insistent and is bothering her. The fact that she took the initiative clearly shows she's the victim and not someone who is just giving reason because they were caught in the act. She can even leave out the part of her and XBJ being lovers prior to her engagement. That wouldn't be asked at all unless they will interrogate XBJ anyway. If they do that and XBJ claims they still have love for each other then her yatous who should have seen her rejecting his advances can attest to their mistress being a faithful wife but is still being pursued by this stalker. Also by bringing it up with Matriarch He, if anything happens to her attributing XBJ into it, it would be more convincing that he was forcing her to do things which is ofc true.

FS understands as well that some s*xually harassed victims would tend to not tell anyone about what happened to them but MC is very clear on this things and from the looks of it, she doesn't look like the type of MC to get depressed over these type of things and instead she seems like the type to rise above them, but right now she doesn't really do anything about it. She's like Lin Qianzi of 'Doomed to be Canon Fodder' when it comes to dealing with XBJ. She wouldn't tell a soul unless something that would incriminate her happens while the guys in the novel keep on thinking they have a chance with her. Then again, these type of things depend from one person to another, maybe the MC really has a weakness to these type of scenarios so she's unable to do what FS thinks she should. Maybe we will find out later in the novel. FDK. Her way of dealing with this is just so frustrating. FS doesn't understand it at all.

FS wants to complain about the ML as well, like he obviously sees she is effin different from the previous her in his previous life. FS understands that to him, right now, everything MC does is just ruse. It can all be excused in his brain as her doing something good but the end result would be for XBJ and MC not for him and his family. And at the end of it his family will be destroyed while MC and XBJ will live happily ever after. And FS completely understand that as well. But ML, look at it this way, YOU were able to reincarnate so why can't MC be someone different from your previous wife? You keep asking why she is so different from the previous her LIKE SHE IS SOMEONE DIFFERENT from who she was before? WHY CAN'T IT BE THAT WAY THEN? Were you not also given a weird chance to right your mistakes? Aren't you being too biased about your situation? Do you think you are the only Son of God and therefor the only one who has the chance to right their wrongs or to have divine powers assist you?

FS is so frustrated ah.



Eto.. Disregarding all of FS's rants the whole novel is actually a fun read. Specially with the food porn and the hope that MC can make a her life with her new family better. FS likes her interactions with everyone else specially Princess Duanjia!

FS still recommends this novel for food porn and that exciting feeling of building a path for herself and the food*coughs* people she loves, out of the calamity that will destroy them in the future. AND THE ANSWER IS FOOD. FOOD is LOVE, FOOD is LIFE.

It's also worthy to note that since this is a romance novel most likely MC and ML will clear their misunderstandings in the future. FS recommends binge reading this instead of reading it one chapter at a time since whenever the misunderstanding is there and is left unresolved and no new chapter is available to compensate, it infuriates this girl and FS just wants to rage quit it. <<less
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FlowingSong rated it
Our Second Master
October 26, 2015
Status: --
One of the best Chinese Historical Romance I've read. I especially like the MFC. Most MFC's that I have read are gifted with beauty or they have some redeeming factor about them but 'Monkey' has only one. She accepts everything and doesn't blame anyone for anything and she finds a way. She depreciates herself but accepts those qualities and somehow finds humor in them. She looks at things not exactly positive but she does what needs be done instead of wallowing on the past which she cannot do anything about... more>> and she strives to make things meet to survive the present. I seriously loved this short novel because of her.

The Second Master is your average just-around-the-corner-rich-handsome-douchebag but wait! He changes. Oh wait! Don't they all douchebags change when they find someone worth changing for? But our second master changed cause there's nothing left for him so he has to but he only realized that after seeing 'Monkey' try her best so that they would both have something to put in their mouth before the end of the day. His change was really amazing I think. Though the novel was short and thus, we don't get much description of how exactly did he train himself it was still satisfying. How he rose from the ground to how he reached the top and how he did not revert to his pilandering self when he has every right to do so. He changed and he loved. He got hurt and he stood up for the sake of himself and his love. So yea I like him as well.

So yes. I recommend this for all those who want to read historical romance but want something different from the common main female character who either has everything and is spoiled or whose smile can launch a thousand ships. <<less
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FlowingSong rated it
Feng Yin Tian Xia
January 6, 2018
Status: c69 part3
FS has mixed feelings about this novel ne.

True, it's a lot better than some other novels though.

... more>>

However, with how the female lead is suffering left and right seemingly without end, FS doesn't know whether to continue reading or not ne. Every male lead is really getting on FS's nerves ne!!! Selfish bastards!

SPECIALLY THAT Ji Feng Li! He should just die somewhere! Poor Jin Se who died because of him and Wen Wan!

And that Wen Wan b*tch is irritating as well, from the looks of it no one can be better than her otherwise they will suffer as the Male leads are actually smitten by her! Just a frown from her, regardless of whether Wan b*tch was the wrong party, one male lead will do everything to please her. Even the female lead was supposed to die for her sake!

This novel is just so full of angst FS can't stand it but FS seems to be a masochist and is still reading this, hoping that the female lead will get the justice she deserves!

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So far so good.

MC is 11/10 | Male lead 9/10 | Main Villain is 6/10 | Villain Entourage 4/10 | Translation is 10/10 |

... more>>

FS would highly recommend this for first time 'Isekai', 'Villainess MC' tags readers.

Our MC (Irene-sama) is not a damsel that had and has to be rescued by Male lead whenever she encounters problems. She has a strong sense of responsibility. She's smart enough to figure out threats before anyone sees them as such. She's also wise enough to find solutions to them. Strong enough to control her emotions and not let them destroy her future regardless of how painful her life is. She's really a gem for an MC if you will compare her to other MCs of the same novel genre and tag.

The Male lead (aka Demon King-sama) is a bit lacking in development right now in FS opinion but he seems promising. He, like our MC, doesn't like showing his emotions but he's very caring and attentive to those under him. He's a bit of a 'dere' once you get into his inner circle but if you're his fiancee then he can have an 'S' tendency. He seems to have a lot of room for improvement as well. Specially since outside of interacting with Irene and his underlings, he seems to only have either coldness or he will full on ignore your existence. At one point he would need to change that because of some plot development.

The other characters are pretty good as well like the Demon King's attendants, Almond-chan and Irene's 'lackeys'. To be honest, there doesn't seem to be any love rivals although every male character (except for the villainous ones) cares for Irene as a friend and benefactor. They might have a crush on her but what stands out most of the time is their admiration and not some jealous wish to be her partner. It's quite refreshing.

The Villains (Binch Sword Maiden, 2nd Prince and bakaMax) are well, just not up to it. The heroes and allies of this story are really good but the villains aren't really anything amazing. They're very petty and not even cunning which, sadly, is already a bit better compared to other novel's villains. Author-sama is still better at making villains just that, it would be nice if the next villains wouldn't be capable of only petty tricks.

The story is really good. Take away the common variables (engagement annulled, game protagonist is the enemy, everyone from high society is on the other side etc.,) and it still has a good setting and plot.

So yes, No complaints from this lady.

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FlowingSong rated it
Twelve Kingdoms
July 5, 2018
Status: v7
An Epic novel worth a lot more than 5/5 rating can give you.

Fs has not finished the novel anthalogies because FS finds that without the next book it just wouldn't satisfy the hunger to know what will happen next! So do give it a read and know that there's a new book being written by Author-sama that will continue the story!
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