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Fig pluckers son
Fig pluckers son rated it
Goblin Slayer
July 30, 2016
Status: --
Goblins rape, steal, and pillage, apparently our MC takes umbrage with that, and focuses on committing genocide. I guess Humans are just big Goblins... no... those are Orcs, and Humans tend to be more sad***ic, anyway I got off track, it's a decent read so far so check it out.
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Fig pluckers son
Only one reason to read this, and that is the cute interactions between the two lead characters, otherwise stories like these are a dime a dozen, though this one is definitely less rapey than some of the Chinese ones you can find. The characters besides the two leads are forgettable, the main female MC has three sisters but she might as well have one, because they all have the same reaction to every situation. The way they present the main female MC is a little random to, she comes from... more>> a cultured family, but always presents herself as uncultured, and always needing help in that category, (they really ram that home) She has family married to royalty, but she pretends to be the male MC's girlfriend for money, she debates and interacts with men all the time, but she plays the damsel in distress when the male MC is around, anyway the amount I ranted shows how much I liked it, but like I said these series are one-shot wonders. <<less
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Fig pluckers son
Fig pluckers son rated it
Stunning Edge
July 13, 2016
Status: c75 part2
I honestly enjoyed this novel, the character builds strength without becoming massively OP, and having one power up after another. It also doesn't have the cliche of having to fight one guy after another that get procedingly stronger. The only problem I have is that the translators are having a flame war right now, and the novel will probably be dropped, I wish that they remembered that they were translating for enjoyment, and not fighting over who has the most leechers.
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Fig pluckers son
Fig pluckers son rated it
Skeleton Knight, in Another World
July 20, 2016
Status: v2c15
Generic Japanese MC gets powers from a RPG game, meets up with a delusional Elf who despite being a white girl insists she's a dark Elf, talk about racial misappropriation, next she's probably going to on about how she has 50 percent resistance to fire magic. Oh yeah MC gets stuck with an Skeleton skin from the game but none of the bonuses or debuffs for being undead.
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Fig pluckers son
Fig pluckers son rated it
I Will Return Again
May 7, 2019
Status: c14
Usual Japanese story of the MC getting in to a garbage situation and then everyone around him sharting on him when he's going through a bad time and he/she just takes it, because that's how Japanese do things I guess, shart on people when their down.
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