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The start was interesting giving the main character the cheat skill to copy other people's skill adding on her other overpowered abilities in magic and draining life force, but this skill are only really shown twice and then the copying skill is never mentioned again. Also latter on when they get to the capital it start out alright with them introducing the royals and fearfal (or whatever the dragons name is) and the main characters relationship, but after that it dips even further down in quality by making the adopted... more>> and changing the behavior/character drastically.

To put it simply I am disappointed as I came into he novel hopping for a cheat character story with a young isolated overpowered female main character, getting that story at the start, and then having it go to s### very fast. So if your looking for a good op story it's not here, if your looking for a average slow life story. That ain't here ether. <<less
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