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Fiaro rated it
Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom
July 1, 2018
Status: Completed
As of chapter 70: I agree with Fuufuu's review, but I still rated this one as 5 stars. (1) The misogyny is is pretty blatant, any female character that has a speaking line is pretty much guaranteed to be a villain. It's a common theme in danmei and yaoi, sadly. I think there are only three non-villain females? Each shows up for only a single chapter or so, except the grandmother who doesn't show up at all- she's dead before the story even begins. It's quite frustrating. (2) The MC's... more>> young age (13) makes the ML's (18) affection a little hard to empathize with. That said, the ML doesn't do anything too outrageous, fully aware he needs to wait until the MC is an adult, so I personally don't get any creepy vibes. I can't connect to him as a character, but I'm not turned off by it. By the time there's any s*x, a five year age gap shouldn't be quite such a big deal.

There is no incest. They aren't blood related, they aren't legally related, they weren't even raised by the same people.

As for the good stuff, what isn't there? It's fluffy, the romance is slow and far more realistic than most stories, there's character growth. Judging by the writing style, there will probably be some decent smut later. It has a bit of face-slapping and revenge but it doesn't go overboard like a lot of Chinese novels do. Again, character growth. It's a character-driven story, so while it seems obvious there would be character growth, I've learned to never take it for granted, especially in web novels. All character actions are logical and there are no absurd events invented just for excitement or action. I have no idea if the MC has a halo or plot armor yet because he simply hasn't done anything so stupid as to merit the author having to bail him out. That's seriously refreshing, especially since the MC isn't the usual genius or OP type. None of the characters are perfect, either, not even the ML. The translation is excellent and very fast, if a little inconsistent. There's no in-text translator opinions (a pet peeve of mine), only short informative notes where needed. Helli is awesome.

If the story keeps up its current standard, this will definitely be one of my favorite stories, worth re-reading. Who knows, maybe later there will even be a few non-villainous females. I would love to see the MC have a female best friend later, he totally seems like he would get along more with women than men. He even makes a comment about preferring female friends in the beginning, so I have hope.

EDIT: I apparently wrote this review at the best point in the story. After 70, it's pretty much all downhill. The plot has no focus, the snusnu is glossed over (and ends in passing out every single time, I swear the MC must have serious health issue), there are no more female characters, there's barely any resolution and what closure there is comes in the form of an extra that hurriedly tries to start a whole new plot and solve it at the same time. Even the translator hated this story by the end but admirably still finished it. I'd recommend the first half of this story like crazy, but only if you don't mind dropping it after that. <<less
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