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Fertu rated it
Legend of the Great Saint
June 19, 2017
Status: c1680
Just finished reading 1680+ available chapters. This novel is TOTALLY WORTH READING. I've read more than 300 different novels and this one is a first one in a while that don't feel like a big piece of cliche. ... more>>

It's very well written, has unusual MC who's growing and changes as the story progresses further + there are no typical low quality xianxia sh*t like retarded 1-chapter antagonists just to push the story forward. Every important character is deep, developed, has it's own background and story. Especially Qian Rongzhi - this woman is one of the best antagonists I've seen so far.

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Fertu rated it
Absolute Choice
July 18, 2017
Status: c475
This novel actually started really good, but unfortunally it was up to chapter 400. The more I read, the more I found myself just scrolling down without reading anything. Author isn't even trying to cover up the fact that he has ran out of ideas and just using any means to increase the word cound. WTF, he brazenly mentions it, three times in a row at that.

After 450 chapter 90% of every chapter is just a filler and can be skipped, there are such plot twists that you won't be... more>> able to understand what is happening anyway. Meh, I guess I'll just scroll down till the end of this f**king 7th floor arc to see if it will turn better.. <<less
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