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Great Demon King
January 9, 2019
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MaReview: The story starts amazingly, there are lots of sentiments moved by Bryan's life experience, love life is good and well described, but towards the end of the love story is like falling into a ravine, there is more about war and intrigue, fraud seems endless. What makes me bad about this writer is how thicc is the plot-armoring, like when suddenly in a tight situation Bryan explodes and gets the power of the OP (before: only dark and dead, after: there are 12 more elements) something like this hardly... more>> explained even if you have a PhD about Taoism and Xianxia. The world is depicted as being very small, the writer narrates about the continent but the story is always around the valley / city, there has never been a strange event (hey, god of the world, you know?), There are no planets or galaxies to increase this' definition is more like the name of a cultivation level. To summarize it is possible if this novel could end in chapter 2k but in a hurry, the author does not give each of the main protagonists their side story

I want to complain but what I have to say... the ending is bad but at the same time okay, compared to some other novels this could be heaven... ok I won't say anything about the whole book but instead complain about the fate of the temporary goddess no one mentioned him, even if he did all that so they could kill the goddess of creation, I was too disappointed in things like he misunderstood... he was not a good mother and his behavior was more disgusting than eccentric ppl, then MC came in and said 'sorry'.. aiyo I really hope he dies but dear ah how sorry the sky is not fair to me.. <<less
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