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Rating: 4/10

No it's not similar to Overlord.

If you are looking for a great isekai novel this isn't it. This novel should be read if you are bored and have nothing else to read. Seeing this novel being compared to Overlord absolutely baffles me. Except for the MC being super op, creating a kingdom and coming from a game with his NPC characters, they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. So dont assume this novel will have much in common with Overlord. This is the story of an op MC doing whatever... more>> he wants in a new world that is to weak to oppose him.

(Also, @darkzeta, you must be reading a different novel because Ainz isn't a "douche". He may have allot of flaws to complain about but "douche" isn't one of them. You can't look at things from the moral perspective of the humans in Overlord. Anyways enough of that as I could I go on for days about that.)



The novel starts with the MC being transferred to a new world along with his guild of NPCs which number in the hundreds. After arriving in the new world he, with the help of his op NPC guildmates, founds a kingdom. We follow him living day to day with his guild members while using his op powers to get rid those who would get in the way. The novel is mainly slice of life with harem while adding some action here and there to show off their opness in their new world.

As per the harem tag the story has allot of s*x (though not described in heavy detail) with allot of different woman. Personally I don't mind all the females falling in love with the MC and having s*x with him on a regular basis as it comes with the harem genre. If you don't like the genre you probably won't like the novel to much.


To be honest I found it hard to find allot of pros to this novel because most of it is just fairy average. I like the initial setting and some of the side characters are pretty cute. Admittedly I love Moe things so I can be a little biased. Also I think it should be mentioned that, in my opinion, the novel gets a bit better after around the halfway point.


Now moving onto the main portion of the review. The plot moves crazy fast yet super slow at the same time. What I mean is that everything he does takes forever and mundane events are stretched out far to long but at the same time he created a city, builds a country, wins a war, and more within a fricken week. Over the first dozen or so chapters you are bombarded by so many characters that, other than the most important few, you will have no frikken idea who is who even though the novel treats you like you should know. Some side characters have decently interesting personalities but allot of them kind of overlap with each other, are boring, or are only mentioned once and not heard of again until they are briefly mentioned later in the story.

The biggest failure of this novel is the MC. He's bland, forgettable and makes some really dumb mistakes. For instance he mentions one chapter about keeping his base a secret then literally brings hundreds of foreign soldiers and a super shady Noble to his "secret" hide out the next day. So much for his super secret base. He even spends crazy valuable resources (some of which have supposedly nearly gone extinct in this world) as if he has infinite amounts of them, on a fake castle so no one will find his real base...... except he just fricken exposed his real base's wearabouts to hundreds of people the previous day. He builds an entire city which is kind of understandable, seeing as their citizens need somewhere to live, but then pretty much gives resourses for free to people who will never be able to pay him back. There must be some really hard working NPCs that we don't know about working in the background otherwise how else could his "kingdom" run so fricken smoothly despite him knowing nothing about politics and doing things that would normally be extremely disadvantageous to his kingdom in the future. Just having op strength doesn't mean a kingdom will succeed.


At the end of the day this novel is mediocre on many fronts and, in my opinion, fails when it comes to the MC. If you can suspend your disbalief at some of the decisions the MC makes than this can be an average novel that is used to read when there isn't anything else. If you really like isekai novels with op character and harem elements than give it shot. <<less
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True Martial World
October 6, 2018
Status: c1548
So the novel starts off fairly decent and progresses in a very stereotypical fashion. There is nothing of note that makes the story memorable and it suffers all the typical uncreative tropes that come with the genre.

It's written pretty well and the MC is'nt unlikable or stupid. He's just your standard cultivation genius with a cheat. If you are expecting TMW to be similar to Martial World than you are going to be disappointed. This MC isn't nearly as likable as the previous one nor is his cheat, the purple... more>> card, as deep and mysterious as the cube. The previous MC had to work his freaking butt off to get where he was at the end of Martial World. Throughout the novel the cube acts more like an auxiliary cheat which helps him greatly but without doing everything for him. TMW's MC, however, seems to get everything handed to him on a silver platter by his cheat card. From nomological insights, to arrays and pill making, his card literally automatically makes him a genius at everything. Unlike the last MC who had to literally bash himself half to death inside a wind tunnel to gain insights into the wind, this MC can comprehend anything with ease by simply staring at it for a bit. This leaves the reader feeling like he doesn't have to work hard for anything and that he has a get out of jail free card for all situations.

Another frustration is this MC's lack of cultivation system. It's annoying that 95% of his cultivation techniques get constantly changed for something completely different. Some of them were really cool but get completely forgotten about. This leaves the reader feeling like his cultivation base is a messy agglomeration of random techniques.

This isn't to say that the novel is horrible. Its just slightly below average and sometimes frustrating. That is until he leaves his original world where...


Him and his wife get separated and thus starting one of the longest and most painful journeys to rescue the damsel in distress I have ever seen. There are several arcs in between spanning hundreds of chapters and all I see in the comments section of every chapter is, "... but where the f*** is Lin Xintong!?" (His wife)

(Just like before, these in between chapters are just average. Nothing special or creative.)

After hundreds of chapters he sees her again upon which finding that sheis some super famous genius who is being forced to cultivate a technique that makes her forget him/ lose all her feelings for him. Oh and of course there are the obligatory male geniuses saying, " You are just a toad lusting after swan meat..." yada, yada, yada, that comes with these kind of situations.

Oh did I mention that this is the same girl who he had to save from a forced marriage in his old world? In other words the author uses the same exact trope on the same girl TWICE. It will leave you wanting to just lock her up for fear of her getting lost/captured a third time.


So is this novel bad? No, at least not at first. The more you read, however, the more you realize how boring the MC is and how repetitive the story gets. Especially the part about recycling the damsel in distress trope over and over again. It makes the MC's journey far, far more difficult and frustrating than it needs to be. His cheat just makes him more boring as everything comes to him naturally and he suffers almost no troubles beyond the external enemies he faces. Pretty much all side character, including his wife, serve no purpose other than needing to have the MC constantly save them. I swear almost every plot line is in some way tied to him saving/ finding one of the side characters. I challenge anyone who has been reading this for while to name me 3 major characters from his previous world not counting his wife. Chances are that you can't because it's been hundreds of chapters and none of them are memorable.

Despite my dislike for the novel I can see why people like this if they have never read another novel in the genre as the author does a good job with battle scenes and the different powers. For everyone else though I suggest you don't read this novel as it only serves to endlessly frustrate you with it's constant search and rescue quests and cheap power ups with little to no tension.

Go read Martial World instead. Although it also has some problems it's much better than this.

This novel gets a 1/5 <<less
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FateXero rated it
Fishing the Myriad Heavens
May 20, 2018
Status: c234
2 out of 10 this novel sucks

... more>>

So this novel starts ok and gives the MC a interesting cheat. He can use his fishing pole to fish out everything from a gigantic dragon monster to a futuristic robot. He can even manipulate the hook to snag cultivation scrolls, weapon, and more. We even get a bit of story relative to the world he is fishing in. I like this system but the author gradually phases it out as the character gets stronger. Now we don't get to see it very often.

The setting is in modern times but also has a hidden martial arts community that has been dwindling with the advent of modern weapons. There are no real problems for me with the setting but I wish the author would explain the levels of cultivation as we are left to piece everything together by ourself. The plot is all over the place as the author can't seem to make up his mind. Events are uninteresting and predictable and everything feels disjointed.

So the biggest problem with this novel is it's characters, more specifically the MC. To be honest he can be downright stupid at times not to mention he has a god complex. There are several times where he says to himself not to make the same mistake again, then goes and makes the same mistake. He starts a restraunt but maybe the author realized it was a stupid idea so the MC abondons it not to long after. As he gets stronger he starts to develop a sort of God complex which he himself recognizes. He even goes into the wilderness while sealing his cultivation to train because he has become too arrogant and aggressive, killing anyone who crosses him. After all that training he claims to have fixed his problem but goes on a killing spree only a few days after. The MC kills people even if he's in the wrong simply because they got in his way or they have something he wants all while the author treats him as some kind of saint.

The author is a blatant racist as every Japanese character that shows up is portrayed as arrogant, scum of the earth. There was one time where the MC slaughters these two Japanese guys even though they did nothing wrong. They merely challenged a Chinese diciple of some sect to an open and fair duel and won. The Japanese guy didn't even cripple or kill the Chinese diciple but nooooo. He humiliated the Chinese so he deserves to die right? It's not the last time something like this happens either. For some reason Japan's cultivators are much stronger than China's and it's the MC's job to mow down every one of them on sight. The author even has the other characters praise him as a man amongst men. Give me a flippin break.

In short the cheat is kinda interesting, the setting is nothing new, the plot is disjointed yet painfully predictable at times, the author is racist, other characters are their only to praise the MC or be cannon fodder and the MC is an a hole and an idiot with little redeeming qualities.

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FateXero rated it
Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai de Deaeta Kimi ni~
December 20, 2018
Status: --
I'm going to be perfectly honest. This wasnt a bad novel (at least not at first) despite having a huge checklist of over used tropes and a MC who is kind of a Mary Sue. No, I'd say this novel was slightly above average. The characters, while not being amazing, are likable enough to keep one invested. I also kinda like how the novel handles magic though, once again, there's not anything super original or standout about it. The setting, standard, and the interactions between characters are good enough to... more>> get some investment from the readers.

Where this novel falters is in how fricken annoying the MC is. You know those novels where the MC kills everyone and everything over the smallest of annoyances? Yeah, well this one is the exact opposite. The MC gets stepped on over and over and over again but does Jack s*** about it. In most novels the MC gets some kind of revenge against the people who have wronged him/her but in this novel, there is very little to no pay off at all. I can't stand how da** tolerant this MC is. I almost feel like the author is trolling us readers with this stuff. It's gotten to the point where, like others have mentioned, it's almost unreadable to me now from the sheer annoyance at the MC not doing anything to people how walk all over him on a seemingly daily basis.

IF you can bare with the the crappyily made, stereotypical, aristicrats sh****g all over the MC again and again then this novels could be considered slightly above average. It's good enough to garner a recommendation if you have nothing else to watch or read and can stand all the previously mentioned.

For me it gets a 3/10

I give it 2/5 stars on this site because I did get some initial enjoyment out of the novel.

For people who don't mind all the annoyances, it gets a 5/10 or maybe a 6/10, an average to slightly above average novel. <<less
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FateXero rated it
The City of Terror
November 25, 2018
Status: c100
In this story the MC wakes up in a post apocalyptic world inhabited by monsters. The people brought to this world are given a game system with stats and skills which they can level up via killing monsters. Unlike most novels, there are evolution points one can gain from killing monsters instead of exp for levels. They can invest these points into one of the many stats to improve their overall level. Also, thankfully, they can travel back and forth to their original world while carrying over whatever stats they... more>> gained in the "dust" world.

Ok so is this novel as bad as some people rate it? Well yes, and no. It's the kind of novel that can really rub some people the wrong the way.

First off, the bad.

The MC is frankly kinda bland. He's one of those cookie cutter MC that is kind to those he loves and brutal to everyone else. I've seen complaints about him being a hypocrite and while I agree, I don't think it detracts from the story to much. After all, I feel it's human nature to contradict one self sometimes. Especially in a world where ones convictions and morals are subject to change in order to survive.

It is upsetting though, when the MC is a racist. This is something that infests many novels and it does nothing but make the MC unlikable. Anyways it's off topic but I don't like it when authors or translators try to justify why having a racist MC is an ok thing when it's not. It's actually fairly easy to make the enemy a certain country while also not making the MC racist.

Another flaw of the novel is it's lack of good supporting characters. This is one of my biggest complaints in most novels besides the MC being bland. Most of the side characters don't have much of a personality and don't contribute much to the story.

With that out of the way, lets talk about the good aspects of the novel.

First, I really enjoy game element novels and this one does an pretty good job with it. I've rarely seen novels which so such a good job breaking down the usual strength, agility, etc. Stats into sub catagories so well. Also the story keeps things rather mysterious regarding this new world which keeps me interested to see where the story will go. The battles are not bad and the abilities of the MC are kinda boring but have a unique enough twist to them to keep me interested. For instance instead of flat our electricity, the skill if further broken down into volts and amps.

So yeah, the novel isn't great but if you like game element novels like me then I would recommend it if you have nothing else to read. <<less
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FateXero rated it
Tempest of the Stellar War
May 16, 2018
Status: c118
4 out of 10 points Slightly Below Average

... more>>

This is my first review as as a complete amatuer so take it with a grain of salt. Also my grammer sucks so forgive me. First of all I don't believe this novel is deserving of one star. Second this novel definitely doesn't deserve a 5 star either because it currently has some glaring flaws.

A large part of this novel is the mc's godly level of knowledge in physics and mathamatics. I actually like this aspect of the novel. Even if it is flawed, the science can be forgiven (in my opinion as someone who knows next to nothing about physics) as it at least attempts to sounds like it knows what it is talking about. Most sci fi novels simply say everything is possible because of "magical cultivations powers" or some kind of newly discovered energy. I like how thet author tries to give his universe some context. I also think he does pretty good job considering it's almost impossible to get all the science right unless one has done extensive research on the subject.

The romance is weak but it isn't a disaster like in this author's other novel. It feels kind of unnatural how their relationship formed as they fall in love seemingly overnight. The author takes the very safe, stereotypical route of the unobtainable princess in a far away castle. The hero will undoubtedly overcome many obstacles as well as the enevitable competition from great familes before finally getting the girl in an overwhelming victory. It's nothing new but the main point of the story isn't romance so even if it is boring and contrived and mainly there to give the MC motivation and conflict it's not to big of a deal to me.

Now the biggest missteps for me are in the mech fights, cultivation, and his cheat.

1. First the Mech battle are admittedly well done and exciting, at least at first. It doesn't take long for the reader to realize that every mech battle is extremely similar. The only real difference is how spectacularly the MC defeats his opponents. Sure there are different mechs but regardless of how different the author makes them sound they are all using similar weapons in similar ways. The MC is just way above them in techniques. Even if the opposing piolet is extremely strong and forces the MC into a corner there is no suspense as we all know he will never lose. Not to mention all the fights are in VR so there is little to nothing at stake. The problem here is that the mechs dont have enough variation in fighting style to make it intresting. Other novels have so many different elements to battle that it makes this novel seem laughable in comparison. They can use the elements, space, time, domains, powers of divine beasts, God's and devil's, ancient creature, myriad daos, mystical weapons, tyranical body cultivation, or any combination of them all. In this novel, differences in mech specs aside, they all weild similar beam sword (s) /dagger (s) or a rifle (s) /cannon (s).

2. Next are his cheat powers and the cultivation aspect of this novel or lack thereof. The MC undergoes grueling trials within his cube and has gone through years of hard work, blood, and tears to achieve his overwhelming ability as a super soldier. While that's all well and good the problem is that this happens withing the span of literally 2 chapters. This makes the MC's powers feel extremely cheap and unearned as we feel none of the effort he put into obtaining said powers. Unlike other MCs where we grow along side them through hundreds if not thousands of chapter thus becoming more emotionally invested in them, this one gains op powers through something similar to a Rocky training montage. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy op MCs, the problem that this guy isn't an op character, he's a Mary Sue. This guy is seemingly perfect. He has little to no flaws in his character, he is perfect in all forms of combat and is smarter then even the smartest geniuses. He also does not have a great supporting cast that most great op characters have. A Mary Sue isn't Mary Sue because he's op but because he is perfect. Now granted I have only read ~100 chapters, but within the chapters I have read the MC has had very little growth as a result of making him too strong right from the start. Most of the time he collects energy through battle so he can go back to his training space in the cube. Finally, when he goes back to the training space we are led to believe that he will be trained in using the forces of nature, finally advancing the cultivation of the MC which has gone seemingly stagnant since leaving the cube the first time. However, after leaving the cube, even though he just underwent grueling trining again, this time we feel little difference in his power. I'm not asking for him to become even more op I just want him to developed some kind of variation in his boring battle style. MC's cultivation is what makes him truly unique as cultivation techniques have seemingly died out since the last novel for reasons uknown. Even the cube can only make him just another genius mech piolet instead of a truly unique existence withing the universe.

This novel has an averge characters, below averge characters development, progressively boring mech battles, and bland romance, but has a semi interesting world and a a couple genuinely great moments. As this novel has barely started I can only give my opinion on what's there. Therefore this novel gets a 4/10 which is slightly below averge to me. Hopefully it gets better in the future.

P.S. Sorry for the long review lol

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FateXero rated it
Paradise of Demonic Gods
October 10, 2018
Status: --
3/10 below average, not recommended to read at all.

Frankly, this novel starts off pretty good. The MC gets betrayed and makes a deal with the devil in order to take revenge. His op power allows him godly prowess with the sword while his class gives him op levels of speed. He's able to learn and progress sword techniques dozens of times faster than anyone else and is able to even combine sword techniques to create op new ones.

I really like novels with gaming elements and this novel satisfies my itch... more>> very well. The world is similar to a gaming system with everything from stats and skills to unique classes. It was still enjoyable to me despite the many tropes and some plot holes here and there. Also the fights are done well with there being unique powers and magic depending on the class and skills the user possess.

The MC is a cold blooded killer with no positive emotions due to his deal with the devil. I think this could have been interesting area to explore. Seeing the MC deal with his inner evil that possibly conflicts with his sense of morals that remain from his previous existance. This sense of inner struggle and conflict of two different personas would have been great for giving the character more depth and complexity.

However, the author instead turns the MC into an emotionless, hypocritical a-hole who, for some reason, seems to constantly contradicts himself. My biggest problem is that for hundreds of chapters he vows to kill all potential threats and evil, regardless of who they, or the people backing them are, and yet for some reason he decides...


... to let the most annoying bad guy, the prince, go despite the fact that he has been trying to kill and or enslave the MC for hundreds of chapters. I s*** you not he actually let's him go despite knowing that his decision will bite him in the a** later.


I mean wtf is up with that!

The author is obviously trying to set this huge conflict later but it comes across as extremely forced and frustrating.

This isn't the first nor the last time Mr. MC contradicts his whole believe system but it is by far the biggest and most annoying. I flat out couldn't even read it after this happened. Despite putting up with his bs for so long that was the final nail in the coffin for me. As for the side characters, they are mediocre and completely forgettable so I don't feel the need to even write anything about them.

The story, despite being ok at first, takes a sharp nose dive downwards after he forms his own mental cultivation technique. After that the novel gets progressively worse and worse until it becomes an enduance test to see how long the reader can put up with all the over blown bull**** the author throws at you before quitting.

The only reason this novel doesn't get a 1 out of ten is because of the initial chapters, the cool powers, and the gaming elements that I love so much. I don't see the MC being op as a drawback because I'm a fan of those kinds of MC to begin with. Everything else though makes this novel a complete chore to read at later chapters

3/10 below average, not recommended to read at all. <<less
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FateXero rated it
Black Tech Internet Cafe System
April 14, 2019
Status: c550
This novel is about a guy who finds himself in a body of a guy from a cultivation world. One day he wakes up and gets a system which allows him to start a cafe where cultivators come to eat, drink, and enjoy VR experiences of our favorite video games, TV shows, and movies. Along the way he will progress his cultivation while getting various skills and equipment of the game/movie/TV show characters. Seriously guys, this novel is awesome. It kind of reminds me of Gourmet in Another World, except better. Seeing the culture shock of these ancient cultivators being exposed to these video games, movies, and TV shows is hilarious and very entertaining. The main character is given certain cheats that allow him to protect himself,... more>> but still provides a sense of urgency where we want him to power up his cultivation and techniques. Although this is mainly about the cafe and the interactions between customers, there are still some pretty epic battles as well later on. I've read up to about chapter 550 of the raw using the mtl so while I don't know all the details, I do know most of the important stuff regarding this novel. The games can get a little bit repetitive in regards to how things play out, but I still continue to find it very entertaining. My BIGGEST problem with this novel is the sheer amount of characters that are introduced that we are expected to remember. I swear, in the current chapters I'm reading, I only know who, like, half of the characters are. Yes the mtl does make it harder to remember people but I wanna say there are like 30+ reoccurring characters to keep track of (and that's a conservative estimate). Some characters, such as Song Qingfeng, show up regularly so I know who they are, however, some characters that only pop in once in a while leave me racking my brain trying to remember them. Also some characters get dropped and completely forgotten, as if the author realised there were too many characters to juggle and so he got rid of some. Yeah, it can be annoying for sure but not big enough to make the novel bad by any means.

Highly recommended read if you enjoy novels such as Gourmet in Another World but don't expect constant action or romance. <<less
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FateXero rated it
I Alone Level-Up
January 15, 2019
Status: --
Seriously guys, I'm loving this novel. Thank you to whoever is doing the translation and keep up the good work. Also props the whoever does the manwha as it's pretty god da** awesome. I highly suggest reading both.

The plot contains the dungeons in real life trope that you can find in allot of novels as well as the super power hunters trope to accompany it.

HOWEVER, what this novel does do, is take these tropes and makes them feel really bada**. It probably does these tropes better than 99% of it's... more>> competition. Reading the novel and manhwa, at the end of the chapters I consistently felt myself thinking, " Holy sh** that was fricken awesome!", before hurrying to the next chapter. The manhwa with it's visual representation does an especially good job illustrating this with it's greatly drawn, fully colored artwork.

Go out and read 10 chapters of the manhwa (it'll be faster than reading the equivalent chapters of the novel) and if you like it go read the novel as well. After chapter 10 is when he starts becoming stronger if you were wondering. I really enjoyed this novel and manhwa and hope that neither get dropped.

P.S. Chapter 64 or the novel = Chapter 54 of the manhwa <<less
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