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FatalStrings rated it
Atelier Tanaka
December 5, 2015
Status: --
[by the time of this review chapter 5 is the latest update, Opinions stated here is not final, future revision might occur.]

This series has potential!

this series’ protagonist is likable not because of his positive characteristics but because of his flaws, and that’s rare. right now the MC is following the “underdog” archetype so a switch in tone might happen in the future, but so far I’m enjoying it.

Update: as of chapter 9

Well I did say it has potential but it didn’t live up to it...

... more>>

Early in the novel the MC was treated unfairly buy humans: he was accused and imprisoned by the guard, betrayed by the woman he helped and was beaten up by passersby for no reason other than his ugly face. Then he met a goblin which he helped and then later helped him back TWICE, on two separate occasions!

They exchange dialogue with the goblin stating that not all goblins are bad.

Now what does that chain of events tell you?

Humans = sh*t

Monsters = reasonable

His first friend is a f**king goblin while every human is a d*ck to him. This is a clear set up for a revenge story, which didn’t happen, what we got is an inconsistent derp adventure. I was expecting the MC grows from a humble underdog to a badass antihero.


It started out good and a refreshing take on a familiar premise, and the MC is relatable. The early chapters made me cheer for this guy. But the change of priority by the author killed any good will I have for this novel.

I also looked at the spoilers just to see if it proves. It doesn't.

I’m disappointed, very disappointed.

Changed the rating from 4 >>1 <<less
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FatalStrings rated it
Tensei Shoujo no Rirekisho
May 19, 2016
Status: v1c6
The setup of the story is well thought out. Instead of a neet reincarnated to a magic world and be an op magician, its an ojou-sama reincarnated to a declining magic world, giving all her recreations of tools and modern day knowledge more importance, and making the plight of the village more consistent and sensible.

Also I find the MC's inner monologue to be reminicent of kumoko, which is funny.
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My Pet Is a Holy Maiden
January 18, 2016
Status: --
[Chapter 18 at the time of review]
this thing is starting to get annoying, the earlier chapters were good establishing the character of the MC, the story is okay as well, the problem here is how its written,

the author doesn't know how pacing works, every time when a fight scene (or any tense situation) is happening you'll get a sudden info dump on something irrelevant,
... more>>

there is this time when when the heroin is about to get attacked and then suddenly you get an explanation why spears are popular. Or when the time when a demon already possessed a second victim and about to attack the MC then suddenly you get a demon ecology lesson WTF?

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FatalStrings rated it
I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius?
March 24, 2018
Status: c25
Imagine if Rick and Morty is made in Japan for people with lower IQ, and the MC is a fusion, Rick, and Morty.

if you are expecting hard sci-fi this is not the place to look as the story only plays with scientific concepts to place the MC in absurd situations, further explanations are mostly handwaved for the sake of comedy and pacing.

even though it contains copious amounts handwaving, the story still pretty entertaining just to see the MC and his gangs next shenanigans will be.
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if you can stomach a much darker version of the anime, I recommend giving it a read
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