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FailSafe rated it
Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil
October 14, 2017
Status: c9.12
Like other reviwers here, this novel made me create an account just to give my two cents, that's how I love this novel. Out of all the BL novels that I've read, this definitely topped my list.

The Plot:

The plot is very unique, it's like a jiggsaw puzzle; with each world representing a piece, each having their own complete, separate stories; but as the story progresses, you can see that they are intertwined with each other, building the main plot gradually down to the last piece, making the main plot... more>> whole and complete.

The Characters:

MC- this MC is the prime definition of a character that wants what they want. He is intelligent, minds his own goddamn business, can be ones worst nightmare, but is kind and loyal to the people who respect and treat him well; He's not a goody-two-shoe that acts like a saint and his "cheat" is also rather explained well in the story and didn't magically possess it just because he's the main character.

ML- oh boy.. This ML. What other works out there that is more than half-way through out the story yet the readers still don't know about his freaking REAL name, let alone his true character? Ironically, this is the exact reason why my interest with this particular character magnifies by tenfolds lol although we still don't really know about the ML's real self, each world provides us with insights regarding traits of him consistently i.e. Being overly possessive, smoker, stalker etc that perhaps coincide with his true self's character. ML is also extremely loyal and head-over--heels to the MC to the point of blind worship XD


I never feel the story to be dragging because of the unique setting. There is not one filler chapter, it's fast-paced given that the MC doesn't waste time dilly-dallying and wants to accomplish his mission fast; but that doesn't mean the worlds are not fleshed out enough to guarantee a satisfying read, in fact, they are well executed.

This novel is addicting, it is one of the very few works that I re-read and not get tired of, and I am rarely the one to do that. <<less
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