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F1restar rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c314
Definitely a slow start, but it builds into something wonderful. A good blend of action, drama, and comedy that will have you crying from feels to crying from laughter. There are a lot of important characters, yet the author did a good job of fleshing them out while still progressing the story. Story progression is slow at times but I feel that it is well justified as it explains in good detail what the MC is doing -- making preparations, building relationships, and more. It all progresses towards a clear... more>> goal that the MC diligently chases, although early on that goal may not be apparent. Aside from some good combat of various scales and variety, it also delves into some cool politics and intrigue as well as relationships and interactions within the MC's group. There were a couple of moments where things didn't quite make sense for me, which I'm not sure if it was due to the translator's fault or the author's fault. I can overlook these because of the story as a whole far exceeded my expectations though.

(Yorai-kun is great in terms of decent quality + timely releases considering he's working by himself I think, but admittedly there are some errors here and there) <<less
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F1restar rated it
The Lazy King
October 9, 2017
Status: c16
The characters are interesting. The writing style is fantastic and captures the different personalities from different characters' POV's brilliantly. The world-building is awesome and creative.

Yet I can't bring myself to truly love this story.

Why? Because of the plot. It's essentially a non-story. Nothing matters at all in anything that happens, and the author hammers this concept into us the entire way through. We know our MC doesn't care, but it feels like the MC doesn't care so much that we don't care either.

The whole story is covered by the blanket... more>> of the MC's perspective... It's too easy to not care about anything that happens. The unique perspectives and actions of the characters, the creative world-building, the interesting movements of various entities in the world... What would normally be a blast to read has all of its excitement washed out.

I wouldn't even call this slice of life personally, which often has a lot of humour and/or cute fluff. There's a small amount of it here but not enough to warrant a special mention. It's more like important stuff happens that we should probably care about, but because of the tone of the MC and story in general we don't.

The story ends on pretty much the same note as the entirety of the story, which is that while big things do happen, ultimately our MC will

remain an eternally powerful, invincible being and, again, nothing will matter.


Even if the author intended something like this, it simply can't be that entertaining of a story because of this fatal downside. It also seems like there could have been a third part and more, but this story appears finished for now. What a shame. <<less
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F1restar rated it
Chikyuu Tenseisha no Koroshikata
December 21, 2017
Status: c75
I really thought that this would be a stupid netori fantasy story at first. The kind with barely any substance, where the MC doesn't really do all that much to screw over all the good guys and make himself feel good.

Judging by the description I thought our MC would just run around and kill an otherworlder every few chapters with some dumb cheap tactic.

Boy, was I wrong...

At first it seemed that way. The MC is a perv who has no qualms about messing with people with dirty strategies to get... more>> what he wants, and plays around and has s*x with women all he likes.

But as the story progressed, I noticed just how much depth it had. The MC takes time with plans to dismantle his enemies, who start off with overwhelming power. The female "capture"-targets started as simple one-dimensional characters to support the "protagonists", but through the MC's actions went through their own mini hardships, journeys and such to become "real people". They're not super-deep and aren't very complex, but they don't really need to be. They simply needed at least a small amount of depth and understanding to see the wrongs of what had been going on in their lives and defeat it. They were manipulated by the MC to do so, but it still resulted in them realising things that they should have realised, that they weren't able to because of the reincarnators' protagonist "plots".

Mix that in with a handful of comedy, especially with the creative one-liners that one of our first heroines says, and we have ourselves a pretty interesting netori story.

But that's not all...

With the introduction of one of our other semi-main-protagonists later in the story, that's where this novel truly shined through for me. Through the experiences of this character, we see an insightful deconstruction into the typical hero's journey; the formula that's been around since at least the ancient Greek times. This formula was talked about and used in the heroine "captures" in the chapters before, but here it is a lot more insightful. We see what it really means for characters to adhere to this kind of formula, and how the modern japanese isekai tropes of schoolkid reincarnation affect this formula as well as how these characters affect the world around them.

This is also where the story turns from a somewhat interesting half-gag story into a fantastic one. This character made me feel empathy, and by the end of that first main "arc" it kicks off an extremely promising plot...

But it's also where the story ends.

As much as I like this story, it gets discontinued just as it got good. The biggest blue-ball of history from a novel where the MC has as much s*x as he likes... god damn.

Oh well, it was still good when it lasted. If you don't want to get blue-balled by this then don't read it though. <<less
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