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After reading the title, it seemed to be something different than what I normally see being translated. As someone who generally avoids NTR, a combination of morbid curiosity and the raw's rather short length compelled me to give it a chance.

The series is exactly what the title says and gives the reader a sense of catharsis after a good deal of build-up.

The protagonist has his promised love taken by a summoned hero who uses underhanded tactics to get what he wants. To get his revenge, the protagonist decides to steal... more>> the summoned hero's promised fiancé.

What separates this from other stories is how straightforward the protagonist and antagonist create relationships with the people around them.

The protagonist is understanding of others, focused on his goals, and wears his heart on his sleeve. Because of that, the characters around the protagonist are sympathetic to his circumstances and choose to aid him. Though he is crafty at times and is not always truthful, he is generally honest with his intentions. Although he returns the kindness others give to him, the protagonist is rather vindictive and merciless to his enemy.

The antagonist, the hero, is much more reserved with his true goals and is focused on how he wants others to see him. To the women he takes an interest to, the hero manipulates the circumstances so that they view him as the typical knight in shining armor. However, to everyone else he is seen as arrogant and rude. The hero is willing to take desperate actions to protect the image he has on those he is interested in. <<less
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