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Rise of the Wasteland
March 30, 2018
Status: c390
[RotW Translator's Review]

Hi guys, so I decided since there wasn't a huge amount of reviews (and some were from very early on in the novel), that I would try and post my own review of the novel (and update it every so often if possible). I encourage readers to post their own honest reviews since it's obviously better than anything from me (since I'm working on it :P)

1.) Release rate: Quite good I think, generally 12 chapters per week (minimum 2/day) for now.

2.) Storyline: Starts off incredibly slow and... more>> remains quite repetitive for about first 1-50 chapters. Starts to get a lot more interesting after this, and plot development began after chapter 50. The pace picks up a little after this (and some chapters become slightly longer) and seems to be set on the path of the actual main story (up to this it remains mostly concentrated on conquering the NYPD headquarters, with a bit of exploration of the cataclysm and of course, harem). Ch139+ comes to a peak of what seems to be the current arc and begins concrete development of the 'larger' adventure (and contains the best chapters so far).

3.) Author: 通吃道人. QD (Gluttonous Taoist) is the original author of the novel. Yes, I too agree that the author has no knowledge of American society, but after all, the novel was set in a fictional world of the year 2030. No one knows what happened to the States in 2030


This holds true especially when Acedia mentioning that McDonald does not use bulletproof glass and barbwire fences. We do not know what McDonald will look like in 2030.


I really do hope readers can give a chance to this novel and don’t misunderstand about the story just from just the uses of a few terms or mistakes made by our translation team.

4.) Overall: If you can get over the ridiculousness of Zhou Qingfeng/Victor Hugo, the MC of the novel and his one-track proud personality, and the "not so nice" (often I view his actions and story as semi-comedic), it is pretty solidly setting up for the events of Cataclysm, and the relationships in the novel are pretty cool and interesting (I think there seems to be more development of them incoming). Hopefully, it’s worth the read (and that with your support, we can put out chapters fast enough so that the story doesn't seem too slow).

You can leave reviews here (which would be great), and anyone that wants to message me or Zhe (the other TLer, who is great) you can comment on the novel on the GT site. <<less
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