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Evergreen rated it
The Earth is Online
April 30, 2018
Status: c11
I LOVE THIS. ML and MC have not yet met but I dont care (altho I normally care) cause Im having a blast in reading MC's road to survival. It is soo good, soo exciting and soo unexpexted. Before obssessing about BL novels, I used to love reading apocalyptic novel where MC uses his wits to survive and this is exactly it! Definitely my cup of tea!! MC is calm and smart. As of now, he does not need any man to protect him. Woooohoo. Hoping for more chapters and... more>> less cliffs hahaha. Love you translator sama for bringing this wonderful novel to us. <<less
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Ive read a lot of BL novels from this site and I can honestly say that this is one of the best!

The translation is easy to understand. The plot is VERY INTRUIGING. Also, the MC, my god, I love him. He is calm and collected and he uses his past knowledge at the right time. Right now, I want him to be happy because of what he experienced in his first life and to face slap that uglysh*ttyperson. I also love his family! Anyway, I love... more>> this novel very much! GO READ IT NOW!!!! <<less
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Evergreen rated it
Hidden Marriage
March 6, 2017
Status: c89
The heroine is pulled down a bunch of times by jealous, stupid, impulsive people. But despite all the obstacles they lay down in front of her, she does not give up! And that is what I like most about her--her perpetuated will to achieve her dream of becoming an actress. She already has the skills, the attitude and the beauty to make it up top! Now, us readers are given a chance to watch her strut on the road to success. Of course, she cries when times become unbearable and... more>> tough but she stands up quickly and tries to handle the situation as maturely as possible. Luckily, the male lead and his cute son are always there to protect and encourage her. Another thing I love about this novel is the comedic interactions between the characters. I especially love the adorable son so go and read this novel for his sake! *Imagines Little Treasure in a bunny outfit

Also I cant wait to read the time when the people who hurt her cant even touch a strand of her heir because she is too far up! Let them wallow in despair and regrets! <<less
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Evergreen rated it
Deep in the Act
March 10, 2019
Status: c37.2
So damn beautiful! Ive read a lot of yaoi novels in this site but Ive never been as invested as I am to the characters in this novel. Im too deep in the novel. What makes it more interesting is that I have no idea what will happen. God, the angst, the characters, their love, the world they live in AHHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH P.S. I love this more than QWTFOD. I used to be obsessed with this too.
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