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EumenesOfCardia rated it
TS Reincarnated as the Sub Heroine
October 1, 2018
Status: c9
Do not read this. Seriously. Up to the beginning of chapter 8, this is a funny slice-of-life-y story about someone reincarnating into another gender and rejecting the harem fate (s) he was destined to face. There were hints of s*xual themes, but it was more towards "mature comedy".

Then it got dark, very dark.

If that has you worried (and it should for a supposed "romantic comedy" like this), see my spoiler below.

... more>>

The protagonist (a man reincarnated into a woman's body and who still likes women, I might add) is raped by the male lead. The MC does not enjoy this and feels violated. What's worse, the story then splits 50/50 between the MC and the rapist and even tries to rationalize the rape in various ways ("It was an accident, I was intoxicated, You led me on, etc). If that doesn't completely turn you off, as mentioned above, we are given his perspective, including the rape. You are then given incontrovertible evidence that the ML is proven to have willingly given into his desires.

The fact that the author then tries to continue using the slapstick/comedy that was used for the first 7 chapters is honestly the worst slap-in-the-face. I almost gagged from the whiplash of these tonal shifts. Seriously, WTF.

I can honestly say I cannot recommend this story to anyone. BL enthusiasts will be turned off by the very anti-Shojo tone of the story (even if you can stomach the rape). Romantic Comedy lovers will (obviously) hate the tone-shifts and even lovers of NTR/rape will be turned off by the cutesy/comedic tone and the transgender aspects which make everything super uncomfortable.

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EumenesOfCardia rated it
The Villainess Blooms
October 25, 2018
Status: c6
I don't want the other review to be the sole thing people see so I decided to write this to balance the perspective.

This is not a perfect LN (I would rate it 4/5 but the rating system on this site is skewed towards 5) but it is exactly what you would want from this type of story. There is competent intrigue, the stakes for the MC are high, there are multiple parties which want to destroy one-another, and most importantly, they appear to be well balanced with skills and capabilities... more>> which make it difficult to see how any side is going to win.


The three sides are as follows:
1) 2nd Prince. Their side has a reincarnator with knowledge of future events and who sees killing the MC as the only way to the Good End. They are hampered by the incompetent prince.

2) 1st Prince. Their side caused the MC to be "banished" because she was helping the 1st Prince too much. He wants the MC gone and the 2nd Prince defeated so he can achieve the crown. He is working from the shadows and so far, it seems no one but the MC's younger brother know of his scheme.

3) The MC. She has her family of sociopaths who would side with her. She also has the support (and love) of the 1st Princess. The MC is ignorant of her love because, let's face it, homos*xuality was not common in medieval Europe, especially not with royalty (the representatives of conservative virtue). The misunderstandings are also hilarious.


Its rare that a story like this (with fluffy, romantic-comedy moments) would have such an interesting plot. I've been burned by better setups than this, but so far, it is worth a read from anyone interested in royal schemes or fluffy yuri romance. <<less
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EumenesOfCardia rated it
I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius?
November 12, 2018
Status: c50
This story is okay. That's the best I can say about it.

This was in my list for a long time, but at this point (c50) I have to give up. This story isn't as bad as many people are saying it is. The key thing you need to understand is that the narrator (the "Genius") is extremely unreliable. The narrator comes from the future; a future where things like Quantum Physics and Advanced Mechanical Design are taught at a High-School level. Since the MC is a super NEET, he has... more>> no concept of society at large and so believes that the world he is in now - a world of advanced science - is similar to the one he left when he died. But it isn't, it is far behind him, and so his "high-school knowledge" is enough to make him a genius that advances the world by decades merely by his knowledge existing and his capable family supporting him.

That is the good part of the story. If that sounds interesting, I encourage you at least give this a shot.

The bad parts are the needless "Shonen Harem Anime" tropes and plots thrown it at random. There is usually no lead-up or narrative justification, rather it just seems the author thinks "this sounds cool" and just jumps from one plot to the next, often before the previous plot has time to finish.


Case in point, the most recent chapter had the MC transport into another world; this time a fantasy one with his family's army and science travelling with him through a wormhole. This was an interesting plot; with the advanced modern army vs the magical armies in war.

The problem is that the author, just like with other plots in the past, never gave it time to breathe. No sooner did they end the battle (and didn't even sign peace treaties with some of the other nations) then the MC is suddenly trying to jump-start an anime revolution?! No lead-up, no narrative reason (if the MC had found out "crime was at an all-time high because of a lack of pop-culture distractions" or something, I could at least give the author a pass).

No, instead he just finds some lolicon weirdo in the army that can draw in the anime style and decides "this alternate world with completely different culture and history will surely love my weird, niche, pop-culture garbage!" I know many of us on this site might enjoy it, but surely even weebs can have enough self-consciousness to know that anime is certainly not for everyone. But of course, this magically works and the media conglomerate becomes the most powerful in the world. How do I know, you ask? Because the author already spoiled the ending before the plot could get off the ground. *Sigh*


Anyway, for this reason, I could not keep up with the story. Up until this point, the plot was interesting, so it might be worth a read, but know that your enthusiasm might die before long, just like mine did. <<less
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EumenesOfCardia rated it
Dream Life
November 4, 2017
Status: v1c1 part6
This story is somewhat nice and there was a lot of potential with the narrative, but poor characterization really killed it for me. The MC is actually well-built and human, with a depressing but normal past life (without being a NEET, which is always a plus). The problem is when he attempts to interact with others, it always falls flat. If it was just the MC it would be fine (even interesting) but none of the other people in this story seem real at all but just automatons designed to... more>> make the MC more comfortable in this Medieval world.


Case in point, in the chapter I just read (v1c1 part 6), he decided to tell everyone that he was a reincarnator. This would be a very interesting decision, and a logical one, especially with his desire for an interesting and self-fulfilling life. However when he tells his parents, they... well, they still consider this 45 year old inside their child exactly the same.


It just killed the narrative for me and made the previous poor characterization even more obvious.


If you want something like this, but with better characters, read Duke's Daughter or one of the "recommendations". This just does not stand up well as a story.

Again, the sad part is the potential was there. The MC seems like a smart and capable person who does not wish for superpowers but to use his knowledge to build a better world and live an interesting life with people. Unfortunately again, the author does not live up to his own expectations. <<less
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