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Eternity Warrior
Eternity Warrior rated it
Emperor’s Domination
September 17, 2018
Status: c1603
This novel is my guilty pleasure. The world building is very interesting, the main character is very OP and side characters are varied (with fair share of both complex and one dimensional characters), however the villains are mostly one dimensional. Story itself isn't very interesting, basically our guy Li Qiye goes around the world, collects the items he left behind in his previous life, smashes the heads of the local experts. He also collects a lot beauties, and then abandons them at the end of the story arc... to get... more>> more beauties in a different place.

He also likes to reminisce about the tragic past, looking all cool while doing it and it almost fools you into thinking that there is actually a good story lol. There are a lot of mysteries as well, and Li Qiye doesn't like to explain anything which also makes you wonder. If the novel was a bit less repetitive and paid more attention to character development, I would give it a 5. It isn't a Mao Ni novel, but it is still pretty fun to read. <<less
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Eternity Warrior
Eternity Warrior rated it
Still, Wait For Me
January 1, 2019
Status: c480
It was a pretty good book up until chapter 350~ or so. The characters were pretty well developed, especially the girls who are interested in MC. MC on the other hand is one of the worst parts of the story, he is a weak-willed and average guy who only accomplishes things due to his foreknowledge. He is also the biggest hypocrite in existence. He time and again spurs the advances of both beautiful and very interesting women for the sake of his one true love from the previous life. This... more>> would've been fine if she was an interesting character, but oh no she is just as bad as those cardboard-cutout random harem girls from 3rd grade xianxia novels. Oh by the way, the reason things didn't work out between them is because he is an utter idiot (not a spoiler as it is seen in the first chapter).

And what do you get at the end ? All these interesting females and their interactions are thrown aside for the sake of some 16 year old kid with no defining characteristics at all. Honestly the worst girl in the book is definitely Xiang Ning, nothing unique other than the fact that she is his previous love. Book becomes awfully boring and pointless after they get together, not to say how awkward were the chapters of him pursing a bloody 14 year old. Honestly if I were to meet this guy in real life, I would bash his head in for the sheer magnitude of his moronic thoughts and actions. He bloody causes some girl to almost kill herself because of his idiotic actions.

I commend author for how extensively he f**ked-up the second part of this story. There is no happy-ending here, only sheer autism of MC. And even from the business management perspective, you don't just leave business to run on their own before a corporate structure is achieved, which takes several years at minimum.

Overall, the MC and Xiang Ning are the worst parts of this story. Other female characters are well thought-out with their personalities, thoughts and goals.. And they feel alive. Xiang Ning on the other hand is a 2-dimensional girl who is "pure". It just confounds me how this novel reached the worst possible resolution out of hundreds of different ways the second part of this novel could've gone. <<less
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Eternity Warrior
Eternity Warrior rated it
Pursuit of the Truth
January 10, 2019
Status: c912
Meh, its decent. Compared to other novels in NU, this can actually get 4 stars. However the reason I gave 3 stars is that I expected better from Er Gen. Also the fact that he tries too hard to make this story an emotional rollercoaster becomes very annoying.

I've read 900 chapters of this and I was finally hoping :

... more>>

When he wears the mask that makes him lose his emotions, he stops being a f**king crybaby and mans up a bit. But oh no although the mask can make him lose his emotions, it still "can't make the pain in his heart disappear". This MC annoys me endlessly, he is more similar to a pu**y rather than the "devil" as this novel would have you believe.


Also the plots are very forced, some idiotic sh*t happens so MC has to go somewhere. It was fine the first few times but when this is used every time to change a setting, it really makes you think if the author really couldn't think anything better?

There are some well executed plots and mystery as well, however it is drowned by the other parts of the story. If I were to rank it amongst Er Gen's work, it would be :

Renegade Immortal > I Shall Seal the Heavens > A Will Eternal > Pursuit of the Truth

Quality of Pursuit of Truth and A Will Eternal is similar, with this book being a bit worse overall while A Will Eternal sh*ts the bed after the midpoint of the story. <<less
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