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EternalEmperorLQY rated it
May 18, 2018
Status: c577
I really love this book. Many people say that the first 90 chapters or so are unbearable but I didn’t feel anything like that as this was one ☝️ of the VRMMO settings I read. Well I do admit that the story gets a lot better after that point. The point I wanted to make with this is that even the first few chapters weren’t as bad as others said for me. There’s constant character development, well atleast from grids side. One thing I must say is that this story... more>> has many misunderstandings. And you have to be able to take the well and laugh at them. Especially from the MC Grid aka Shin Youngwoo! Well things work out well in the end. I find this story to be immersive and enjoy 😊 it a lot. Well I might’ve been very bad with writing this review as this was my first. <<less
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A really amazing series~ The writing is godly! What I mainly enjoy in this are the word games. Especially the ones between the MC and the snow under the snow~

Hachiman though a bit of a sad character somehow really resonates with me! Well I'm going through something similar......
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