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Eternal Hunter
Eternal Hunter rated it
Castle of Black Iron
July 26, 2017
Status: c185
Up until the survival arc, the novel felt very "slice of life" like.

The MC is not a kickass supertsmart guy that's reincarnated. Don't expect him to blow your mind from the get go.

It's a slow start, however, I can say that the MC grows up, especially from the survival arc and onward. He might still be a bit silly at times, and naive at certain moments, there is clear cut character progression. He's able to assess his mistakes and won't do them a second time.

At c185 where I'm at the... more>> moment, it feels like now (to use MMORPG terms) he's finally leaving the beginner village. <<less
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Eternal Hunter
Eternal Hunter rated it
May 11, 2018
Status: c173
The novel setting, characters and story so far is good.

The bad part is that the writing in some parts of the novel is... confusing. I can't tell if that's because of the original author, the translator, or just bad editing.
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Eternal Hunter
Eternal Hunter rated it
Emperor’s Domination
June 4, 2017
Status: c666
This novel requires you to change your way of thinking a bit when it comes to Wuxia\Xianxia.

The reason for this is quite simply that the MC is (so far) crazy OP.

Sure he has his start with weak to strong cultivation wise, but his..."tricks", knowledge, items, and ways of dealing with situations makes most (not all) dangerous situations be more interesting then feeling dangerous.

... more>> Now you might think bleh, that sounds boring. And for some it might be.

The real fun for me at least, is seeing the way his poor enemies, AKA meatpastes, will be handled. And that is what still keeps it fresh for me, as the story progresses he always find more interesting ways of making meatpaste :D

We've all read the standard "see a budda kill a budda, see a demon kill a demon" line, but in all the Wuxia\Xianxia I've read so far, this novel takes the gold standard of that saying.

Story wise it stars off slow, but has a decent flow in my eyes, and there's always progression, both in power, storyline and physical locations.

And what I like the most is that the MC really knows what he's doing, and just as important where he's going. He controls the story/where he's going and it's rare to see external factors being able to change that.

Combat can feel a bit simple at times, but that's only because it lacks some complexity in the descriptions.

It's hard to explain. It's more like it's painting a nice picture\combat story, instead of oh he used power x, which clearly is more powerful then power y, because z. Not that you won't understand why he won a fight, heh, because that's clear enough. <<less
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