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Eroid rated it
Underground Doctor
November 30, 2016
Status: c2 part2
Currently the story although not being entirely unique, is very interesting. The story focuses on a man transported into another world as a 18 year old boy with extreme amounts of medical knowledge, mana, and medical skills. However, the only downside is that the updates are long and the content is short. And Mr. Translator-san is some dude in Asia living in the jungle where the internet is scarce.
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So far the story isn't really all that captivating for me, it's just MC getting used to her new life. However I suspect that there'll be development in some kind of plot in the next few chapters relating to the previous world. The gender bender aspect is not really all that focused on in the WN so far, it's just MC having a few insecurities due to the change in his gender and it doesn't really talk about them in much detail.

In the future I may raise the score from... more>> 3/5 to something else if there are any interesting developments. However, at the moment I believe this is a fitting score for this novel. <<less
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Eroid rated it
Doll Dungeon
January 6, 2017
Status: v1c4
So far I'm not all too impressed. The protagonist has zero depth, the story severely lacks detail and realism, and shit's also too convenient.

... more>>

At one point he decides to build a house and summons materials however, he later realises he can't build houses (he's an idiot) so he suddenly concludes that he'll get a summon that can. And conveniently he finds a monster that can "acquire one skill, free of charge". And as if it weren't enough, there was a skill for construction. It's really seems as if the universe is bending to his will.


Unlike other LNs and WNs, this web novel doesn't show the processes behind his thoughts and whole story is basically him stating his 2d thoughts.

Apart from those few things there isn't anything that wrong with the novel from what I've read so far, but those few things contributed hugely to how I perceived his world. And it felt extremely boring and plain. <<less
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